5 Ways Your Event App Can Transform Audience Engagement and Attendee Experience

July 28, 2023

Amarnath M

Imagine an event where every attendee feels seen, heard, and deeply engaged. It’s the gold standard for events, isn’t it?

As you already know achieving it requires meticulous meticulous design of the attendee’s experience, coupled with sustained audience engagement. But the challenge – How do you make every attendee feel valued and connected, even in your absence?

The proven solution that 88% planners predicted is an event app. In this article, I’ll explore how to maximize your event app, transforming the attendee journey at pivotal touchpoints and share useful tips.

1. Communication Made Seamless

Communication Made Seamless

Good communication is key for any event. The challenge? Making it easy and effective. This is precisely where your mobile event app plays a crucial role.

In an age where mobile devices an extension of our hands (and pockets), it’s only logical to leverage your mobile event app streamlined event communication.

Think of your event app as the go-to place for all communication needs. It ensures messages are concise, coherent, and timely, right from the initial buzz to the concluding sentiments. Here’s a breakdown:

Pre Event Communication

Before the action begins, it’s all about building anticipation.

  • Push Notifications: Even before the event kicks off, there’s always news or updates to share. Whether it’s introducing a sponsor, announcing the keynote speaker, or highlighting pre-event activities, push notifications is your event app is the ideal tool for quick and bite-size updates.
  • Personalized Agendas: Empower attendees, especially during multi-track conferences. Let them curate their own agenda. And when it’s time for a session they’ve chosen, a nudge from the app ensures they’re on track: “Hey [Name], [Session Name] is starting soon. Ready?”
  • Event FAQs and Guidelines: It’s all about making things clear for attendees. Offer them the must-know details like the venue layout, any dress code, or where to park. If it’s a more relaxed event like an team building or cocktail party, make sure they know the vibe – and yes, the dress attire!

During the Event

In the heart of the event, When everyone’s immersed in the event, clear communication keeps everything flowing smoothly:

  • Real-time Updates: Things change. Maybe a session moves or the weather messes with your plans. With instant alerts, attendees stay informed and ready to adapt. Another amazing event app feature to ensure you use a lot
  • Sponsored Messages: Boost your sponsors’ visibility by sending targeted messages through the event app. This serves as a valuable addition, guiding attendees towards exclusive offers or directing them to specific booth numbers, ensuring that sponsors get the attention they deserve amidst a captive audience.
  • Food and Beverage Communications : One of the most integral parts of any event is the food and beverage service. Attendees look forward to it, and it can often set the mood for the rest of the day or evening. If certain food and drink options are unavailable, it’s essential to inform attendees in advance so they can plan accordingly. Likewise, if there are special arrangements for vegetarians or those with dietary restrictions, the event app serves as an ideal platform to communicate where these provisions are located

Post-Event Communication

While the stage may be empty and the booths packed away, your communication journey is far from over:

  • Appreciation Messages: A simple ‘thank you’ can resonate deeply. Consider sending out a message such as, “Your participation at [Event Name] truly enriched the experience for all of us!”
  • Sharing Event Highlights: Ensure attendees don’t miss out on any valuable content by offering recordings or slides from essential sessions. For those who may have missed out on specific segments, a message like, “Want a recap of [Keynote Speaker]’s insights? Here’s the recording for you!” can be sent.
  • Gathering Feedback: Harness the power of attendees’ perspectives to refine future events. A follow-up survey with a prompt such as, “We value your input! Let us know how we can make [Next Event] even more memorable,” encourages attendees to share their experiences and suggestions.

2. Airport-Inspired Event Check-in Experience

Airport Inspired Event Check-in Experience

Have you ever effortlessly navigated through an airport using a mobile ticket, completely avoiding those long, daunting queues? That smooth check-in isn’t exclusive to airports anymore. Buses, metros, trains – they’ve all adopted this convenience. And with close to 2 billion people harnessing the power of mobile ticketing, it’s clear: we’re witnessing the evolution of check-ins.

These aren’t your standard e-tickets, the ones you’d find attached to an email and print. Your event app ticket is much more than merely checking in attendees. Here’s why

  • Pre-Event Check-in: Visualize attendees mentally preparing themselves for the day, as they virtually check-in, similar to an web online flight check-in. This small step can dissolve a layer of anxiety, allowing for a smoother start to their experience.
  • Digital Access: Remember that heart-stopping moment when you thought you’d lost your paper ticket? With event apps, not only can attendees flash a QR-code, but options like NFC (Near Field Communication) also make entry and access to different areas of the event seamless and secure.
  • On-The-Go Updates: Delays, changes, sudden room switches? Your attendees shouldn’t be the last to know. By allowing them to scan QR-codes at different event locations via the app, you can provide tailored notifications based on their whereabouts.
  • Contactless and Clean: In a world that’s becoming more health-conscious, just a quick scan from a safe distance can ensure both health safety and efficient access.

3. Super Charge Networking and Connections

Super Charge Networking and Connections

In-person events have made a comeback post-pandemic, and the reason is clear: people inherently want to mingle, network, and establish fresh connections. The number of meaningful relationships your attendees form can be a significant factor in their decision to return to your next event.

Your event app can be pivotal in facilitating these connections. By utilizing an event app, you can not only enhance networking opportunities but also ensure a higher return on investment (ROI) for attendees.

Here are some standout features to consider:

  • Smart Matchmaking: Don’t just think of your event app as a digital guide; view it as a personalized networking aide. It can delve into attendee profiles, preferences, and professional backgrounds to make insightful connection suggestions, ensuring attendees find the right matches to enrich their networking experience.
  • Digital Business Card Exchange: The cumbersome era of handling physical business cards is fading. With the event app, attendees can effortlessly share and receive digital business cards. This environmentally-friendly option ensures no important contacts are lost in the event’s hustle.
  • Engage Through Discussion Boards: To further boost attendee interaction, integrate themed discussion boards into your app. Picture these boards as continuous networking hubs where attendees can discuss relevant topics, share insights, and pose thought-provoking questions. This ongoing digital dialogue not only maintains engagement but can also fortify the connections made during the event.

In the modern digital world, attendees frequently use platforms like LinkedIn for professional networking and Tinder for personal connections. Ensure your event app rises to meet these Generation Z expectations.

4. Gamification in Event Apps

Gamification in Event Apps

Remember the thrill of board games as a child?

The anticipation,

the strategy,

the competition.

Imagine infusing your event with that same energy, rekindling that excitement among your attendees.

Events aren’t just about delivering content; they’re about creating experiences. Today, it’s about blending fun with productivity. Boring lectures and one-sided panel discussions won’t cut it anymore. . With just a tap, event gamification can transform your event into an engaging adventure.

So, how does gamification via your event app elevate the entire experience?

  1. Points for Interaction: Motivate attendees to fully participate by offering points for various interactions. Whether they post a photo, engage in a poll, or fill out a feedback form, each action earns them points, ensuring they stay active and explore all aspects of the event.
  2. Quiz and Contests: Roll out timed quizzes centered around event content or even general trivia. Initiate photo or video contests, letting attendees flex their creative muscles or share snippets of their event journey. These contests don’t just add fun; they amplify attendee participation and enthusiasm.
  3. Scavenger Hunts: Design a digital scavenger hunt, guiding attendees through sessions, booths, or features within the event app. More than just a game, it ensures attendees are led through a comprehensive event journey, ensuring no stone is left unturned.
  4. Sponsored Gamification: Enhance your revenue stream by inviting sponsors to back these gamified features. A booth visit challenge could be sponsored by a brand exhibitor, or a specific quiz could be a branded engagement. This not only offers brands a unique promotional avenue but also help monetize your mobile event app.
  5. Real-time Leaderboards & Rewards: Display high-achieving attendees on real-time leaderboards. The buzz of competition and the allure of rewards can keep the energy levels soaring throughout the event. Culminate by honoring the winners, adding a grand finish to the competitive spirit.

5. Unlock Maximum Audience Engagement

Unlock Maximum Audience Engagement

If you’re still with me at this point in the article, then it’s clear you understand the power of an event app.

Event apps are the best audience engagement tool for your event – it’s like giving a microphone to every attendee, ensuring everyone, whether they’re the type to raise their hand or the one to sit back and listen, has a chance to join in. Let’s break it down.

  • Mic-less Live Q&A: Gone are the days when a staff member had to hustle through aisles with a microphone, trying to reach an attendee with a question. With an event app, questions can be submitted in real-time, allowing everyone to pose queries without the fear of public speaking. It democratises the Q&A session, making it more interactive and inclusive.
  • Polling with Projections: Want to take the pulse of the audience or gather opinions on a particular topic? With the app, you can roll out polls in a jiffy. Responses are gathered almost instantly, and results can be displayed in real-time. It’s an efficient way to involve the audience and keep them actively participating.
  • Personalized Chats and Groups: Personal connections are the essence of any event. The chat feature within the app ensures attendees can initiate private conversations or group discussions. It’s a space where ideas are exchanged, collaborations are born, and networking thrives beyond the constraints of physical interactions.
  • Social Wall for Cherished Memories: Think of the app’s social wall as a collective digital scrapbook. Here, attendees can post photos, share experiences, and leave comments. It’s reminiscent of scrolling through Facebook walls or Instagram feeds, but exclusively curated for the event. Every shared memory adds to the collective experience, creating a digital keepsake for everyone to revisit and cherish.

Key Takeaway

The magic of an event lies not just in the content delivered but in the connections made, the voices heard, and the memories created. With your event app at the heart of it all, you’re not just hosting an event; you’re crafting an experience that resonates long after the closing remarks.

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