We aren’t another cookie cutter template app. You can launch unique custom-branded iOS & android event apps effortlessly.  We assure you ease from start to finish. Give your attendees a memorable experience on their mobile across virtual events, hybrid events or in-person events.

Enterprise-grade event app builder trusted by brands you trust.

Why do you need a mobile event app?

Mobile apps in today’s world are a must-have for any brand including your event. Stay ahead with our 80+ features that adapts to your event needs


Boost audience engagement by 10 times

  1. Targeted Push notifications – Communicate with all and specific attendees directly, any time and anywhere. Sending them updates, reminders and messages is just a click away.
  2. Live audience polls – Project instant live results from both your in-person or virtual attendees. We also support sponsored and image polls.
  3. Feedback & Surveys – With our intuitive app interface you can collect useful insights to improve your event across the event experience.
  4. Gamification contests – Engage and keep the excitement alive with a whole range of gamification contests with leaderboards.

Save 60% more time & money

  1. Instant content updates  – Setup content effortlessly with our DIY portal or upload excel. Any updates to content are available in the app within seconds. No tedious redesign or reprints.
  2. Offline agenda – Upload your event agenda and let your attendees personalise it. They can filter by track, locations, days and add favourites.
  3. Mobile event information – Upload all event information – speakers profiles, photo gallery, video gallery, venue details in one place. No more printing and admin costs. 
  4. Mobile ticket – The event app is the digital identifier of your attende. With their unique QR-code you can scan them at registrations, use them as b-cards or track them in sessions.

Generate up to 3x more revenue

  1. Sponsors & Exhibitors – Delight them with another channel of sponsorship. Unlike other channels, an app can become personalised once attendee downloads. 
  2. Targeted Lead generation – Allow exhibitors to digitally collect contact information and generate leads at your event with lead scanners and gamification. 
  3. Sponsored content – Whether it is a notification or a poll or an agenda session or display ads. Our platform gives various opportunities embedded in your event app
  4. Digital booths – Increase visibility of your exhibitors with digital booths for the remote audience. Our digital booths come with video meeting rooms & chatbots

World class hybrid networking

  1. Social event wall – You get your private event feed where attendees can post photos, upload stories or push sound bites. We got the best of all social media. 
  2. 1:1 & Group chat  – With easy-to-use chat interface attendees can create private groups or chat one-one to book meetings. You can upgrade and offer video meeting rooms. 
  3. AI Matchmaking – Your attendees can choose their interests and goals and our AI-powered engine will find them the perfect matches for speed networking. 
  4. Anytime anywhere networking – Connect your audience anytime, anywhere, any channel. Whether they are live or virtual bring them together under one event app. 
I just wanted to say Thanks again for this great event app. I love having all the info I need right at my fingertips! I’m also feeling connected with people I haven’t even met yet
Amazon Tech conf attendee
Sr. Manager - Amazon

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Managing an event app has never been easier

nunify’s app builder has powered over 2500 event apps. It is loved by event organizers for its intuitive interface and powerful tools

No-code app builder

Our drag & drop interface allows you to custom design your app without any technical skills. Change color theme or rename menus or redesign the navigation. No two apps look the same. 

Real time app preview

Whether it is design or content updates, all changes are available instantly to preview in the app. You can hide features as you design them before showcasing them to your attendees. 

Mobile admin

You won’t need a laptop everytime you need to make frequent changes. Using our in-app mobile admin you can send notifications, create/publish polls, moderate and much more

2000+ Event apps Launched


Event Apps Launched

How to launch an event app

Our globally-recognised support is available 24×7 to assist. Check our Help center for detailed videos and more. 

  1. Choose your features – Every event is unique and has different goals. Our flexible event app builder offers 90+ features to select from. Based on the type of event and audience, choose the features that are most suitable to your event and boost audience interaction, engagement and networking.
  2. Select theme – Once you select a base theme you get to customise your whole event app.Match your event’s theme and colours, easily upload launch screen gifs and event app backgrounds, choose from a wide range of features and icons.
  3. Upload content – Once the features are shortlisted, it’s time to populate your event app. Do you have lots of content in excel like agenda, attendee, speaker, exhibitor lists? Or do you require integrations? Everything is a click away.
  4. Preview & Launch app – Your event app is now ready to publish. Having trouble with App Store accounts? Launch it within the nunify event app container. Unlimited event app design and content changes with no App Store approvals and complete enterprise security.
  5. Still need help ?  We love event tech and will be happy to jump in to help. With our deep event tech experience our experts are available to share best practices and industry insights. Or augment your team with our premium managed services.


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