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Nunify is an all-in-one event tech platform for all your event tech needs & the complete event cycle

Use Nunify for virtual events, hybrid events, in-person events, webinars, registrations, onsite-checkin or event-apps. We have you covered. 

Let us worry about the tech. 

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All you need to power your hybrid event

Robust, reliable & flexible event tech platform

Whether you’re getting started or an established pro, our powerful event management platform

helps with every phase of event cycle 

Event Apps that stand out

The nunify platform allows you to do it all within one forum, from ticketing to check-in to live events to networking opportunities – you can manage, document, engage, and record all your events to repurpose as needed.

Everything you can expect from a high-performance event is integrated into one application – to streamline any work function.

event app

Endless Engagement Options

In-person or virtual events are contingent on engagements, connections, and interactions. Therefore, nunify has incorporated all the crucial components of engaging with other individuals during an event into one platform, on one app, simplifying the process.

event app engagement
event networking

Unified Networking Opportunities

nunify transforms the potential for networking opportunities online. Try speed networking, book a conference room, mingle at your convenience with the nunify virtual platform. Our platform allows connections before, during, and after each event. 

Attendees can benefit from networking opportunities without leaving their homes and experiencing in-person quality and connection.

nunify is one of the most professional looking virtual event platforms I have come across. The design, user friendly navigation and interactivity is unparalleled.


Jonty Summers

Managing Director, Hanover Middle East (right)

Virtual venue

Virtual Meets In-Person Events

Hybrid events are the innovation to event management and success. With the cost-effectiveness of virtual events, we’ve created a platform that does it all and enables ample opportunities to execute live conference experiences – whether in-person, online, or a combination of both.

Why choose one when you can have it all?

Instant Access to Analytics & Result Driven Insights

nunify platform is designed to become the ultimate data source for marketers and community leaders. Our data-driven AI platform captures millions of data points across the event cycle. We provide audience segmentation that enhances deeper engagement post-event.

hybrid event analytics

Ready to test-drive our product?

Experience a nunify event with our free demo to experience why we’re setting new standards for all types of events!

High-Quality Live Stream

We know how imperative high-quality video live streaming is crucial to your virtual events. Go live from a webcam or live stage in the best visual quality, stream all your content pre-record or on-demand, whenever or wherever. 

event roi

Boost Your ROI

Events of any kind are an investment. Events can dramatically increase your ROI by introducing brand awareness, expanding your network, boosting employee enthusiasm and morale, and extending the potential of your audience.

Hosting quality events can transform your business model and take it to the next level.

In-Person or Virtual Events

nunify will successfully manage and integrate your business event to ensure effortless accessibility, engagement, and content storage to be refurbished to marketing assets or any user. 

Virtual Events - All At Your Fingertips

The nunify platform ensures complete control within a cohesive application. 

We have created a complete live event lifecycle that incorporates all the components for a successful event.

Are you looking for ticketing? Done! Need analytics? We offer them! Want to nurture an engaging and network-friendly event? We’ve got you covered.

Our sophisticated technology allows your virtual events to draw more business, create deeper connections, and expand your business potential—all under the umbrella of a single platform.

As a sponsor I loved the ability to showcase our brand and services. 


Scott Booth​

Research Manager

Why choose nunify ?

I liked how organized nunify was as a speaker. The emoji reactions from the audience was lovely and interactive. 

Debbie Levitt

Debbie Levitt​

Founder and Principal at Delta CX​

Ways to use nunify


You’ll never look at webinars the same way with the nunify application. nunify’s platform has the sophistication above any other event application on the market. Our system offers every extent of comprehensive technology and innovation. 

nunify platform offers a rich digital experience to your attendees, offering networking and engaging opportunities while tracking and monitoring the interactions.

You walk away with a unique event for your attendees while gaining insight into your content, transforming the landscape of webinar potential.

Virtual Conference & Virtual summits

It’s time to move your conferences online. Grow your potential attendance while engaging with your audience on a global scale. 

You can maximize your ROI by investing in an online platform. You can create a hybrid event( appealing to locals in the area while filming with high-quality technology

Reach your business or organization’s full potential with a virtual or hybrid event. Completely cohesive and organized within one platform. On one app.


Virtual Expos & Virtual Trade shows

You can host a globally exclusive virtual exhibition or trade show. Avoid the extensive costs of hosting a trade show or exhibit in person and extend your audience by advertising online. 

You can monitor and execute your show as you wish and appeal to a larger audience. The possibilities are endless!

Virtual Workshops

You can create extensive, educational, and engaging online courses. The nunify platform allows for anyone to attend or engage with elaborate online courses –  all over the globe.

Anyone can pre-record or live stream their online courses and track metrics to understand engagement and interaction during an online course.

Virtual Award Shows

Enjoying the excitement of virtual award shows – from anywhere! is essential that we continue to recognize the achievements around us from our employees & marketplace. Recognition is a powerful way to energize your company, organization, university, etc. in a virtual or hybrid event.

Hybrid events

Hybrid events are an up and coming way to expand how we explore events. Unlike traditional events, allows the fun technological features and engagement while offering the opportunity to also experience your event live. Whether it’s an award show, conference, speaking engagement, hybrid events expand your reach, visibility, and in-person events with a virtual online component. You truly get the best of both worlds!

I love the fact that I have everything in one platform. If you are not tech savvy & wary of switching to virtual events.


Rimpy Rai​

Head Marketing, Programic Asia​