Hiring an Event App Development Company? These Are the Ones You Should Know About!

May 5, 2022

Gayathry P R

Are you planning to build a mobile event app for your next event? But are you confused about how to find the the right event app development company?

If yes, you aren’t alone. Finding the best event app is a daunting task, especially if you aren’t aware of the parameters you should consider. So follow us through the article to search for the best qualities in an event app development company and maximize your event ROI.

How To Find The Best Event App Development Company?

  1. Shortlist Event App Development Companies

You can begin the process by shortlisting companies based on their portfolio, testimonials from clients, and their team’s expertise. 

The portfolio gives you an idea about a company’s type of work, experience, and expertise. It also lets you know if the company has experience developing similar apps in the past. 

Testimonials are another great way to know about the expertise and the work culture of a company. You can also ask them for previous client details and contact them if you need more information before finalizing an event app development company.

The expertise and knowledge of the workers in the app development field is another factor you should consider. It is always best to pick a company with a diversely-skilled workforce. 

  1. Finalize On The Event App Type

There are two kinds of event apps: custom-developed apps and DIY apps. DIY apps don’t require coding and can be built by anyone, unlike custom-developed apps. DIY apps are cost-effective, customizable, and easy to set up.

In addition, DIY apps are easy to modify and allow you to add other software integrations seamlessly. Thus, it is always best to go for DIY apps as it lets you build an app tailored to your needs within the shortest possible time and effort.

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  1. Test Their Recently Developed Apps

Reviewing testimonials and portfolios are great ways to assess the potential of an event app development company. But none of these steps is more effective than testing apps developed by them.

Testing an app allows you to evaluate its usability and compatibility. In addition, it gives you a chance to test out the features that are needed for the event app that you want to build.

You can ask for links to their previously developed apps, download them from app stores and check out their functionality. In the case of container launched apps, testing can be done through an access code provided by the company.

  1. Identify The Tech Stack They Use

A tech stack is a series of technology an event app development company uses to build its apps. There are many stacks like Ruby On Rails, Serverless Stack, LAMP, WAMP, etc. Each of these stacks has its own merits and demerits, and hence it is essential to identify the tech stack that’ll be used to build your app.

The type of tech stack determines the ease of scalability and maintenance of your app. Go for a company that builds mobile apps following the latest design principles of iOS and Android. It ensures that you get a seamlessly functioning app that offers a great experience to your event attendees.

Moreover, a good development company will always have a clear idea about the most suitable stack for your app. They will be competent enough to explain why a particular stack would be the best for you.

  1. Understand Their Project Management System

A company’s project management system, reporting mechanism, and frequency of communication are some of the other factors that you should pay attention to. The way they deal with modification requests is yet another thing to consider while finding the best event app development company for your app.

Choose an app developer that offers support and assistance even if you are developing a DIY app. This ensures a hassle-free app-building experience and helps you get timely suggestions from the event app development team. Weekly updates on the event app work best and hence stick with a company that follows the same reporting mechanism.

In the case of DIY apps, the need for modification rarely occurs. However, always go for a developer who gives you the provision to add more features.

  1. Enquire About App Scalability

Nothing upsets event registrants like an app that crashes under heavy traffic. Thus, the development company you choose must have a clear idea about how your app will perform during workloads. 

They should be able to give you a detailed project roadmap to help you understand your app’s scalability needs and how you can deal with them. In addition, they should also offer backend and cloud scalability solutions.

  1. Review The Company’s Contract

It is crucial to review the company contract before sealing the deal with an event app development company. Their contract should be easy to read and understandable without the aid of a lawyer.

The contract should have information about the scope of work, payment details, and the timeline within which the app will be developed. It should also include information on the scope of maintenance and the time frame for which the company offers it.

Also, look for information about how the company handles data loss and other unforeseeable events. It is also good to find out if the company had to litigate any time in the past.

  1. Ask About Support and Assistance

A DIY event app is easy to develop as it requires no coding. But having 24X7 support and assistance from the app development company is still necessary. Hence, it is crucial to understand the support offered by the company you choose before, during, and after the event.

It is best to choose an app-making company that offers assistance from start to finish. For example, a great event app development company would provide you with their service during the app development, event hosting, and analytics collection phases. 

Before hiring, it is better to have clarity about a company’s post-delivery services as some companies charge extra for it. 

These are some of the essential tips you should follow to find the best event app development company.


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