Hybrid Event App Guide

August 24, 2021

Gautam Singh

Events are a very essential tool for a businesses communication strategy. This is true today and has been for many years. A well established fact in the ever-growing event industry is the consistently rising importance of Hybrid Event Apps.

The past year has challenged every norm in the book. But, with it, came the emergence of solutions to the problems it presented. Now, as we seem to be settling into the new normal, hybrid events have become the norm. This is because of the multiple benefits they offer. This is what makes them a better investment than regular physical events. 

Along with proving many benefits, Hybrid events also have a special appeal to themselves. This is because it provides two separate experiences within one event. A successful hybrid event gives an equally incredible experience to both parties. To host a successful hybrid event, one must invest in using a hybrid event application. Now this is a tough choice as there are so many options available today. You must choose the option which makes your event smoother and more efficient. In this guide, we will cover:

  1. What is a hybrid event app?
  2. Why should you use a hybrid event app?
  3. What are the key features of a hybrid event app?


What is a hybrid event app?

A hybrid event application is a mobile tool that contains everything you need to organise your event. It also makes sure that the event goes smoothly, with no glitches or breaks. It does so for both the virtual audience and the in-person attendees. 


Why should you use a hybrid event app?

Below is a curated list of benefits that a hybrid event app offers to you. These will definitely help you determine whether or not you should invest in a hybrid event application for your next hybrid event.  

1. Better engagement with audiences with a gamified approach.

Let us take a look at a common instance at physical events. A speaker presents a question and asks attendees to raise their hand. Many times, a lot of attendees will not do this as they feel embarrassed or put in the spotlight. Along with this, it will also be hard to record precisely how many people raised their hand up.

With a hybrid event application, this problem is null. It can present all your attendees with a poll on their phones which they will answer. Along with this, there are many other features where attendees can engage with one other. This includes quizzes, discussion forums, Q & A platforms and more. This ensures that your audience remains engaged in the sessions. Thus keeping them interested throughout.

2. Hybrid Exhibitor and Sponsor Offerings.

A banner or a poster may be a widely used marketing tool. But, a video ad is a much more effective one. With a hybrid event application, there is a plethora of branding opportunities. Video ads between sessions, virtual sponsor booths and more. All of these make it a great medium for advertising.

Due to this, using a hybrid event application will attract more sponsors. Sponsors are more likely to invest in a hybrid event than a physical one. When hybrid event applications come into play, this sentiment is multiplied. 

3. Availability of detailed data for analysis. 

One feature that makes using a hybrid event app an absolute necessity is that ir records everything. Poll and quiz answers, Drop off rates, highest engagement periods. All of these things and more are recorded in a hybrid event app.

This allows for businesses to collect and future analyze this data. This will further give them better insights into their audiences. Thus helping them curate more targeted content for future events. It will also give them a look into the mindset of their target market. Eventually, this data will help give a boost to their sales. 

4. Create a smooth-running, cohesive event

An event will always fail unless it is well coordinated. With two separate audiences, this becomes even harder. Imagine this situation. Your online speaker has started the session and your virtual audience has joined. But, the in-person attendees are still in the break room. This could be due to any reason. This will take away from the experience had by your in-person audience. Hence, you do not want this to happen at your event. 

A hybrid event app will make sure that both audiences experience the event in a coordinated manner. Breaks, sessions, Q & A’s – will all be scheduled. Both your audiences will get pinged on their phones. Notifications can be sent across audiences to ensure no one misses out on any part of the experience. All-in-all, this and more will ensure that your event is organized and stress-free.

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What are the key features of a hybrid event app?

While choosing an event app, you must make sure that it has all the features that you need. Ensure that your online and in-person  audiences have a smooth and fulfilling event experience. Nunify – is the world’s most flexible hybrid event app. It has all the below mentioned features and more. Using such a platform will elevate your hybrid event to the next level. 

1. Integrated check-in’s

When using a hybrid event app, all your event registrations and check-in’s can be done through it. Online attendees can virtually check in with a few easy steps. For in-person attendees, you can have contactless venue check-in’s. Nunify has multiple options for contact-less, virtual check-ins including – QR code, Face recognition and NFC.  

2. Streaming live footage

You have to make sure that both your online and in-person audience get the same experience. In this case, live streaming is very integral. Both audiences should receive information at the same time. Nunify can broadcast high-quality livestream from the event venue using RTMP. This allows for seamlessly getting remote speakers/pre-recorded videos live. You can also project your remote audience live on screen at the venue. 

3. Common lobby for networking amongst attendees

An event application is downloaded by both your virtual and in-person audiences. It provides a medium for them to communicate with one-another. Hybrid event apps have virtual lobbies for conversation and discussion. Nunify has the ‘Event Wall’ feature where your attendees can post audios, videos, photos and more.

4. Event schedule and flow. 

When an event is a day or two long, it may get confusing to keep up with what is when. Here comes in hybrid vent apps. Through this, attendees can view the entire event schedule in the click of a button. This feature makes the event easier to navigate for both audiences. 


In Conclusion

This is everything you need to know about hybrid event applications. What it is, its features, benefits and more should help you make this decision. Platforms like Nunify provide an easy interface for first-time organizers. At the same time, they also have all the necessary features and more. We suggest that you definitely invest in a hybrid event app for your next hybrid event. 


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