15 Must Have Event App Features [2023 edition]

March 24, 2022

Gayathry P R

It’s no longer a secret that a mobile event app can make or break your event in today’s world!

Your attendees spend most of their time (almost 5 hours) on mobile apps. The current mobile usage statistics are mind-blowing

  • 83% of the world’s population have a smart phone in 2022 – Source
  • In the last quarter of 2021, there were 6 billion downloads in the Google play store – Source
  • Overall, 3.8 trillion hours were spent using mobile apps during 2021
  • Average mobile user checks their phone 63 times a daySource
  • The average person uses 9 mobile apps per day and 30 apps per monthSource
  • 48% of users determine brand credibility based on their mobile app – Source

Event apps can turn your potential leads & passive attendees into active engagement. So it is important to choose the best event app with the features that you need.

Must have mobile event app features

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A well designed easy-to-use conference event app with great event app features can sky-rocket your event engagement,  attendee networking, and sponsor & exhibitor ROI. But a poorly designed one that is difficult to use with limited features can leave you with dissatisfied and unhappy attendees.

What Does An Event App Do?

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The success of an event boils down to two parameters-event engagement rate and the event ROI. Devising a marketing strategy, picking a venue(virtual or on-site), setting up a registration page can help increase registrations. But, this isn’t enough to retain and keep your attendees entertained and informed during your event. And that’s exactly how an event app can help you. Event app features can help you boost engagement rates and event ROI while saving your time and money.


14 Features That Make A Really Great Event App

Looking for the best event app providers for 2023? Look no further! Our staff has handpicked the top options for you. And, to help you make the best choice, the below list of must-have features will help.

1. Targeted Push Notifications


Using push notifications is an effective way to keep your attendees informed about your event. Take it to the next level by segmenting your audience and pushing notifications specific to that group.

Using targeted push notifications you can personalize your welcome to attendees, remind them about event timings, inform them about last-minute venue changes, and nudge them to take part in post-event surveys.


2. Personalized Offline Agenda


Gone are the days where you need to print agenda’s and give attendees. It is not eco friendly, costly and not preferred by attendees. Event Agenda on mobile is a MUST HAVE.

Today’s attendees expect more than a basic event agenda. Ensure it is available to them offline with rich data on location, speakers, and presentations. Make the agenda interactive so guests can chat, ask questions, and view presentations. Don’t forget to integrate the session live stream.


3. Speed Networking & Matchmaking


The speed networking feature works hand in hand with matchmaking. It helps users strengthen their networking opportunities by setting up short one-on-one virtual meetings with other attendees with matching interests. It’s an excellent way for them to start building meaningful relationships.

It also allows them to book extra time for further meetings and exchange business cards if they wish to take things forward.


4. Facebook-Like Social Wall


A social wall is a virtual space inside the app where attendees and hosts can share event-related content and interact on these posts.

A social wall for an event works as a private social network that supports different content formats like pictures, gifs, videos, audio, and text posts. It encourages attendees to engage with other attendees’ posts by providing an easy way of communication. 


5. Works Offline Or With Low Signal


Native offline usage is the most overlooked feature when choosing an event app provider. Most event app providers show slow loading screens or crash when there is no or low Wi-Fi or cell signal – a situation faced often at in-person event venues.

It is a good idea to make sure your event app can be used offline. To check this, make your phone go into airplane mode and navigate to the app. If the app seems to work just like it would if it was on a wifi connection, it’s offline ready.


6. Audience Polls and Surveys


90% event organizers consider polls and surveys the best way to boost audience engagement. Adding live polls or surveys between a session helps keeping the audience engaged with the speaker.

Aside from getting reviews about sessions, they can also be used to know attendees’ opinions and feedback on event decisions. Integrate it to live projections to show live results.


7. Event App With Gamification Features


Gamification is one of the best event app features to include to maximize attendee participation and boost event ROI. It encourages them to network, incentivizes them to stay attentive and participative throughout sessions, and interact with sponsors and exhibitors.

Set up a leaderboard to give attendees points and badges whenever they build their profile, attend a session, or participate in a mid-session game. Conduct pre-event contests and giveaways to create the buzz and keep attendees excited before an event.


8. Virtual Exhibitor Booths


Virtual exhibitor booths are another valuable feature for attendees to take advantage of. These booths allow exhibitors to showcase their products and services through a live demo. 

Thus, it gives interested attendees a chance to connect digitally and resolve queries about these products or services.

Live gamification in these expo halls also helps sustain attendees’ interests.


9. Rich Speaker Profiles


Provide relevant information about speakers on your event app. Speaker profiles help attendees identify and bookmark the sessions they want to attend. The time and venue of their pre-event get-to-know session or main session are also relevant to attendees.

Links to speakers’ social media handles are another piece of information your event-goers would seek. So add those links too on their profile.


10. Indoor Venue Maps


Event signage can’t always help your attendees reach the right venue, especially when they are far away from it. Providing event venue maps in your app thus is a basic yet crucial necessity to ensure attendees reach desired venues on time.

Your app should contain clear directions to different speaker sessions, sponsor hub, food court, and help desk. Adding a voice assistance feature to guide attendees to desired locations is another way to save them from getting lost.


11. Help Desk & Chat Bot


It takes time for your attendees to know their way around your event app. Even though virtual walkthroughs or other tutorials are helpful, a virtual help desk or chatbot facility is necessary.

Chatbots are an effective way to increase conversions and reduce bounce rates. They can assist people in registration pages with queries about payment and other matters. A virtual help desk available through email, phone, or the event app can also help resolve any technical difficulties faced by app users. 


12. Video On-Demand


Enable video on-demand similar to Youtube. This allows registered attendees who missed live sessions to watch them at their convenience. This also helps attendees who had trouble taking notes while listening live to revisit these sessions.  Always provide a high-definition recording of sessions to ensure the best watching experience.

Now that you know the features every attendee wishes for in an event app, what are you waiting for? Build the event app of their dreams today!


13. White-Labeled Branded Event Apps


White-labeled branded event apps are readymade event apps that you can customize and rebrand to match your event theme and design. These apps let you choose a color scheme for your brand logo and icon.

They also allow you to display your event name and logo on the app marketplace as well as on the splash screen to help attendees find your app easily.  Thus, these apps help you appear credible and professional in front of your attendees through a strong brand presence.


14. Data Security & GDPR Compliance


Data Security is the cornerstone of a secure mobile app and there should be ZERO compromise with it. You need to ensure your mobile event app provider adheres to the highest standards and best practices. Ensure they are ISO 27001 certified & GDPR compliant. Further advanced security includes 2-factor or SSO integration capabilities.

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Frequently asked questions

What should an event app include?

Never compromise on these 5 features in an event app – Offline Agenda, Branding , Data Security, Push notifications & DIY CMS.

When considering an app for an event What are some of the most important features that should be available?

An event app should be flexible to what type of event you are using it for. For ex. gamification is popular with internal employee events, while bok meetings are a must have for networking events. Speed networking and matchmaking is also popular with conference. A multi-track personalised agenda is a must have for medical conference.

How do event apps make money?

Quite often event professionals don’t realise the potential of monetizing a mobile app. Just like every collateral in your event, the event mobile app can be used to provide space to sponsors & partners. Mobile especially is prime real estate that gives the best ROI. You can also have gated content or videos that attendees can access as an upgrade.


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