30+ Trending Webinar Topics & Ideas To Boost Webinar Registrations in 2022

October 4, 2022

Nupur Mittal



You are convinced that webinars should be a part of your marketing strategy, but it’s not as easy as it seems. To drive better results, you must come up with the best webinar topic that your audience will resonate with. 

The right topic is imperative as 

  • it will help you achieve your webinar marketing goals
  • it will attract the right audience leading to a higher attendance rate
  • it will hets you a better return on your investment in terms of leads and conversions.

So, we have compiled a list of top trending webinar topics for different industries and types of webinar that you can use


5 Tips To Choose Your Next Webinar Topic

Before we dive into webinar topics for different industries, let’s discuss the best ways you can come up with the right topic:

  1. Talk with your sales and customer support team: You can get good topics to attract more leads as both teams interact with your existing and potential customers.
  2. See what’s trending on social media: Social media can offer you many topic ideas. Be it LinkedIn or Twitter, find out what your audience is talking about and address it in your next webinar.
  3. Analyze questions asked in previous webinars: It’s a good way to get ideas without much work. Go to your respective webinar platform and see which questions were most asked that go answered. Use these to identify your next webinar topic.
  4. Figure out your Ideal customer persona (ICP’s) pain points: You can also address the direct pain points of your ICPS.
  5. Pick topics from your blog posts, e-books, or podcasts: Your existing content types can be a goldmine for ideas. Pick some of the most engaging pieces and pick topics from there.


Digital Marketing Webinar Topics

Digital marketing is a core part of today’s business world, and conducting the webinar on the right topic becomes imperative. Here we have enlisted some of the trending webinar topics in the digital marketing sphere you can use to engage your audience:

1. How to browse internet without third-party cookies

Google is already in the talks to end support for third-party cookies, and many brands have already been talking about its impact on the marketing world. As third-party cookies are an important part of how people do marketing, their end can create havoc. You can discuss this topic, share your opinions, make predictions or offer alternatives.

2. Top marketing trends to look out for in 2022

Marketing is a versatile field, and everyone is looking to take advantage of upcoming trends to scale their business. By analyzing the current trends and industry growth rate, you can talk about the upcoming trends that will dominate the market. It will get you more eyeballs as you’ll get the first mover advantage.

3. Expert opinion: How webinars can boost traffic and engagement

You can also conduct a webinar where you host guests and let them share their opinions or point of view on a certain topic. This will attract more audiences and build credibility as you share insights from industry experts.

💡 Some other topics ideas:

  1. Business acquisitions and their impacts
  2. Hot take on trending topics
  3. X unconventional ways to boost traffic
  4. How a brand grew its revenue to X ARR
  5. The power of social media and how to harness it


Real-Estate Webinar Topics

The real estate business is based on trust and confidentiality between the dealer and the client, and webinars can help build that. Covering the relevant optics can build awareness and resolve the audience’s pain points. Some of the popular webinar topics that might be useful areas are as follows:

1. 2022 Trends in the real estate industry

Talk about different trends that will be gaining traction in the coming years or trends you think will continue to dominate the real estate industry.

2. Q&A session for first-time home buyers

Buying a home for the first time seems daunting. So, make it less intimidating and hassle-free by covering all the pain pots of first-time buyers. You can do a Q&A session or invite a guest speaker to talk about it.

3. Real estate financing

Real estate requires a hefty amount of financial planning, and all the paperwork can make your client skeptical about finalizing the purchase. In that case, a session about understanding the ins and out of real-estate financing or how to arrange money can be beneficial.

💡 Some other topics ideas:

  1. Buying A Home – Assessing the Market And Locating Gems
  2. Factors to consider while buying a home
  3. Selling Your First Home 101
  4. Reasons Your Home Is Sitting On The Market Unsold


Interesting Webinar Topics For Students

Webinars are useful to students as they can take a break from all the big books and interact with hosts and classmates. Be it a commerce student or an engineering student; these interesting webinar topics will keep them engaged:

1. Career advancement webinar

Career advancement webinars become imperative as students in different age groups can benefit from them. Deciding which career to choose, its scope in terms of money and stability and how to navigate failure is a big decision for students. So, career advancement topics must be one of your webinar topics.

2. Mental health and wellness webinar topics

Mental health is becoming the need of the hour that students need to be aware of. Sessions around mental health disorders, their common symptoms, how to deal with them, and how to practice self-care can all be useful in helping students learn about them and maintain their well-being.

3. Common mistakes with personal finance and how to avoid them

Student life is a phase where everyone makes mistakes, but understanding the repercussions and ways to deal with them needs to be addressed. Through webinars, you can talk about every student’s common mistakes and ways to deal with them.

💡 Some other topics ideas:

  1. How to save and manage money
  2. How to build better relationships with mentors and teachers
  3. How to deal with negativity
  4. Wellness and healthcare webinar topics


Finance Webinar Topics

Finances are a major part of every human’s life, and being in the Fintech industry, you can share guidelines, advice, and expert opinions to help people manage their money better; some of the topics you can choose from are:

1. Role of technology in changing the finance sectors

Covid made the finance sector go digital with the emergence of wallets and UPI payment methods, and it has made a tremendous shift in how people exchange, save and manage their money. To help them walk through this transition, you can conduct webinars on how technology changes the world of finance and topics on becoming better at using it.

2. How to build an effective financial management system

Another way is to discuss developing a financial management system to track all the income, expenses, investments, taxes, and insurance plans.

3. Ways to boost savings

You can also conduct a webinar on effective ways to save more, the advantages of starting saving earlier, how to plan for retirement, and develop contingency funds.

💡 Some other topics ideas:

  1. Where to invest your money
  2. Different investment apps and which one should you use
  3. What are different types of taxes, and how do choose the best tax saving scheme


Webinar Topics For Employees

Keeping their employees educated and updated is the secret to a prosperous and long-lasting business organization. Some of the virtual event topics employees can benefit from are:

1. How to build a diverse, equal, and inclusive work environment

A work environment where employees feel safe, happy, and included is imperative as it leads to more employee satisfaction and loyalty. But, every employee might not be familiar with the concept of diversity, equality, and inclusivity (DEI). In that case, webinars on DEI topics can help to build better networks and make each of them feel inclusive despite their cultural difference.

2. How to build strong work ethics

Having a strong work ethic ensures that employees understand their responsibility and remain accountable for the same. It also ensures transparency in day-to-day communications. You can use webinars to talk about how to form good work ethics and address myths around the same.

3. Top priorities for HR leaders

The hiring process has evolved in the past few years, and the traditional approach of resumes and CVs have been almost replaced by the applicant’s extensive portfolios, skill sets, and soft skills. This has also led hiring managers to change their approach. Hence, this HR webinar topic can be interesting for freshers and those thinking of changing their roles.

💡 Some other topics ideas:

  1. Ways to engage more with your employees
  2. How to enhance presentation skills
  3. X ways to pitch better ideas to close the deal
  4. How to use different tools and platforms for more efficient working


Way forward

The best webinar topic is the one that attracts your target audience, answers their questions, and makes them feel that their time was well invested. 

So, when you think about which topics to address via your webinar, think from your audience’s perspective and analyze your industry. The trending topics, the pain points of your audience, and industry insights will offer you some of the highest engaging topics.


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