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nunify™ is an all-in-one webinar & virtual event management platform –  a turn-key DIY solution accessible 24×7 to broadcast, network and engage.  nunify™ lets you host online events like webinars, live conferences, product launches, virtual meetings, & online training with ease.  


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7 Reasons Why Nunify is Better

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I liked how organized Nunify was as a speaker, and how it proactively reminded people to attend the next session. So often at online conferences, we are speaking to a silent audience with no faces. What I really liked about Nunify was that if I said something funny, there was an explosion of smiley faces from attendees who liked the joke. When I asked if something ever happened to attendees, I got a flood of thumbs up emoji. It helped make what’s normally a fairly disconnected experience a more connected experience without the distraction of a sea of cameras or people turning microphones on. Thank you, nunify!

Debbie Levitt

Debbie Levitt

Founder and Principal at Delta CX

The Nunify platform is one of the most professional looking virtual event platforms I have come across. The design, user friendly navigation and interactivity is unparalleled.

Jonty Summers

Managing Director, Hanover Middle East (right)

What are Virtual Events?​​

Reproduce an in-person event
in a digital environment

— Web & Mobile —

Virtual events can be standalone or augmented with physical events to create a hybrid event experience. With rising costs, health safety, global audience, virtual events is a must-have to make your event go digital.

Supercharging Events Since
— 2014 —

The nunify™ virtual events platform is designed to promote social interaction and improve engagement. It is a one-stop hub to communicate, engage and track attendees, sponsors, partner interactions. With our powerful rich features it is seamless to launch, register and host a virtual event with your attendees without compromising real-life physical engagement.
Leading News Publisher of the UAE | Gulf News | Nunify Case Study - Cover


Gulf News recreated their events on Nunify’s webinar platform successfully. Read about their challenges and how Nunify enhanced their customer experience.

As a sponsor I loved Nunify’s ability to showcase our brand and services to attendees. Nunify surpassed our expectations in terms of ease of operation & interaction. The emoji feedback mechanism was particularly useful in knowing when the message was resonating well with the audience.

Scott Booth

Head of Data Products and Services, YouGov, MENA

I love the fact that I have everything in one platform. If you are not tech savvy & wary of switching to virtual events, Nunify is the best starting point for webinars & events.

Rimpy Rai

Head Marketing, Programic Asia

FAQ - Hosting a Virtual Event

A virtual event is an event hosted online with a live video stream instead of being in-person. The delivery of content is online. Besides live streams and web broadcast, virtual events are similar to physical events and involve networking/breakout rooms and virtual booths.

A virtual event software is a one-stop online platform that provides you all the tools end-to-end. It includes registrations, ticketing (if any), emailers, multi-session live stream, sponsor integration, virtual booths, networking, feedback, at-event engagement and feedback.

A webinar is usually a single session live streaming with 1-2 sponsors. Virtual events, on the other hand, typically involve multiple sessions (including parallel sessions), networking area, virtual booths and multiple sponsors. Some virtual events also have event gamification.

The most popular examples are virtual conferences, virtual trade shows, virtual internal corporate events, virtual award shows, virtual product launches, virtual AGM, virtual festivals and virtual summits.

To host a virtual event you need a robust platform that can support a large number of online users. You usually would need hosts/speakers to have a good quality camera and internet connection. Another critical requirement is an event tech team who can support you with any issues.

Usually yes, but next generation virtual event platforms like nunify also support RTMP professional studio streams & pre-recorded videos.

Good internet is very important for the host or speaker when they are going live. Besides that, ensure to test your virtual event platform with the event production team. You can read more about best practices here –

Simple-to-use & intuitive engagement tools are beneficial to have in your virtual event module. They need to be made available either during sessions or pre/post the event and during networking breaks. Nunify offers Emoji reactions, Polls, Live Q&A, Attendee & Speaker Chat, among other engagement features for Virtual Events

During sessions, Nunify offers live Q&A, live audience polls and emoji reactions. Besides that, we also provide public & private chat that helps attendees connect. Networking & breakout rooms allow you to discover similar attendees at live events. Some events also deploy virtual event gamification and contests to engage the attendees.

A virtual event app is an application that allows you to join the virtual event using a mobile app. It allows attendees to join while they are on the move or don’t have access to a laptop/desktop.

A virtual event app is an application that allows you to join the virtual event using a mobile app. It allows attendees to join while they are on the move or don’t have access to a laptop/desktop.

A virtual booth is a digital booth that allows visitors to interact with booth owners online. Typically a virtual booth should allow promotional videos, images, PDF & Brochure download, text chat and the option to book video meetings. We also support a chat bot and custom CTA button.

From checking your internet connection to ensuring that your speakers are well-prepared & comfortable with the platform – there are a lot of areas to look at when organizing a Virtual Event. Here is a checklist and tips for your benefit –

FAQ - Attending a Virtual Event

You need the event URL of the virtual event to attend. Once you get access to the event URL, ensure it has a secure HTTPS link and provide secure OTP authentication. This is to prevent any fraud and ensure that you have a safe and positive experience.

For Public events, the URL of the event will be listed on popular event listing websites or will be shared with you by the organizer. For private events, the event organiser will reach out to you to provide a custom link for you to access the event.

Some virtual event platforms force you to download software in order to attend the event on that platform. A good virtual event platform should support a web-browser & mobile applications to offer convenience to the speakers and attendees.

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Hosting webinars with nunify™ is a breeze. Use nunify™’s powerful content authoring tools to deliver a highly personalised and rich digital experience to your attendees and keep track of their activity using the deep insights offered in the analytics module.

Virtual Conference

nunify™ enables conference organisers to deliver a personalised digital experience to their global audience.

Run your summit completely online or run a hybrid event and maximise event ROI by extending the reach of your physical event.

Virtual Expos & Trade shows

Host your exhibition with nunify™ and deliver a personalised digital experience to your attendees. nunify™ allows organisers to manage and showcase sponsors with ample opportunities to monitise screen space.


nunify™ is built for hosting amazing networking events. Hosts can set up video conferencing with rules or with moderation to facilitate group or private networking events. Speed networking and speed dating events can be hosted with ease in nunify™. Easy contact swapping based on consent, custom contact lists, text and video chat and meetings booking help attendees make the most of the networking events.    

Online Courses

nunify™ lets creators and educators run online courses with ease. nunify™ is multiplatform and attendees can take their material with them be it on the desktop or mobile.

Creators can upload pre recorded video or livestream their sessions and leverage session collaboration tools and deep insights to track the progress of their students.

nunify Monetize

Sell tickets online & monetize live streams of virtual events