Hybrid event platform to host Incredible events

Anywhere, everywhere.

The nunify hybrid events platform flawlessly integrates two audiences - live in-person and virtual. We help you deliver a premium custom-branded experience and content across all channels - physical venue, social, web and mobile.

Our hybrid event platform connects everyone. It’s that simple.

Noone gets left out - whether they are remote, in-person or both. Everyone is unified in your hybrid event.

Unlock the maximum potential of all your event attendees, sponsors & exhibitors. Leverage our pillars for your hybrid event with our robust enterprise-grade GDPR compliant event platform. Use the nunify event platform to manage all communications & engagement across all channels in ONE place.

Integrated event registrations
& check-ins

  • Registrations with flexible ticketing and virtual pass
  • Virtual check-in on custom-branded virtual venue
  • Contactless event venue check-in via QR-code, face recognition or NFC
  • Detailed attendee check-in analytics based on remote, at-venue or both

Stream LIVE footage to everyone

  • Broadcast high-quality livestream from the event venue using RTMP
  • Seamlessly get remote speakers/pre-recorded videos live
  • Live at-venue projections to get remote attendees on-screen

Event app for Networking & engagement

  • Native event apps to build event communities all year-long, not just on event days
  • Seamless in-person & online networking with video meetings, speed networking and more
  • Gamification to boost audience engagement while having fun

Hybrid Exhibitor & Sponsor Offerings

  • Innovative sponsorship opportunities that integrate virtual & physical event placements
  • Lead Capture via QR-coded lead scans at venue or virtual exhibitor booths
  • Pre-book or visit video meeting rooms in exhibitor booths for virtual audience
  • Virtual briefcase for goodies & digital reading material for prospects
  • CRM integration for seamless lead exporting

Loved by Attendees. Trusted by Brands

Why Host a Hybrid event?

The next generation of events needs to cater to guests present both physically and virtually. You will need to deliver an immersive cross-channel experience that unifies live and virtual interactions. Virtual events will need to go beyond live-stream to incorporate at-venue, while traditional live events need to embrace virtual audience participation. It’s the start of the Hybrid event era – to scale your event brand to unimaginable levels.

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Hybrid events are the future of events

The world has transformed and so is the way we work, we interact with others and organise events. The new normal is hybrid. Unify in-person & virtual to enjoy below benefits

Best of all worlds

Your hybrid event caters to all types of attendees – live, virtual or both.

Overcome travel constraints

Everyone can participate – Whether it be a remote sponsor or a keynote speaker

Wider reach & inclusion

An increased pool of audience, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors.

Hybrid Networking

Your hybrid event caters to all types of attendees – live, virtual or both.

Community building

Everyone can participate – Whether it be a remote sponsor or a keynote speaker

New sponsorship revenue

An increased pool of audience, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors.

Year-long content

You can now deliver content anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

Data-driven insights

Hybrid events are a mine of data that  give you both micro & macro insights.

Environment friendly

You get to create a sustainable event without compromising on quality.

World’s most flexible Hybrid event app

A powerful and engaging event app is at the core of your hybrid event. Our event app builder has powered 2500+ branded event apps with over a billion interactions. The event app is integrated to registrations, onsite check-in and virtual events. It is hassle-free for your attendees to transition from a pre-event virtual experience to at-venue physical interactions. Here are 5 must-have features in your event-app .

Event Wall

Event wall to upload audio, video, photos


Gamification with leaderboard and badges

Video Meetings

Book in-person or virtual video meetings


AI powered matchmaking & networking


Lead scans with integrated check-in
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