Best Event Management Courses in 2024

December 1, 2021

Krishnan MLN

According to Allied Market Research, the event industry was worth $1,135.4 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow to $1,552.9 billion by 2028, an 11.2% CAGR. A career in the “Events industry” is a viable option, according to these reports.

A skilled event planner must be an excellent multi-tasker to manage various aspects of an event seamlessly. However, as the event industry is getting more organized and mature, getting a formal education in ‘Event management’ coupled with natural skills can go a long way in building a successful career in this trade. We have put together a list of some of the best courses in “Event Management” that you could consider. 


Online Event Management Courses

1. Udemy

Course:- The Ultimate Guide To Event Planning Success 

Duration:- 3h 42m 

How to apply:- The course can be applied for through the Udemy website. 

Cost:- Depends on the platform. They run discounts

Eligibility:- Anyone who is passionate about learning event management is a good fit for the course. 

What to expect:- Lifetime access to the recorded videos of the course and a completion certificate. 

Learnings from the course:-  The course includes a wide range of topics, such as

  • How to communicate with clients from the beginning of an event,
  • How to identify locations 
  • Reduce risk
  • Create an event planning timeline, 
  • How to employ design methodologies.   

2.  Event Academy

Course:- Online diploma in Event Management 

Duration:- The course duration is for 6 months which includes 120 hours of live lecture 

How to apply:- As the course is offered online, the interested candidates can apply through event academy’s official website. 

Cost:- The course costs approx £999 pound 

Eligibility:- There is no specific requirement to enroll for the course but it would be ideal to have 6 months of work experience in the relevant industry 

What to expect:- The course provides numerous opportunities such as volunteer work during the course, placement, client projects, paid work experience, and diploma certificate on course completion. 

Learnings from the course:-  The students are taught about different aspects of event management such as risk management , marketing, social media, event budgets, and other topics which will help one to become a successful event manager/planner. 

3. Linkedin Learning 

Course: Event planning foundation 

Duration:- 50 minutes 

How to apply:- One can sign up for a free course for a month and then purchase it once the trial period expires. The paid course provides all of the necessary learning in the field of event management. 

Cost:  Depends on the platform. They run discounts

Eligibility:- There are no particular requirements, anyone who is interested in the event management sector can take up the course. 

What to expect:- A certificate will be provided oncompletion of the course. 

Learnings from the course:- The course will prepare you to better understand  the client’s requirements, choose event venues, identify the technology and equipment to be used, refine your negotiation skills,and master every little nuance of organizing an event. 


International Event Management Courses

Are you a thinker and a problem solver? Do you enjoy managing and organising activities? Do you like planning events ? If so, you should think about attending top event management universities around the world.

1. University of Florida

Course: BSc in Event Management

Duration:- 4 years 

How to apply:- The interested candidates can apply through the University of Florida website or through any educational consultancy platform such as IDP in India. 

Cost:- Check with university 

Eligibility:- Candidates must hold a high school education certificate (i.e 10th and 12th ) from a recognised institution.

What to expect:- Students will receive a degree certification, internship opportunities during the course, and placement opportunities at the end of the course.

Learnings from the course:- Students can achieve proficiency in industrial knowledge, build intellectual capacities, and cultivate adaptable and technical leadership qualities as a result of the programme.

2. University of South Australia 

Course: Masters in Tourism and Event Management 

Duration:- One and a half years 

How to apply:- Interested candidates can apply to the course by registering on the University of South Australia’s website or any educational consultancy platform, such as IDP in India.

Cost:- 23,043 EUR/year 

Eligibility:- The candidate must have a degree certificate and an IELTS score of 6.5.

What to expect:- The candidates will be provided with a master degree certificate and placement opportunity. 

Learnings from the course:- The students will get to learn modern management skills,project management,tourism principles and practises. 

3. University Of Missouri 

Course:- Hospitality Management ( conference and event planning management) 

Duration:- 4 years 

How to apply:- Eligible candidates can apply to the course through the website of the University of Missouri or through any educational advisory platform, such as IDP in India.

Cost:- $24,812.00 / year 

Eligibility:- Minimum score of 6.5 in IELTS and in the United States, a GPA of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale is required for high school (12th grade).

What to expect:- Degree completion certificate and internship opportunity during the course. 

Learnings from the course:- Students learn the fundamentals of event development and management and have the opportunity to put their knowledge into practise through experience

4. Berlin School of Business and Innovation 

Course:- Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management 

Duration:- 24 months 

How to apply:- Candidates who are interested in applying can submit all required documents to the programme consultant for the admission process or apply directly from the official website.

Cost:- 8,000 EUR/ year 

Eligibility:- A complete college degree from any university and an IELTS score of 6.0 are required.

What to expect:- Master’s degree certificate on completion

Learnings from the course:- Marketing strategy, business management, project management, and cross-cultural leadership are among topics covered in the MA Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management curriculum.

Apart from the courses mentioned there are few other colleges around the globe that offer good courses on  Event Management. We have put together their website links below :


Event Management Courses In India

Today, the Indian education field is undergoing a revolution. The Indian education system is rapidly changing, and many new technologies are being integrated into it. According to an article published in Hindustan Times, the new proposed universities will be modern in infrastructure and have the potential to further position India as a world leader in the field of international education. 

1. Pearl Academy

Course:- Certificate in Professional Event and Experience Management 

Duration:- 11 months 

How to apply:- The candidates can apply through the official website or in person at the academy. Pearl has campuses in Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur and Delhi.  

Cost:- 3.95 Lakh 

Eligibility:- anyone with graduation certificate can apply for the course 

What to expect:- Internship with EEMA, Opportunity to work with clients during the course and placement opportunity. 

Learnings from the course:- The programme focuses on producing experiences and direct communication channels through roadshows, branded events, IPR events, corporate events, social-political events, religious events, international events, and broadcast events. 

2. National Institute of Event Management New Delhi

Course:- Diploma in Event Management 

Duration:- 1 year 

How to apply:- Through the official website or on campus. 

Cost:- 59,500 INR

Eligibility:- Anyone with a 10+2 certificate is eligible.

What to expect:- Placement in reputed companies such as UTV, Wizcraft, The economic times and many more. 

Learnings from the course:- The course provides experience in the event and allied industries through comprehensive teaching, public lectures, and experiential learning.

3. Indian School of Media 

Course:- Diploma in Media and Event Management 

Duration:- 1 year 

How to apply:- The course can be applied for either through the official website or directly on campus.

Cost:- 29,900 INR (total fee) 

Eligibility:- Candidates must have completed and passed the 12th Exam.

What to expect:- Placement opportunities in well known companies/brands  such as Disney, Filmfare, Yash Raj Films, Sunburn and many more.  

Learnings from the course:- The programme consists of classroom training sessions as well as on-field practicals targeted at preparing students for the workplace in the media and event management industry. 

4. Impact Institute of Event Management, New Delhi. 

Course:- MBA in Event Management 

Duration:- 2 years 

How to apply:- The course can be applied for either on campus or on the official website.

Cost:- 3 Lakhs (total fee)

Eligibility:- This course is open to graduates from any discipline.

What to expect:- MBA degree certificate and placement opportunity in companies such as Wizcraf, EMC India and many more. 

Learnings from the course:- Event Management provides students with a thorough understanding of industry-related subjects as well as guidance in preparing the student for a successful career as an event expert and management.

Here is a list of a few more colleges in India that offer courses on Event Management.


Final Thoughts

Events have been a part of our culture for a long time. They have been a part of building community, celebrating holidays, and creating a sense of belonging. According to Statista the event industry is expected to be worth 95 billion rupees by 2023, representing a 52 % compound annual growth rate. 

The pace at which the events industry is growing, a number of colleges are offering a variety of courses to meet the demand for qualified event management professionals.  Pick a course suitable for you and work towards achieving new milestones in your events career.


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