Nunify Service Level Agreement

Updated on 26th May 2022


This Agreement applies to and is incorporated by reference into the ordering document (the “Quote”) made by and between Nunify Tech Incorporated (hereinafter referred to as “Nunify”) and the Customer(s) (as identified on the Quote). Nunify may modify the terms and conditions of this Agreement from time to time by posting such amended Agreement to Nunify’s website or via an email to the Customer during the Term of the Quote, but will provide 30 (Thirty) days advance notice to Customer before materially updating the benefits offered to Customer under this Agreement.

Founded in 2014, Nunify offers two platforms - a no-code mobile app builder ( & Nunify- an event technology platform for webinars, hybrid, virtual and in-person global events ( Using these platform-as-a-service, Customers can easily launch mobile apps do end-to-end event marketing promotion.

This Agreement is effective only after the Customer provides a Purchase Order (“PO”) or Payment is completed as per the Quote Payment-terms. The Term of the agreement will be defined in the Quote.

This Agreement outlines parameters of customer support services and product maintenance. This Agreement does not supersede current processes and procedures unless explicitly stated herein.

Support Email : [email protected]

Support Phone number : +91 8217708672


“Issue” means a failure of the “Application” (as described in the Quote) to substantially conform to the functional specifications set forth in the Documentation.

“Ticket protocol” is the protocol to be followed for all Customer communication including issues and other paid services communication. A trackable identity that will be raised for any Issue submitted by Customer. Tickets will be raised in system provided by Nunify . (Read more in Support options)

“Response Time” means the time period in which the assigned support resource (or support system) shall provide Customer with an initial technical response as a result of an Issue reported by Customer.

“Additional Support” means the support services to be provided by Nunify to the Customer in accordance with an Addendum to the quote.

“Term” means the duration set forth in the Quote.

“Business Hours” Monday to Friday - Between 01:30 AM - 04:30 PM (GMT). Saturday - Between 04:30 AM - 12:30 PM (GMT). Exceptions can be made on Sunday & Public Holidays (based on location of office)

“Availability” is calculated as the total minutes that the Nunify Platform was available for Customer to use, less Excluded Downtime (defined below), divided by the total minutes that Customer was scheduled to use the Platform.

“Excluded Downtime” means any disruption, unavailability or inoperability: (a) directly or indirectly caused by you, (b) due to unforeseeable circumstances, (c) due to foreseeable circumstances but despite Nunify’s commercially reasonable measures to prevent were not within our ability to fully prevent (including but not limited to widespread internet disruptions, interruption of services by our service providers that was not caused by Nunify, and malicious third party acts), and (d) emergency security measures. In all those cases, Nunify will liaise with you and applicable third parties to assist to the best of our ability, to re-establish availability as soon as practicable.


Nunify will endeavor to maintain 99.5% uptime service Availability.

Nunify offers a broad range of support & success services (FREE & Paid) through an experienced team of certified professionals. Nunify's award-winning support services are designed to provide customers and partners with world-class customer support from a team committed to ensuring your success with our solutions. Support assistance is provided to customers via the Internet. Support cases are tracked and managed through a ticket management system operated by Nunify (details provided later).

All issues for Nunify platforms will need to have a ticket associated with it. You may do so by emailing [email protected] (and dedicated CS/Tech engineer) or raise a ticket here -

You can also check your ticket status in the link here. For queries you can also online chat with us and/or reach out to dedicated CMS (paid) over phone/email. If phone/call is availed they may be recorded as part of our compliance with industry certifications.

Whatsapp/3rd party chat support unless explicitly agreed with Customer is not permitted since Nunify does not have any privacy, data security agreement with Facebook/3rd parties

Following are the different support options available:

- Standard Support

  • 24x7 Tickets/Email Tech support
  • Self-Help documentation & knowledge base. For Nunify -
  • Do-it-yourself access controlled Admin content management system to do content upload, content moderation, instant design, user management & real-time analytics. For Nunify -; For AIDA -
  • Real-time analytics and dashboard that provide real-time view and ability to download excels for further analysis
  • Response times as per Priority levels defined in following section

PAID - Managed content (billed per event/per hour)

  • Assistance to Customer to upload content ; design & build landing pages/emailers/app ; upload user data (if applicable) on their behalf
  • Customer will need to provide the content, graphics, assets, images, videos, gifs, pdfs and other media as per format and size requested by Nunify. Any additional curation/editing is not included in this service
  • Assistance to Customer to configure the app/event as per recommendations and best practices but final approval will be decided by Customer and Nunify does not take any responsibility on design, content and look & feel.
  • Training to Customer team on content management, user management, moderation, analytics and other DIY usage in backend
  • All communications/requests need to follow the ticket protocol. Response times as per Priority levels defined in following section unless explicitly agreed with Customer

PAID - Remote Live event support (billed per hour)

  • Nunify customer success & Tech support personnel who will monitor your LIVE event and troubleshoot any tech-related queries ONLY.
  • Customer will need to provide Nunify personnel access to the event if it paid/private event
  • This service is NOT a Moderator/MC/Host service
  • All communications/requests need to follow the ticket protocol. Response times as per Priority levels defined in following section unless explicitly agreed with Customer

PAID - Onboarding & Training (billed per hour)

  • Personalized dedicate remote training session in 30 minute slots to train and onboard admins/hosts/speakers for usage of AIDA & nunify platforms
  • Customer needs to ensure admins/hosts/speakers follow all system requirements specified by Nunify

PAID - Named Customer success manager (billed per project)

  • A designated Customer Success manager (CSM) whose direct phone number & email will be provided.
  • They will be your project manager and will liaison on your behalf with internal Nunify teams - tech support/sales/content upload/product to execute your project as per agreed scope.
  • They will also take any feature requests you may have and provide you timely updates regarding our product
  • They will assist you with the project rollout and be part of your project during the duration of the term.
  • All communications/requests need to follow the ticket protocol. Response times as per Priority levels defined in following section unless explicitly agreed with Customer

PAID - Named Tech support engineer (billed per project)

  • A designated Tech Support engineer whose direct email will be provided. Phone number will NOT be provided - you will need to liaison with CSM or email/online-chat
  • They are an expert in Nunify's technologies & will troubleshoot production related issues, scalability, and regional coverages.
  • They will be familiar with your use case, requirements, implementation and will provide reasonable consultation and tech support to ensure project success in the shortest possible time frame.
  • All communications/requests need to follow the ticket protocol. Response times as per Priority levels defined in following section unless explicitly agreed with Customer

PAID - Enterprise (billed per project)

  • Dedicated CSM & priority support team with custom response times
  • Upto 10 training & onboarding sessions
  • Monthly 1-1 meetings with Customer teams with personalized recommendations and reports
  • Early release access to new features and early beta feedback

Other Managed & Professional services are available on request such as Hardware rentals, On-site service, Content/Asset creation ; Promotion & Marketing; Event concept and execution; Video editing etc,. Some of these services may involve Nunify certified partners. Billing be will be done as per requirement per project and will have it's own SLA's defined that are not part of this agreement.


The below is the ticket process. The SLA handling of the ticket will vary based on severity, impact, workload and priority listed in the next Section. To submit a ticket please email [email protected] OR Submit a ticket at



Issues are classified by Nunify according to severity of impact on the use of the platforms, according to the chart below. Nunify has established the severity of the issues based on past experience & feedback with other Customers and industry-level standards. Having said Customer's ticket severity level can be changed by Nunify CSM, tech support to higher or lower based on how an issue impacts your business. Responses will be provided through the ticket over email unless Nunify deems necessary to call customers contact. Resolution time will depend on the underlying problem of the issue.

All issues need to follow Ticket protocol. Below is NOT resolution time but 1st response times. During the 1st response, Nunify will provide resolution time of the issue (if 3rd party dependency, the same will be indicated).



1st Response Time Goal

P1 - CRITICAL. Please ensure to put [CRITICAL] in ticket/email subject line

Critical production issue that is affecting all End Users, including system unavailability, data integrity issues, or bugs having a significant impact (i.e. critical features/service is down). No workaround available.

During business hours - within 30 minutes

Outside business hours - within 2 hour

If no response, call Support phone number and/or escalate with CSM


Major feature or functionality is not working correctly, or significant overall performance degradation is experienced. Issue is persistent and affects many End Users and/or major functionality or brings a specific End User to a standstill. A workaround may be available, but not scalable

During business hours - within 2 hours

Outside business hours - within 8 hours

If no response, call Support phone number and/or escalate with CSM


Non-critical Bugs, Product Maintenance, Configuration, or Troubleshooting requests, etc affecting some End Users. A workaround is available with slight inconvenience.

During business hours - within 8 business day

Outside business hours - within 1 business day

If no response, call Support phone number and/or escalate with CSM

Content management (Valid for PAID Customers)

The request is for content & user management in Customer's Application only.

During business hours - within 4 hours

Outside business hours - within 2 business day

If no response, call Support phone number and/or escalate with CSM

Live Event support (Valid for PAID Customers)

These requests are for any queries and issues on the day(s) of Customer's event

15 min prior to the event + Real-time support for the paid number of hours

Closure of Issues

Nunify's Support & Success team will only close issues when the issue is resolved, and with Customer's confirmation, unless: Nunify Support has tried repeatedly to contact Customer, and Customer has not responded. Or a timescale has been agreed in advance for when the case can be closed if the Nunify team have not heard back from the Customer.


While Nunify makes every effort to ensure that issues are resolved as quickly as possible, it understands that Customers’ expectations may not always be met. If for any reason the Customer is dissatisfied with their support experience or does not receive a resolution of their reported issue within a reasonable time frame, they may escalate their concern or question directly to CSM or Nunify assigned Account Manager (listed in Quote). Both Nunify personnel are required to automatically escalate any issues to the next level within Nunify's escalation chain immediately upon the request of the Customer


  1. Customer Support Contact - All communications relating to Support will be supervised, coordinated, and undertaken by no more than two (2) designated contact persons per Customer work-shift who will act as a point of contact between Customer and Nunify. Each contact must possess or, at Customer's expense, acquire the necessary expertise and training to diagnose and resolve Issues with direction by Nunify

  2. Pre-Call/Escalation Procedures. Prior to requesting Support from Nunify, Customer shall comply with all published operating and troubleshooting procedures for the Application. If such efforts are unsuccessful in eliminating the Issue, Customer shall then promptly notify Nunify of the Issue. Customer shall confirm that the following conditions are true before contacting Nunify for support:

    • Reproduction: If possible, the situation giving rise to the Issue is reproducible in a single supported Application;
    • Support Representative: The Customer contact has the technical knowledge regarding the Application and any other software or hardware systems involved, and in the facts and circumstances surrounding the Issue
    • Access: The entire system, including all software and hardware, is available to the Customer contact without limit during any communication with Nunify personnel.
    • Availability: If requested and required, Customer must make available to Nunify a technical representative during support hours of coverage for all Issues. Nunify reserves the right to suspend all work relating to any Issues during periods for which the Customer does not provide access to a technical representative or requested data to continue work on the Issue.
  3. Remote Connection. If appropriate, Customer will cooperate with Nunify to allow and enable Nunify to perform Support via remote connection using standard, commercially available remote control software. Customer will be solely responsible for instituting and maintaining proper security safeguards to protect Customer's systems and data.

  4. Updates. Customer acknowledges and agrees that products & services updates provided by Nunify pursuant to this Addendum may, in Nunify's sole discretion, require additional training of Customer's personnel.

  5. Disclaimer. Nunify will not be responsible to provide Support, updates, or any other maintenance and support to the extent that Issues arise because Customer or its End users:

    • do not adhere to Nunify terms of use & privacy policy
    • misuses, improperly uses, mis-configures, alters, or damages the Application;
    • uses the Application with any hardware or software not recommended by Nunify;
    • uses the Application at any unauthorized location;
    • fails to install an update to the Application if such update would have resolved the Issue; or
    • otherwise uses the Application in a manner not in accordance with this agreement.