Eliminate Lines Fastest Event Check-in App​

Our fast event check in app & event check in software is designed to eliminate queues and ease event badge printing onsite.

Scan QR code. Print Event Badge. Event check in attendee – within seconds

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Easy to Use Event Check in App

Nunify’s beautifully designed iOS event check in app helps you get started with ease. The intuitive interface is built to setup out-of-the-box within minutes. No tech skills needed. 


Easy Setup​

Get started instantly with our best in class event check in app.


Kiosk Mode

Flexible for attendees to be on event check in kiosk OR badge printing kiosk OR onsite check in kiosk


Event Badge Printing

Say goodbye to excels for event badge. Use event check in app. for event badge printing & conference badge printing


Fast Event Check in

Badge Scan QR codes using iOS event check in app in a flash. Verify attendee information & plus 1s with onsite printing.


Works Offline

Our event check in app & software works in offline mode. Works as conference badge printer for fastes event badges


Live Analytics

See realtime attendance across various locations on the move with the event check in app.

Why use nunify's event check in app?

Nunify’s event check-in app is built on the back of 100’s of hours of onsite event check-in experience to provide an easy to use solution to automate every event check in need. Want to print event. badges on-site? allow attendees to event check in by themselves? Take registrations and sell tickets onsite? need to integrate event attendance data with your CRM? See live attendance? we’ve got you covered!

Event Check In App

Branded to your event

Greet your attendees with an event check-in app which looks and feels every bit a part of your event.

Scan badges for quick event check in

Scan badge qr code for locations with event check in app. Say goodbye to long and frustrating queues.

Search and event check-in

No QR code, no worries. Attendees can use the search function to quickly find and check-in themselves using the event check in app. 

Onsite badge printing

Print onsite badges for events using simple to use event registration and badge printing software

On-Site Badge Printing​

Visual Badge Designer

Use a drag and drop badge designer to build visual badges.  Customize and print different VIP badges.

Conference  badge Printer

Connect to a wide variety of event badge printers which support apple air-print. Most popular zebra printers are also supported through a native integration.

Easy to configure

The event check-in app setup wizard will guide you through connecting to your printer. Perform test prints before the event to ensure your visual badges are pixel perfect. 

Works offline

Internet connectivity issues will not stop your event check-in and badge printing. The event check in system is designed to work offline and reconnect when the internet is restored.

Walk-in Event Registrations w/Payment

Self Registration

Allow attendees to fill up the registration form and self register on-site. Event Check-in and print badges once the registration is complete.

Collect Payments

Collect payments using our event check in app for paid ticket types with our one-click stripe integration. 

Event Badging

Conference registration badge with VIP badge printing using the same event check in app

Live Analytics​ in Event Check In APP

Real Time Event Check-in Analytics

View real-time event check-ins using the event check in app across multiple sessions and locations in your event dashboard

Event Check-in Notifications

Be alerted when a VIP checks-in. Setup customizable alerts so that the right people are notified when an important guest arrives.


Export detailed reports on your event check-in. Know when each attendee arrived at every location.


Automatically sync attendee check-in details with your CRM with our powerful Zapier integration.

hybrid event analytics
Nunify's event check-in was easy to configure and set up at our venues. The kiosk mode was great ! Our attendees were able to print badges and purchase tickets at the venue without our assistance.
Zachary Lezberg
Small Business Expo

Birds eye view of your entire event

Nunify’s check-in dashboard gives you the real-time detailed view of  attendee engagement at your venue. See live as your attendees check-in to your event. Visualize which sessions are popular and which areas are performing well and adapt on the fly.

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