About Nunify

The platform was built by a team of highly qualified and seasoned software engineers with decades of experience. Every employee has a background in some of the largest tech companies in the world. Collectively they’ve combined the most extraordinary talent to help achieve the unique event platform on the market.

They began in 2014, initially, as an event app solution and quickly evolved into a high-performance platform.

The Vision

nunify started off as an app-builder until 2018 and 2019 is when the demand for an app versus a builder, increased. Brands needed an app itself and not the whole app-builder since managing the whole app needs committed resources and ongoing maintenance.


nunify aims to democratize high-end tech for everyone – meaning? The technology could be accessible to all.


It need not be restricted only for big companies/enterprises.Today it is about mobile tech, but other tech like AR, VR, machine learning, etc.


The team extended the platform to end-to-end event management in 2017. This meant the platform included additional features to balance in-person needs for events. Additions such as registrations, event marketing & onsite check-in, all translated onto the platform for easy access and seamless event automation. 2020 was when the nunify platform accelerated after the dependency on virtual or hybrid events grew tremendously.




Today the nunify platform is an all-in-one platform for any event – webinars, hybrid, virtual, in-person.


nunify is advanced technology beyond any other SaaS platform because it has every part of the event lifecycle within one platform and is also available in an app. The nunify platform makes it easier to transition between virtual or live events that walk you through—all with a click of a button.


The initial clients were crucial in the early stages. All on-ground feedback played a huge role. unify R & D teams worked closely with early adopters for ideation, brainstorming new features



How nunify evolved?

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    Mobile native app

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    Audience engagement & networking

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    Gamification & end-to-end automation

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    Virtual events and high-end live streams

As nunify developed, the team saw a gap within the market to apply higher quality technology and advanced features. People had limited options if they wanted to create a memorable event to encourage interaction with others.


As of 2021, nunify continues to advance current technologies while expanding the scope of possibilities.

This became the primary focus and mission; to develop a platform that could genuinely accomplish every component of the event lifecycle. It was essential to include networking capabilities, clearer live streams, social media streams, etc. As they’ve grown, the product has evolved with the company and has kept pace with technological improvements.

nunify became dedicated to creating a virtual event platform and redefining how we can experience live or virtual events. nunify has had the pleasure of working with prominent corporations such as TESCO, Amazon, Google, Titan, Gulf news, Microsoft, Toyota, VMWare, Theremax, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, to name a few.

As for the future of nunify

As for the future of nunify, the R&D teams are working on experience tech such as AR, exploring metaverse and other mixed reality technologies. nunify has been investing heavily on Artificial intelligence/machine learning to expand the current technology. Above all, nunify has become a platform for event social networks where anyone can not just host events but build out communities with events at the core. nunify’s technology has preceded its innovation and transformed how we engage with virtual events. This includes how nunify has implemented networking features to its platform. Their platform allows for AI matchmaking – a significant differentiator against competition and highly advanced standard event technology.

Why Choose nunify?



nunify uses all the components lacking on other SaaS platforms to deliver optimal performance, sophisticated features, and live-stream video quality – if you compare to the competition, they have the most extended history of experience and technological advancement within this space.


Today nunify remains the most reliable, secure, advanced technology while providing exceptional customer support before, after, and during your event. There’s a consideration for every step of the traditional event lifecycle, enhanced it, and created availability for virtual events never like before.


nunify is unifying in-person, online, and hybrid events.

Everything you need in one app

Everything you need in one app – every part of your event lifecycle can be done through advanced app technology. This app features technologies such as AI matchmaking, offers a social wall to publish onto social media channels like Instagram and Facebook, features audio that is relative to the Clubhouse platform, and you can display posts similarly to LinkedIn.


nunify combines all the features of social channels and technologies that profoundly enhance the event space to create an engaging and memorable experience for organizers and attendees.


nunify achieved building an effortless application for anyone to use and combines all crucial features for events.


It is essential that anyone can use our platform with ease. It integrates a system of DIY no-code builders, making design and content updates instant with no dependency on developers and effortless.


Offers several networking opportunities to enhance engagement experience – from speed networking to reserving a private virtual room to mingle


nunify platform has led the way in solving current issues involving the event space. Also in R&D with emerging tech like augmented reality, virtual reality, and machine learning. The future possibilities with nunify technology are endless.


When you choose nunify for your event, you are genuinely investing in your company.

Our platform can make connections, engagement, and accessibility effortless and affordable for any organization, corporation, or business. Consider upgrading your marketing plan to incorporate events that can revolutionize how we experience events.