Networking options for every type of event

Whether you are running a dedicated networking event or a conference/expo with networking as a part of it, Nunify's various networking features will ensure that your attendees stay connected and build relationships throughout your event's lifecycle.

Speed Networking​

  • Break the ice

    Let attendees connect with other attendees with similar interests or complementary profiles using our AI-based match-making system.

  • Customizable Rules

    Setup speed networking rules to suit your event needs. Configure meeting time and matchmaking rules to suit your event.

  • Build Connections

    Attendees get the option to rate the speed networking match and add them to their connections at the end of the call.

Video Networking Lounges

  • Branded rooms

    Create branded networking rooms where attendees can enter and join in to various tables have video conversations with other attendees in the table. Create multiple rooms segmented by topics for providing additional structure to networking.

  • Tables with topics

    Create multiple video meeting tables inside the room. Brand the tables with sponsor logos. Assign specific topics to tables.

  • Join on demand

    Attendees can see tables with other attendees and join and leave conversations on demand.

Book Meetings with Integrated Video Calling

  • Easy meeting booking

    Enable book appointments to allow attendees to book meetings with one another. Attendees can select from pre-defined meeting slots or request for a meeting at a new time.

  • Video calling

    With integrated video calling attendees can join in have a video conversations for the duration of the meeting. Attendees will be notified by the system before the meeting begins.

  • Integrated calendar

    With integrate calendar attendees can keep track of all the meetings, and session RSVPs in a single place.

Connect people instantly with activity wall, 1-1 chat and group chats

  • Event activity stream

    The public `Instagram` style activity feed is the pulsing heartbeat of your event. Attendees can post messages, videos and photos in the activity wall. They can @mention people and use #tags, as well as like and comment on other attendees' posts.

  • One to One chat

    Attendees can find and initiate chat conversations with each other.

  • Group chats

    You can also allow your attendees to create group chats where they can add multiple attendees and give the group a name.

Your Private Event Social Network

  • Rich attendee profile

    Allow you attendees and speakers to build a rich profile with their name, email, phone, website, designation, company and bio. Speaker profiles also show the sessions that they are a speaker of.

  • Interests

    Setup interests relevant to your event and you attendees can select the topics that they are interested in and add them to their profile.

  • Scan / Follow to build Connections

    Attendees can follow and add people to their connections. In in-person events attendees can use the in-built scanner in their mobile app to scan another attendees QR code to add them to their connections

Connect the right people with Industry leading matchmaking

Nunify's event management system has powered over 3000 events and is trusted by big brands and global enterprises. With security and compliance at the core, and enterprise level support offering, Nunify is the best event management software for your enterprise.

Smart recommendations

Nunify's advanced recommendation system matches attendees based on their interests, and complementary profiles to provide high value suggestions and create connections that provide value to your attendees.

Optimized for connections

Designed for discoverability, attendees can find each other and easily access other peoples profile. With ability to connect online using the follow button and offline using QR code scanning, attendees can build up their contact list for the event easily.

Privacy Controls

Built with user privacy in mind, attendees can chose what other people see on the profile. They can also block / mute / report to ensure a pleasant experience while using the mobile event app.

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