Must-have Event Planning Tools & Software to reduce stress

March 17, 2022

Krishnan MLN

Planning an event or hosting a webinar can get overwhelming since requires attention to detail in every aspect. Be it research, planning, design, execution, team management or choose the best event tech platform. Thanks to tech-driven world that we live in, there is no shortage of software and tools to help us, the key lies in sorting through time to find the gems.

So what are the best event planning tools ? Our research team got together with event planners like you and here is the best of BEST list – some oldies , some new kids on the block.

Top 6 Event Planning Software for Email Marketing

Top 6 Event Planning Tools for Design

Best Event Planning Tools for Collaboration & Project Management

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Top 6 Event Planning Software for Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is still the most powerful way to promote your events by following best e-mail marketing practices


Mailchimp is one of the oldest and more experience email marketing tool. It has almost every feature you would need for emails best amazing analytics and automated workflows . A couple of cons is that it gets pricey with large events (10k plus) and have limited phone support

Mailgun – Need coding skills


Useful for transactional emails, Mailgun is a popular e-mail marketing tool. Marketers can build email templates, email campaigns, send emails, automate and monitor email marketing campaigns. You do need a coder or have code skills.

Key features include:

  • Drag and drop editing tool to create customized templates
  • Email automation, list management, segmentation, personalization
  • Dynamic content blocks
  • A/B testing, Inbox preview



Another amazing email marketing software and relatively newer. They are relatively more affordable both on their Free and paid plans . We really like their user-friendly interface


They are by far the most automated tool for drip marketing campaigns. Their promise of spend less time “doing emails” is accurate. With their easy to use flow-charts it’s a breeze to setup email campaigns and forget. We give it 5 stars for its automated workflows



The most affordable pricing but yet reliable . Their solution also includes SMS – this is a huge PLUS since SMS and emails go hand-in-hand with events. We highly recommend for small events

An automated messaging platform, is one of the best e-mail marketing tools. The platform enables marketers to craft and send data-driven emails. Key features include:

  • Data integration to ensure your e-mail list is updated
  • Segmentation to enable you to target the right audience
  • Attributes-based individual profile data
  • Personalized messaging 
  • Push notifications along with e-mails and messaging 


Top 6 Event Planning Tools for Design


Don’t have a designer and need to design an event Poster ? Instagram posts ? Linkedin Posts ? A beautiful invitation ? Infographics ? Gift certificates? Business cards ? They pretty much got everything covered . And to top it their FREE version is the best amongst all the tools in this list



Logos are an essence of every event. And doesn’t it get very painful with numerous iterations & changes with your clients? Looka solves all of that pain and more – their USP is the artificial intelligence-powered logo generator. You not only can use it for your client’s event but your own with their DIY brand-kit that covers everything from social profiles, email signatures, letterheads, invoices, brand guidelines, business proposals, newsletters, brochures and more


This is a god-send photo editing tool. More often than not you are running around searching for your designer so that you can convert to png or transparent background. Now you as an event planner, get to do it within 5 seconds on your own



No we aren’t talking about the Captain America or Iron Man or Rogue or Black Pandther. The Marvel digital design platform is brilliant for wireframe & prototyping. We love the fact that it is easy to use for both low-fidelity & high-res . Really helpful when you are working with digital products like mobile event app, websites etc.,



Motion graphics play such a big role in all types of events – webinars, virtual events, hybrid events or live stage. Their out of the box templates are brilliant and makes it so easy to create gifs and short animations to use – Coding skills needed


These guys are quite new but we did give it a spin and just WOW. Especially when you are building custom websites & landing pages for your event. Often, it takes so much time to develop and see how it looks Live in production. Now you get to see it within hours.

ALERT – Only if you have Tech Teams with you.


Best Event Planning Tools for Collaboration & Project Management


Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration tool that enables teams to share files, assign tasks, and receive updates, so they stay updated with what’s happening in their work environment. It works well with most operating systems and can be accessed through a web browser or an app for iOS or Android. Slack offers a wide range of features that help teams stay connected and productive. Some of these features include:

  • Multiple channels for separate discussions on different topics or projects
  • Direct slack messages between two users 
  • Integration with other apps, enabling users to have a unified view of all tools in one place.
  • A structure that is conducive to projects
  • Management of a task list
  • Helpful bots 
  • Quick note-taking


While Slack and other tools are good for communication, the gold standard for project management is Trello. Using the underlying concept of Kanban boards it makes everything easy. We use it for everything – product backlogs, client interaction, project management – you name it.

We love it so much we use it for our personal shopping lists 🙂



Everyone from the event industry loves to visualise – thats how important whiteboards are for all of us. And thats why this tool is the best at it. Whether it be remote or in-person meetings this online whiteboard is brilliant.

We have used it to brainstorm, teach , plan and even meet. We love that we get to iterate over time. The best visual collaboration tool.

Google Keep

Google Keep

So simple to use. The fact that you can convert your gmail email to a task with one-click is amazing. To add to it integrates to other google collaboration tools like google sheets, google docs, google slides. And we are yet to say the best part – it’s for FREE !

Google Sheets

Google Sheet

All of us know we can’t away from excel sheets. We also know nothing can beat Microsoft Excel. But once you start using Google sheets, we are yet to go back. Unless you do advanced macros and other function, Google sheets is brilliant since it’s in cloud so automatically preserves past versions. It covers mosts of the basic and advanced functions event professionals would need

No more Attaching and forgetting which version of excel was the FINAL one !



ProofHub is a standalone real-time communication and project management tool that helps teams to plan, organize, track work and collaborate with teams to keep everyone on the same page. ProofHub has a lot of features for event planning such as task management, calendar, due dates, chat, time tracking, reporting, file proofing, file sharing, and more.

With this tool, you can add team members to the project for smooth execution. You can create and assign tasks to the responsible teams, add dependencies, due dates, and more to stay on track.  For any update or detail,  add comments, documents, and mention people on tasks instantly, wherever you are, and at any time. ProofHub reports give you real-time data to monitor project progress, team member performance, and bottlenecks in your workflow, so you can make the right decision at the right time. You can also create project templates by adding tasklists, discussion topics, timesheets, notes and more to get started quickly for recurrent events.

Keep conversations organized, loop in team members & stakeholders, and send direct messages through one-to-one conversations or group chats for quick updates. Set time estimates for each task and track the time spent on tasks manually or using a timer.

You can access this event project management software anytime, anywhere to see your event status.



More often than not we lose track of time or we need to report time sheets. This is an easy to use simple time tracker. They claim to do beyond but we surely like their clean interaface


ConfTool is a conference and event management software that helps businesses to plan and execute events from start to finish. The software makes it simple to turn your idea into a successful event. It’s fully configurable, collaborative, and integrates with all other services, like email marketing, registration systems, and speaker management systems. All you have to do is spend 2 minutes to create an account – and you can plan your event from start to finish. Key features include:

  • Participant registration 
  • Billing of attendees
  • Facilitation of contact between authors and participants.


Attendee registration

Attendee registration is a central part of meetings and events, as it translates directly into building revenue. Besides, the registration process gives attendees a sneak peek into the event and goes a long way in determining their satisfaction and delight. No wonder an efficient and user-friendly registration process remains a top priority for most event planners. Some top-notch tools here are:


Nunify is an event platform that comes with an event app as well. An innovative, user-friendly platform, Nunify enables organizers to manage the complete event life-cycle, be it in-person, remote, virtual, or hybrid. A clean, simple, and user-friendly interface ensures seamless attendee registration.


SplashThat is an all-in-one platform for planning in-person, virtual, and hybrid events, from end to end. This sophisticated guest management tool enables easy registrations and check-ins through mobile phones as well.


CRM Tools

Events are all about delivering stellar experiences. This is where good CRM software comes into play. It gives event planners access to information (email, contact details, special requests), better monetization opportunities (CRM tracks activities and notifies the team about follow-ups), accountability, data security, and enables you to deliver better services. Some of the most popular CRM tools used by event professionals are Salesforce and HubSpot.


Hybrid Event Platforms For End-To-End Event Management

Nunify’s virtual stage enables event planners to organize, advertise, manage, and host virtual events from anywhere in the world. Event professionals, event managers, and event organizers can use the platform to create, manage, and execute their events in a virtual environment. It enables event organizers to save money on travel and hosting, while also powering them to reach a broader audience. It also aids in developing more engaging consumer interactions. 

Key Features:

  • Rooms for breakout sessions and meetings
  • Excellent user experience and design
  • Exhibitor booths
  • Enables high-quality live stream
  • Unified networking opportunities
  • Access to analytics and data-driven insights
  • Event app to manage your event at your fingertips
  • Gamification 

Other players that provide end-to-end virtual event management solutions include Cvent and Aventri.


What are No-code Event Planning tools ?

No-code tools work with ‘Graphic User Interface’ (GUI) tools. They are referred to as “No-code” as programmers develop a tool that is easy and cost-effective for users or businesses. All they need to do is click, scroll, drag, and drop. These are basically ready-to-use programs or codes, that users can simply plug and play. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating something with no-code tools. 

There is a tool for almost all functions, be it app/website building, interactive/onboarding guides, project management, automation, analytics, customer service, marketing, and more. HubSpot, Mailchimp, Zapier are all examples of no-code tools and are quite popular with event management professionals. We have put together the best set of tools that help event professionals handle different aspects of an event with ease.



Most event planners opine that event software simplifies their tasks and lets them focus on strategic planning and do what they enjoy the most – managing events. A lot goes on behind the scenes at an event, and manually tracking all these aspects is a very difficult task, making it imperative for businesses to invest in end-to-end event management software solutions.

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