ChatGPT & AI in events : Friend or Foe ?

February 12, 2023


ChatGPT has been the talk of the town in 2023 & it’s not showing any signs of slowing down! Even Google launched its own chatbot to join the hype.

This got me really excited and curious about the possibilities of using AI in events!

What impact can ChatGPT have in the event space?

Are there other popular AI tools?

Will AI-powered robots take my job?

Or help me do my job better?

Let’s find out!

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I began testing ChatGPT and discovered some interesting results. When I gave it event-related prompts, the answers were quite intriguing. These prompts are now yours to use.

ChatGPT prompts for Event Sponsorship

Event sponsorship is a major factor in any event’s success, so naturally it was the first thing I wanted to investigate.

1. Generate a list of 10 event sponsors

ChatGPT response for event sponsors

I wanted to get more specific and narrow it down to an industry – in this case fintech

2. Generate a list of 5 event sponsors for the fintech industry

ChatGPT response for event sponsors in Fintech

The list surely got narrowed down with more relevant names. How about we check if one of these brands are open for sponsorship.

3. Would you know if Mastercard is open to event sponsorship ?

ChatGPT response for can mastercard sponsor an event

Looks like a template, but maybe lets ask

4. Do you know who to reach in the marketing or sponsorship department ?

ChatGPT response for how to reach mastercard to sponsor an event

These are good suggestions if you are starting your career as an event professional. However, most of this information is generic.

Let’s move to another aspect of seeking sponsorship for events which is

5. Do you know how should I pitch for event sponsorship?

ChatGPT response for event sponsorship pitch

That’s truly remarkable! Such comprehensive information. Let’s ask

6. Can you give me a sample sponsor pitch email ?

ChatGPT response for event sponsorship pitch email

That is quite long email. Let’s see if ChatGPT can summarize it.

7. Could you shorten the sponsorship email to a few lines ?

ChatGPT response to shorten the email pitch for sponsorship

8. Suggest me better email subject lines to invite a sponsor

ChatGPT response for listing subject lines to invite a sponsor

Wonder if it can come up with some creative names for sponsorship packages

9. Any unique sponsorship package name for a fintech event ?

ChatGPT response for event sponsorship package names

All in all, this isn’t too shabby and could be a great foundation for exploring and brainstorming ideas!

Let’s try testing it for event venues

ChatGPT Prompts To Find Event Venues

The search for that perfect venue is never-ending. Instead of browsing through several directories – can ChatGPT help?

1. How do i find the perfect venue for my event ?

ChatGPT response for perfect venue for an event

2. What are the must have amenities for a hybrid event venue?

ChatGPT response for hybrid event venue must haves

Let’s see if it can find us venues in Chicago for a round table discussion?

3. Suggest me venues in Chicago for a round table discussion

ChatGPT response for venue in Chicago for a round table

These actually are great options – I am quite impressed. Let’s see how it does a conference and give it a budget.

4. Give me 3 venues under $20000 to host a conference in Chicago for an audience of 500 pax

ChatGPT response for venues under 20000$

Perfect !

It appears that ChatGPT is capable of handling specific parameters and providing better results. When searching for event venues, make sure to include the key details like location, budget, and guest numbers.

Let’s test more abstract topics related to events.

ChatGPT Prompts For Event Promotion

Here I test if ChatGPT gives me different ideas based on my target audience

1. How do I promote an event ?

ChatGPT response for promoting an event

2. How do I promote an event to investors?

ChatGPT response for promoting an event to investors

3. How do I promote an event to digital marketers?

ChatGPT response for promoting an event to digital marketers

4. How do I promote an event to event professionals?

ChatGPT response for promoting an event to event professionals

Overall, I felt that the answers were repetitive. I was looking for very specific insights based on the target group. Let me give it one last try with a B2C event.

5. How do I promote a wedding?

ChatGPT response for promoting a wedding

It seems like I was right; besides sending out save the date cards, the rest of the ideas don’t make sense.

Does ChatGPT start struggling when it comes to coming up with unique & challenging questions? Let’s see what it has to say about event technology.

ChatGPT Prompts For Event Technology

With the onset of the hybrid events era, it would be awesome if ChatGPT could help.

1. Are hybrid events just hype?

ChatGPT response for - Is the hype for hybrid events real
Not very helpful ! As we learnt from previous prompts lets get specific

2. What tech is critical for a hybrid event?ChatGPT response for critical technology for hybrid events

That is definitely a step in the right direction. However, it appears that ChatGPT only accounts for remote audiences when providing suggestions.

Does this mean that there’s no consideration given to the in-person audience who are part of hybrid events? And how can it leave out a mobile event app ?

3. Should I get an event app for my hybrid event ?

ChatGPT response for Event app in hybrid events

With such incredible event app benefits, ChatGPT should surely make it must have tech.

4. Give me the top 5 event app platforms in 2023 ?

ChatGPT response for top 5 event app companies

Oh! It looks like ChatGPT is trained with data until 2021. This can be a major obstacle if you are on the lookout for the latest or trendiest content. Here is my blog on the best event apps for 2023.

Let’s face it, writing event FAQs is a boring task. I asked ChatGPT to do –

5. Write 5 FAQ’s for an event website. The event is a marathon to raise money for cancer survivors.

ChatGPT response for FAQs for event website

That is a good set of FAQs.

6. Write me a tweet to promote my product launch on event tech

ChatGPT response for tweet to promote an event

7. What survey questions should I ask attendees after a conference on impact of AI in event industry?

ChatGPT response for survey questions on impact of AI

To change up my research, I thought I would explore the fun(ny) side of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Funny Prompts

Tell me a joke about events

ChatGPT response for a joke about an event

That’s not bad 😂

Should pineapple be allowed as a pizza topping ?

ChatGPT response for pineapple on pizza

ChatGPT surely knows how to be diplomatic

Create a playlist for the cocktail party with CEO’s

ChatGPT response for a playlist for a cocktail party with CEOs

What do you think of the playlist ?

My Verdict On ChatGPT For Event Professionals

As you see, it can automate some tasks. It can be a great ally in:

  • writing email
  • finding venues
  • writing FAQs & marketing copy

But like any other AI tool ChatGPT is as good as the data you feed into it. The more precise you are, the better responses you’ll get. 

Before you commit, here’s a few key points to remember:

  1. The data in ChatGPT is based on data prior to 2021, so one should be cautious when using it for current research.
  2. The information provided may not be 100% accurate; ChatGPT may give biased or incomplete information.
  3. When asked to elaborate on something or come up with niche data, it doesn’t seem to be able to.

ChatGPT is here for the long haul; it’s essential that those working in the events industry take a closer look.

Other Use Cases Of AI In Events

I have no doubt that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be an indispensable part of events in the future.

One day, your attendees will walk into your event welcomed by an AI-enabled face-recognition tool. They will receive tailor-made schedules and meet like-minded people recommended by an AI match-maker. Using chatbots and smart devices, you will be able to gauge sentiments during the event and build dynamic goodie bags based on the attendee’s behavior.

Let’s take a deep dive into a few of the specific use cases of our industry.

Event Planning

AI could play many roles in the planning stage. From suggesting venues to estimating costs for future events, AI takes over the majority of your workload. Such as.

Discover the best vendor and venue fit

Rather than dropping messages to your peers to identify the best event venues and vendors, ask AI. For instance, use ChatGPT to get a list of the best venues and vendors based on your event type and industry. 

Find attendee preferences for a personalized experience 

While planning an event, use AI to analyze past attendees’ data. Discover patterns and trends to create a personalized experience. With this data, you create relevant goodies bags, and customized games during the event.

Event Management 

AI takes care of many tasks and makes the management of events easier. Some of the most common ones include:

Better attendee experience through chatbots

Chatbot is one of the most common uses, especially in virtual and hybrid events. You don’t need to have someone assigned to answer attendees’ queries. AI can take care of that.

For example, Paradox’s AI assistant named Olivia keeps a record of all the applicants, sends them updates and reminders about the event, and even matches them with the right recruiter in a live hiring event.


Create a schedule for speakers & attendees

Manual scheduling is tedious and time-consuming. Event organizers can ask AI to come up with a schedule for different sessions. But, AI takes off loads of this burden and ensures the event runs smoothly by preparing a schedule.

Send reminders to the guest speakers

AI sends reminders and updates to speakers about their allocated time so they won’t be late. 

Event Marketing

AI is available on all marketing platforms. It lets you target the right customer for your event. Whether you’re using Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, there is analytics to target the audience for ads and campaigns. 

You can also use AI to create marketing collateral. Not only ChatGPT, but tools like Jasper, ChatGPT, and are also equipped to help you market your event with the following use cases:

  • Writing social copy for event promotions.
  • Write email pitches for partner and sponsor outreach.
  • Create targeted ad copy to put in front of potential customers.
  • Write personalized copy for a segment of the audience based on demographic and behavioral data.

Event Analytics 

AI helps you gather event analytics. It analyzes attendees’ behavior by tracking how they engage with each other and your product. The data is very useful to determine the event’s ROI in terms of registrations, engagement, and user experience. 

Below is a sneak peek into Nunify’s event analytics. It displays the ROI obtained from an event. 

Event Security

Maintaining security and safety throughout the event is a major pain point for event organizers. The struggle to cross–check the attendee’s list, detect unfamiliar faces, and ensure everyone is present can be overwhelming.

AI can help. With its facial recognition and biometric registration capabilities, AI can be a perfect assistance to event managers. AI handles the attendee’s identification more accurately, ensures no one is missing from the attendee’s list, and alerts if any unfamiliar incident occurs. 

Furthermore, you can offer an encrypted passcode that is scannable using a QR code. It’s one of the most effective ways to ensure no one who’s not on the attendees list entire the event.

What Are The Benefits Of AI In Events?

The biggest benefit of AI is speed. It emulates human thinking to solve attendees’ queries during the event.

1. Free Up Your Workload

From curating a list of venues to keeping attendees engaged, AI takes a lot off of your plate.

For example, AI chatbots answer attendees’ questions during the event. While chatbots solve problems, you can focus on more challenging tasks like backstage support.

AI tools also help you review attendees’ behavior at the event. They process huge amounts of data in seconds. So no more working with excel sheets and making arduous calculations. 

You use this time to personally engage with attendees. 

2. Recommendations And Matchmaking 

AI is best known for its matchmaking capabilities. It works like Netflix. You know how you get recommendations based on your preferences and watch history, AI does the same with events. 

AI tools collect attendees’ preferences and relevant details. Then, it recommends the best events for them. 

If you use an event app in your event, the AI will also match two attendees with similar interests. It even creates groups based on mutual liking – matchmaking at its best. 

Wolves summit, the world’s best networking business summit, got 2,200 attendees into 1:1 meetings with AI matchmaking. AI analyzed the attendees’ preferences and matched them with the right person. 

Do the same in your next event with Nunify. Nunify’s matchmaking feature connects one attendee with the other based on their preferences. 

3. Save Up On Additional Tech Staff 

AI will replace a lot of tech persons. It substitutes check-in staff with online check-in, communication people with chatbots, and entertainment personnel with gamification. 

For example, with Nunify’s onsite check-in feature, attendees can fill in their information without any help from a human. It saves tons of cost on employing staff and bringing in various devices for each task.

AI – only an assistant not a dominant 

There is no denying AI is the future of the event industry. But it’s as good as the data you feed into it. The results won’t be great if the data is unreliable, inaccurate, or incomplete. 

For example, if you feed the wrong attendee’s details and give it to AI for matchmaking, the matchmaking will be inaccurate. You have to handle AI smartly to get the most out of it. 

As far as events are concerned, AI can lend a hand not substitute a valuable employee. 

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