8 Fool-Proof Ways To Increase Event Registrations

March 9, 2022

Gayathry P R

Are you planning to host an event? Are you worried about low registration rates for your event? 

If yes, then this article is for you. Here are 8 fool-proof ways to increase event registrations and get fully booked for your next event.

Ideas to accelerate event registrations


Build Custom Branded Event Registration Pages

Your event landing page is the first interaction visitors have with your brand. If it doesn’t appear compelling and informative to them, they leave. Creating a custom branded event page that loads fast and is compatible with any device is the best way to hook your visitors right from the start.

The registration page is a show-all page about an event. You must inform the visitors about the event’s schedule, speakers and ticket prices. This way they get comfortable before moving on to the registration form. 

The purpose of a registration form is to convert your visitors to event attendees. The easiest way to ensure conversions is to make it easily scannable and fillable. Asking only relevant questions and supporting group registrations is another way to secure registrants. 

A live chat option that can help visitors resolve their queries is an effective way to retain them. It is also convenient for potential attendees if they can make payments on the event page. This helps reduce purchase anxiety and bounce rates during payment.

To make the payment secure, an SSL is necessary. SSL cab of many types like single domain, wildcard, and multidomain. For cost-saving purposes, a wildcard is a good option. It secures unlimited subdomains of the main domain. Even, it can secure a registration page running on a subdomain. Few popular wildcard SSL are Comodo Positive Wildcard SSL, Thawte wildcard SSL, and RapidSSL wildcard SSL.


Leverage Email Marketing Strategies

According to a 2021 study by Markletic, 76% of marketers consider email marketing the best way to boost event registrations. By employing a stellar email marketing strategy, you too can drive your event ROI.

Your past attendees are the first set of audience you should email as the chances of them attending your event again is high. Send out the early bird offer emails to increase the chances of them registering for the event.

Begin your campaign with an announcement of the event. Build up hype using videos from past events and testimonials from past attendees. In the following emails, introduce your speakers and give your potential attendees a sneak peek of what to expect. 

Stay on top of your attendees’ minds by sending intriguing and valuable information. Insights about prospective attendees and attendee guides are some of the few items you can share with your registrants.
Build an email strategy to urge potential attendees who left the registration process incomplete to complete registrations. If you are organizing a virtual event, send reminder emails to attendees a day and an hour before the event. A study conducted by Nunify found that these emails increased event attendance by 83%.


Collaborate With Popular Brands, Influencers And Sponsors

Know your target audience inside out before joining hands with brands, sponsors, and influencers for your event. Identify the brands that make them tick and the people they look up to. Collaborate with those brands and people to get maximum visibility and attendance for your event.

Ask influencers to promote your event on various social media channels. Provide them with the scripts, pictures, and videos to get the most out of the collaboration. You can also give free passes to the event or other incentives to influencers in exchange for event-related vlogs or photos on their socials.

Sponsors and exhibitor usually promote events voluntarily. In case they don’t, encourage them to do it. Encourage registered attendees to refer their friends by giving them referral rewards.


Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Build a social media strategy for event promotion well in advance to drive more traffic to your event landing page. Create content to sell more tickets, maintain the hype, and build last-minute urgency. Focus on the quality of your posts rather than quantity, and post them across all platforms.

Spread the news of your event through Insta Stories, Fb Stories, Insta Reels, Twitter Spaces, Polls, and Podcasts. Create a branded hashtag for your event on Instagram and Facebook and encourage registrants to use it. Conduct giveaways, contests, and lives with influencers to keep your audience entertained.
Run paid campaigns on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to target an ultra-specific group and drive more registrations. You can also register your event on various event listing sites like Evvnt, and Facebook Events to increase event registrations.


Give Limited-Time Incentives and Rewards

One of the best ways to sell out your event is to give limited-time offers for your potential registrants. Early bird offers are the most common type of offers you can use to convert your guests to attendees. 

Allowing the first few registrants to meet and greet a popular speaker is also one of the popular registration ideas to boost ticket sales.

Flash sales that give a discount on ticket prices for a limited amount of time are yet another type of offer you can use. If you find fewer registrations happening during particular days of a week, give a special discount on those days to increase your sales.

Offering rewards like Amazon coupons for previous attendees and group registrations is another innovative way to encourage more registrants.


Promote User-Generated Content

User-generated content is the best type of content you can use to promote your events, regardless of the size and type of your event. It helps your brand appear authentic, builds curiosity in potential attendees, and assures them to get tickets.

Lead your attendee to a THANK YOU page right after buying a ticket. Encourage them to share photos and videos of their event experience in the mobile event app. Nudge them to take action by giving some freebies like mugs and notepads if it is an offline event. Entice them with digital freebies if you are looking for ways to drive online event registrations.

If you are hosting an offline event, you can set up installations and photo booths to make the venue picture-worthy. Ask event-goers to share their posts using your event hashtag. The media collected this way is an excellent resource to promote your event next year.


Conduct Pre-Event Contests and Giveaways

Virtual event gamification is a brilliant way to increase audience engagement, brand exposure, and event ROI. You can conduct various contests like quizzes, spin the wheel and give winners tickets at a discounted price. If it is an offline event, you can provide winners with a chance to click pictures or chat with one or two key speakers.

Running an online giveaway of a free ticket also steers traffic to your event, as people always love to try their luck in winning something for free. 


Use An Event Management Software

Planning an event, building event pages, running email campaigns are tasks involved before an event comes live. An event management software takes this load off your shoulder and helps you boost your event ROI. 

An event management software like Nunify offers custom branded event pages, marketing tools, integrated payment systems, and live insights and analytics about your audience. These kinds of software let you save money, time and effort, all the while equipping you with everything you need to make your event a grand success.

Now that you know exactly how to increase registrations for an event, what are you waiting for? Use these actionable tips to get all booked out for your next event!


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