Craft the Ultimate Sponsorship Package in 2023 [Insider Tips & Examples]

January 19, 2023

Nupur Mittal

A major reason why you’re not getting the right sponsors may be due to the lack of clear value proposition of your event. Sponsors want to invest in events that showcase benefits that they’ll get in return. In order to attract potential sponsors and secure the best deals, you need to create attractive sponsorship packages.

This guide will help you with everything you need to know about event sponsorship packages.

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Types Of Sponsorship Packages

Sponsorship packages are like brochures for your sponsors. They lay out prices and the list of benefits that sponsors will get in exchange of their contribution (financial or in-kind). Consider them as your pitch on why sponsors should choose your event over others.

Sponsorship is a two way street. You get money. Sponsors get exposure. Think about how much sponsors benefit while supporting your event. Create good sponsorship packages that convey benefits for the sponsors, you’ll be able to bag more sponsorship opportunities. 

  1. The tiered sponsorship model

In the tiered sponsorship package, you create levels and tiers. Add benefits for sponsors and the pricing. Often the tiers are of three types: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. They are differentiated based on the pricing and benefits for the sponsors.

  1. The objective based sponsorship Model

The À La Carte Sponsorship Model offers more specific benefits to the sponsors. In this model, sponsors contribute to the specific elements of your event, such as pre-event promotion, venue sponsorship, a guest speaker, etc.


How to design a sponsorship package?

Both the Tiered and A La Carte models work well. Choose the one that works best for your event. Below is a detailed breakdown of both models. Implement them right away. 

  1. Design the sponsorship package using the Tiered model

Here’s a step by step breakdown of creating a sponsorship package using tiered method:

Step 1: Brainstorm the benefits for your sponsors 

Come up with a list of benefits your event will offer to the sponsors. Focus on getting as many ideas as possible. Once you have a list, select the most attractive benefits. 

Consider the ideal sponsor persona you built and put yourself in their shoes. Answer these questions to get more insights:

  • Do these benefits even appeal to them?
  • What’s so unique about these benefits?
  • Would you choose these packages for yourself?

Considering these questions helps you curate the irresistible benefits. Research about common problems of the sponsors. Where do they struggle while sponsoring companies? What kind of results do they want? The more clarification, the better. 

Step 2: Create different tiers and add these benefits

Once you have the benefits, decide how many tiers you’ll offer. In our research, we found that 3 is the most common number of sponsorship packages, but you can create up to 4-5. 

Figure that out and divide your offering (benefits) into each tier based on the investment you’re asking sponsors to make. Each tier should justify the sponsor’s money’s worth.

Stay moderate with the number of tiers. The more choices you offer, the more difficult it will be for them to choose one. That’s the paradox of choice.

  1. Design the sponsorship package using the Objective Based Model

Consider all the different aspects of your event such as networking, food, or venue. Based on that, create different packages.

For example, you want sponsorships for your Global Marketing Conference 2023. The conference hosts big industry experts with attractive booths and guest speaking opportunities. Using A La Carte sponsorship model, you can create the following packages:

On-site event promotion $5000Place the sponsor’s logo on all the promotional assets within the event hallFull-banner ad in the conference program visible from the entranceTen conference tickets right behind the VIPs.
Lunch and dinner party$20,000Tabletop signage on tables and bars and custom cocktail napkins with your logo.Custom logo printed on all attendee wristbands required for entrance.A banner to welcome the guest at the entrance of the party hallA special acknowledgment during the event.
Merchandise sponsorship$4000Logo placement on all the merchandise – goodie bags, lanyards, handwear, etc.Recognition as a special sponsor on our website.Recognition in the event promotional banner.
Attendee goodies bag$8000Every event attendee receives a goodie bag post-event.Full-page or double-sided space is available to advertise.Recognition as a special sponsor on our website.Logo pavement on the front of the goodie bag.
Networking opportunities $1500A push notification sent before the break on the mobile event app about your sponsorship.Opportunity to network with industry leadersListed as a special sponsor on the website.


Things to keep in mind before creating sponsorship packages for your event

Jumping right to packages may harm your overall results. Let’s backtrack a bit. Before you jump to building sponsorship packages, have these 3 things figured out:

  1. The goal of your event: Be crystal clear about your event’s goal. 
  • Do you want to generate X number of leads?
  • Do you want to generate brand awareness?
  • Do you want to raise money to support an NGO?
  1. Sponsorship budget: Determine the finances you need from sponsorship to make your event a roaring success. The budget stays constant for both sponsorship models. 
  1. Your target sponsor: Make a list of your ideal sponsor persona.  Having a targeted person will help you create targeted packages with high conversion chances.
  • Which industry do they work in? 
  • How will they add value to our events?
  • Who are they – influencers, creators, brands, or agencies? 

It helps narrow down your ideal sponsors so you personalize your pitch and bag the right sponsors without wasting resources.


Sponsorship packages examples 

These real life examples of sponsorship packages are based on two sponsorship models we discussed. Use them as an inspiration for design and present your packages.

  1. Corporate sponsorship package example

RailsConf is the largest official gathering of the year attended by top Rails Talent, companies, and project representatives worldwide. The team has created a sponsorship prospectus for the 2023 conference, which highlights the sponsorship packages based on the tier model as shown below:

Image Source

The sponsors can also include add-ons from this list of opportunities which gives more options and flexibility to the sponsors.

Image Source

  1. Conference sponsorship packages example

Alliance is an in-person, member-driven 3-day conference that’ll be held between 26 February to 1 March 2023. The conference cataracts some of the big sponsors such as Accenture and Oracle with its well-structured sponsorship package:

Image Source

The sponsors can also include add-ons to their chosen package –  the cherry on the cake. 

Image Source

  1. Car show sponsorship packages

The Riding Big car show is one of the prominent car events. Their sponsorship page highlights that at every section. They have four sponsorship packages and the benefits within each is amazing.

Image Source

  1. Sponsorship packages for sports teams

Warrenton Youth Sports Club (WYSC) seeks out sponsors to help them make sports accessible to every age and demography. 

We found their tiered sponsorship package’s presentation appealing and creative examples of youth sports sponsorship packages. It’s easy to understand and show the least valued to most valued package sequentially.


Image Source

  1. Football sponsorship package example

Harlow Town FC is a club that provides support and opportunities to players with help of their amazing sponsors. They have around 10 sponsor packages and one common benefit of all those packages is every sponsor gets a Complimentary membership to their exclusive club. 

Here’s a snapshot of two of their packages which is based on A La Carte sponsorship model:

Image Source

  1. Golf tournament sponsorship package example

Honorine Golf Classic is an annual event that’ll be held on 31st July 2023. The event offers sponsorship packages based on A La Carte sponsorship model and has 10+ available packages. Here’s a snapshot of some of them:

Interesting sponsorship ideas for virtual and hybrid events

Sponsorship packages are as important for both virtual/hybrid and in-person events. We’ve covered examples of amazing ideas for sponsorship packages for your next virtual/hybrid event.

Sponsorship ideas for virtual events

Checkout these amazing virtual event sponsorship ideas based on both tiered and A La Carte model:

Tier ModelBronze: $10,000Logo placement on pre-event promotion.Special shoutout at the beginning of the event.Logo placement on the landing page for 6 months post-event.
 Silver: $15,000Everything that the bronze plan includes, plus
Logo placement on all event promotions (emails, landing pages, ads)Logo placement on the virtual event app.Virtual customized booth
 Gold: $25,000Everything that the silver plan includes, plus
Special mention in the event email promotional seriesAn acknowledgment section dedicated to youOpportunity to connect with the audience for 10 minutes.
A La Carte Model
Breakout room sponsorship: $12,000Logo placement on all breakout room sessions (agenda, handouts, etc.)Special recognition during the breakout room session.Recognition in all event promotion (emails, social media, landing pages)Customized virtual booths
Platform sponsorship: $10,000Prominent logo placement on the virtual event platformSpecial shoutout during the event.Virtual event boothRecognition in all event promotion (emails, social media, landing pages)
Networking sponsorship: $15,000Logo placement on all networking materials (invitations, agendas, etc. )Recognition in event communicationsOpportunity to connect with the audience for 10 minutes.

Sponsorship ideas for hybrid events

Checkout these amazing hybrid event sponsorship package ideas for hybrid events:

Tier ModelBronze: $8,000Logo placement on pre-event promotion.Special shoutout at the beginning of the event.Logo placement on the landing page for 6 months post-event.
 Silver: $10,000Everything that bronze plan include, plus
Logo placement on all event promotions (emails, landing pages, ads)Logo placement on the virtual event app.
 Gold: $15,000Everything that silver plan include, plus
Special mention in the event email promotional series.An acknowledgment/promotional banner at the entrance of the event hall.5-minute speaking opportunity during a conference session.
A La Carte Model
Goodies sponsorship: $12,000Recognition in all event promotion efforts (emails, social media, landing pages)Prominent recognition on all the goodies bag (logo or a thankyou note)Add a brand card to the goodie bag.
Platform and venue sponsorship: $10,000Recognition in all event promotion (emails, social media, landing pages)Prominent logo placement on virtual event platform.A promotional banner in the event hall.Special shoutout during the event.2 In-person event booth.
In-person and virtual networking sponsorship: $15,000Logo placement on all networking materials (invitation, signage, etc. )Recognition in event communicationsOpportunity to connect with the audience for 10 minutes.


Prove ROI to your event sponsors: Steal these 4 tips

Prove the ROI of sponsoring your events to compel sponsors to agree to your pitch . Sponsors invest in events that seem promising to them. So, follow these tips to prove the ROI of your events:

  1. Provide detailed event analytics: Show the impact of sponsorships on your event attendance rate, social media engagement, and website traffic.
  2. Highlight media coverage: Show the media coverage of your event, including press releases, articles, social media posts, etc., to show the visibility of your event
  3. Create personalized reports: Offer a customized report to each sponsor and highlight how their sponsorship helped achieve specific results.
  4. Conduct attendees survey: Run surveys to collect your attendees’ experience with the event and their views on your sponsors


Nail sponsorship packages with Nunify

From virtual to in-person events, having an attractive sponsorship package is your ticket to getting top-tier sponsors for your event. Nunify can help you with that. You can build a custom registration website, create dynamic registration forms and sell paid tickets.

Insider tip: Include previous event’s statistics, testimonials from attendees, and sponsors names to build credibility among potential sponsors.



What information should a sponsorship packet include?

A sponsorship packet should give an overview of all the benefits available to sponsors, along with the pricing. For example, logo placement details, brand exposure details, etc. If you offer add-ons to customize the existing packages, include that too.

How to effectively price event sponsorship package

Develop different pricing strategies based on your sponsorship budget and the event’s goals. The benefits you offer should be worth the money sponsors pay you.

What do sponsors get in return? 

There are a lot of benefits sponsors get in exchange for sponsoring an event. Some examples include – brand exposure, leads, referrals for more sponsorship opportunities, etc.

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