21 Webinar Statistics You Need to Know in 2023 to get more Leads

October 27, 2023

Amarnath M

Webinars are a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. They can be used to generate leads, promote products and services, and educate customers. But how do you know if your webinars are successful? That’s where webinar statistics come in.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the most important webinar statistics that you need to know in 2023. Here are a few of the key statistics we’ll cover:

Webinar Statistics 2023

As the webinar market continues to grow, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and statistics. This will help you ensure that your webinars are successful and that you’re getting the most out of your investment.

  1. Most discussed webinar topics – The three most talked-about topics in webinars are technology, training and education, and marketing and sales. Source: ON24 2023 Webinar Benchmark Report.
  2. Average performers got between 50 and 55 percent of responses during business hours and between 25 and 30 percent of responses outside of business hours. (BigMarker,2023)
  3. 82% of webinar attendees prefer a live Q&A session at the end, which allows potential customers to receive personalized information about a product or service. (WebinarCare, 2023)
  4. According to ON24’s 2023 Webinar Benchmark Report, the average webinar time is 60 minutes.
  5. The software and technology sector produces the most webinars, accounting for 29% of all webinars, followed by financial services (14%) and education (11%). (GoToWebinar Big Book Webinar stats, 2023)
  6. The webinar software platform is used to run 74% of webinars; the remaining 26% are hosted on YouTube and Vimeo. (WebinarCare, 2023)
  7. 92% of webinar attendees say that webinars are a valuable way to learn new information. Source: ON24 2023 Webinar Benchmark Report

Webinar Attendance Rates In 2023

When analyzing the performance of your webinars, one of the most crucial metrics to track is webinar attendance rates. In this section, we’ll look at the most recent webinar attendance statistics, as well as the days and times that had the highest webinar attendance rate.

  1. What is the average webinar attendance rate in 2023?
    According to the market research, the webinar attendance rate is approximately 40-50%. Statistics show that 260 individuals sign up on average for a single webinar. Only 40–50% of them show up for the webinar. (WebinarCare, 2023)
  2. What is the best day for webinars to host?
    Wednesdays outperformed other days of the week by 46%, with an average of 330 registrations and a 14% lift in attendance, compared to the weekly average of 226 registrations (including weekends). (BigMarker,2023)
  3. What is the best time in a day to host a webinar?
    29% of the attendees accounted for during the hours of 1 PM EST, and 24% were accounted for at 2 PM EST. (ON24’s 2023 Webinar Benchmark Report)
  4. What is the average number of webinar attendees?
    78% of marketing webinars have less than or equal to 50 people attending them. (WebinarCare, 2023)
  5. What is the average attendance rate for a Zoom webinar?
    According to recent market research, the average attendance rate for Zoom webinars in 2023 is 48%.

Webinar Conversion Rates In 2023

Webinar conversion rates are another important metric to track when measuring the success of your webinars. After all, you want your webinars to generate leads, sales, or other desired outcomes. Let’s take a look at the latest webinar conversion rates:

  1. According to 73% of B2B marketers, webinars are excellent for producing high-quality leads. (StartupBonsai, 2023)
  2. With a 77% increase in conversion rate, webinar audiences are raising their hands for demo requests at a faster rate. (ON24’s 2023 Webinar Benchmark Report)
  3. Only 2-5% of attendees acquire the host’s offers at the end of the webinar. (WebinarCare, 2023)
  4. The response rate for polls ranges from 50 to 55% on average, with good performers experiencing conversion rates of 60 to 65% and the very best receiving up to 80%. (BigMarker,2023)
  5. Personalized landing pages have the highest average conversion rate (51%), followed by webinars (53%) and content hubs (47%). (ON24’s 2023 Webinar Benchmark Report)
  6. 75% of B2B professionals acknowledge that webinars reduce the marketing industry’s cost-per-lead. (WebinarCare, 2023)
  7. Zoom Webinar Conversion rates – Zoom webinars have a 15% conversion rate in 2023, which means 15% will take a desired action, such as signing up for a free trial, scheduling a demo, or making a purchase.

Zoom Fatigue Statistics In 2023

  1. 42% of US and UK remote workers have experienced Zoom fatigue since the coronavirus outbreak. (Market Splash)
  2. 1 in 7 women (13.8%) reported feeling very to extremely fatigued after Zoom calls, compared to around 1 in 20 men (5.5%). (Finances Online)

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