Nunify's live streaming solution includes everything you need to create immersive branded experiences to awe your attendees wherever they are in the world

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Live streaming options for every occasion

Nunify offers a wide gamut of live streaming options suitable for every event type. Weather you have your speakers joining in from their homes, or you want to live stream your in-person event, we’ve got you covered.

Nunify Live

Bring in speakers from around the world into your stage using their laptop / mobile devices

Nunify Studio

Go live from your studio setup using RTMP. Perfect for in-person and hybrid events.

Nunify + Zoom

Have speakers comfortable with zoom? Live steam your Zoom webinar / meeting in nunify.


Live streaming to Youtube, Vimeo, etc. Embed your live stream in nunify

Branded virtual stage

  1. Zero-delay broadcasts – Nunify’s Live streaming solution provides sub-second latency to enable highly interactive session experience.
  2. Custom backdrops – Make the stage your own by adding custom backgrounds to your sessions.
  3. Lower thirds – Add lower thirds to provide additional context to what’s going on in the session.
  4. Overlays – Add custom overlays to your stage to add additional branding, provide speaker details and more.

Multiple engagement options​

  1. Session chat – A common chat area in the session allows your attendees to interact with each other and the speakers.
  2. Moderated Q & A – A dedicated space for your attendees to ask questions. The questions can be up-voted by other attendees, so that the hosts know the most popular ones. The questions can be moderated by the host so that only the approved questions are visible to everyone.
  3. Live Polling – Publish live polls which pop up in your attendees screen. The poll results are visible instantly and update live as the answers come in.
  4. Audience reactions – Attendees can use emoji reactions to stay connected with the speakers and other attendees.
  5. Raise Hand – Attendees use the raise had button to request access to the stage. The host can allow attendees to join in , and later remove them from stage.

Simulive support

  1. Pre-upload videos – Upload your existing videos to the session to make them available for playback during the session.
  2. Play them live to your audience– While the session is live, insert and play the pre-uploaded videos. The video will be played simultaniously on all your attendees screen.
  3. Pre-recorded demonstrations – This technique is particularly useful for showing pre-created demonstrations, like a product tour, or a surgery video, while the speaker adds more context to it.
  4. For pre rolls and credits – This is also useful for playing the pre rolls before the session starts and credits at the end of the session.

Powerful host controls

  1. Backstage to prepare – The host and speakers can join the session back stage to prepare and do audio/video checks before the session is broadcasted live.
  2. Start and stop the session– The host can start and stop the session broadcast to the attendees.
  3. Add / remove speakers from stage – The host can move speakers in and out of the stage and control the layout of speakers on the screen.
  4. Control backdrops, lower thirds & call outs – The host can in real time add or remove backdrops, lower thirds, overlays and callouts to give a truly high quality production experience .
  5. Moderate user generated content – Hosts can moderate content posted on the session chat and Q & A by deleting unwanted posts.

Automatic recordings & Video forwarding​

  1. Built in recordings – The sessions are recorded automatically and are available for downloading from the admin panel once the session is over.
  2. Allow on-demand viewing – You can make the session recording available for viewing on-demad for the attendees who may have missed the session or those who want to view it again.
  3. Forward session video to Facebook, YouTube, twitch and more  – With stream forwarding capabilities it is easy to setup and broadcast simultaneously to audiences in Facebook, YouTube, twitch or any other platform which takes an RTMP input .
nunify is one of the most professional looking virtual event platforms I have come across. The design, user friendly navigation and interactivity is unparalleled.
Jonty Summers
Managing Director, Hanover Middle East

Powerful analytics to track engagement

Nunify’s built in analytics will let you understand when attendee entered and left your session

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