Safe & Secure Virtual Events Platform

Nunify is an end-to-end Virtual event management platform, a turn-key solution accessible 24×7 to broadcast, learn, network and engage. Nunify lets you host online events like live conferences, product launches, virtual meetings, webinars & online courses with ease.

Nunify lets you effortlessly manage –

  • Live Streams of your online event
  • Extensive sponsor branding with ROI analytics
  • Enterprise-grade security, ISO 27001 & GDPR compliant
  • Parallel sessions with scale upto 1 million attendees
  • Rich engagement tools like gamification, virtual rooms, live chat, networking, live polls, surveys & feedback, live Q&A etc.
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What are Virtual Events?

Virtual events reproduce an in-person event in a digital environment on web and mobile. Virtual events can be standalone or augmented with physical events to create a hybrid event experience. With rising costs, health safety, global audience, virtual events is a must-have to make your event go digital.

The Nunify virtual events platform is designed to promote social interaction and improve engagement. It is a one-stop hub to communicate, engage and track attendees, sponsors, partner interactions. With our powerful rich features it is seamless to launch, register and host a virtual event with your attendees without compromising real-life physical engagement.

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Nunify enables conference organisers to deliver a personalised digital experience to their global audience.

Host your online conference on Nunify to easily manage event registrations and ticketing and significantly boost attendee engagement with the powerful in-app session collaboration tools. Engage your global audience online with live streaming sessions, live polls, live Q&A, personalised agenda, surveys & feedback, activity walls, group chat, networking and a lot more!

Run your summit completely online or run a hybrid event and maximise event ROI by extending the reach of you physical event.

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Hosting webinars with Nunify is a breeze. Use Nunify’s powerful content authoring tools to deliver a highly personalised and rich digital experience to your attendees and keep track of their activity using the deep insights offered in the analytics module.

Nunify’s comprehensive suite of session collaboration tools promote interactivity and attendee engagement throughout your event. In-app live streaming & slide sharing, live Q&A, polls & surveys, quizzes & assessments, text & video chat, breakout rooms and personalised agenda keep your attendees thoroughly entertained and engaged.

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Online Courses

Nunify lets creators and educators run online courses with ease. Nunify is multiplatform and attendees can take their material with them be it on the desktop or mobile.

Creators can upload pre recorded video or livestream their sessions and leverage session collaboration tools and deep insights to track the progress of their students. Attendees can follow a personalised learning path and participate in engaging polls, quizzes and assessments to gauge their progress.

Nunify helps creators monetise their content and helps them grow their audience in a sustainable and affordable way.

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Networking Events

Nunify is built for hosting amazing networking events. Hosts can set up video conferencing with rules or with moderation to facilitate group or private networking events.

Speed networking and speed dating events can be hosted with ease in Nunify. Easy contact swapping based on consent, custom contact lists, text and video chat and meetings booking help attendees make the most of the networking events.

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Host your exhibition with Nunify and deliver a personalised digital experience to your attendees.

Give your Sponsors and exhibitors virtual booths to showcase and demo their products. Exhibitors get an enhanced suite of lead retrieval tools to network and manage leads. Gamify the whole experience to boost traffic to all exhibitors and make the online event a grand success.

Nunify allows organisers to manage and showcase sponsors with ample opportunities to monitise screen space.

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