6 Reasons You Need An Event Check In App


An event usually needs months of planning, from choosing the best speakers to employing an ideal event marketing strategy and selecting the perfect venue. But it all comes down to the event day.

To welcome and impress your attendees, you need to have a smooth contactless event check-in. It needs to be fast and better than the fussy pen-paper-excel check-in method.

Still not convinced? This article covers more reasons why you need an event check-in app.

What Are Event Check In Apps?

In the most basic sense event check in apps is an app that checks people in at events.

Event check-in apps help event organizers check in attendees for a hassle-free event. Mobile apps for check in streamlines and optimizes your event management strategy by keeping a tab on the number of attendees present for events, their real-time locations, and even the sessions they attend.

Even though a relatively recent addition, check in apps for events have quickly become an indispensable integration to any hybrid event platform. 

How Does An Event Check In App Work?

Switching to a paid or free event check-in app by doing away with the traditional pen and paper check-in method is a huge step. Hence, it is essential to understand how an event check-in app works before choosing the perfect event check in platform

Every event check-in app platform collects attendee details through three primary methods- scanning QR codes, simple search and check-in, and advanced means like using NFC tags or Facial Recognition. Entry through scanning QR codes is a fast check-in solution for events. 

Once the attendee has checked in, the event check-in app can instantly print badges onsite. This removes the pain of pre-printing badges and searching through them when an attendee walks in.

Why Do You Need An Event Check In App?

Now that you know what an event check-in app is and how it functions, it is time to delve deeper into why you need an event check in-app.

Here are 6 ways in which an event check-in app can benefit your event:

1. Fast Event Check in Solution For Better Attendee Experience

The mere thought of standing in long winding queues waiting to gain entry into events is exhausting for attendees. Last thing you want to do is apologise for long queues.

If you can save your attendees from that, there’s no better way to create a better first impression in their minds.

The best way to do that is make a smooth, contactless check-in experience using a robust event check-in platform.


The best event check in platform allows attendees to register, fill up their profiles, and design & print badges within the shortest possible time. 

Contactless check-in, event self-check-in and the ability to function offline are other must-have features you should look for in an event check-in platform.

2. The Greener Choice For Sustainable Events

Sustainable Events

An experienced event organizer like you needn’t be told about the amount of paper wasted at events . A good proportion of this wastage happens when creating attendee lists, printing tickets, and badges. 

With the introduction of a fast event check-in app, you can cut down paper wastage and printing costs!

The onsite event badge printing feature, which prints badges only for attendees who are present, makes this possible.

Choosing a greener alternative like an event check-in app also helps you deal with last-minute changes to the event attendee list.

Time to reduce. reuse. recycle. Go green.

3. Live Event Check In Data & Reports

How many attendees have checked in?

How many are yet to arrive?

Which sessions have the most attendees?

Some of the questions that run through your head during the day of your event. A pen and paper check-in method can’t answer these questions instantly, but an event check-in app can!

The best event check-in app guarantees a safe, super-fast event check-in. The insights gained from the event check-in data can be used to give personalized email reminders to attendees who haven’t shown up for the event yet.


It can also be used to make live decisions regarding your event like scheduling breaks, adjusting the air conditioning, and figuring out how to get attendees to visit areas that they haven’t visited yet!

4. Trouble Free VIP Guest Check In

Guest Check In App

Do you remember the last time you and your staff waited impatiently for the arrival of a special guest? With an event check-in app integrated into your event check in software, this will soon be a thing of the past!

An event check-in app notifies you when a special guest arrives at the venue.

Hence you can focus on essential tasks related to events without worrying about missing the arrival of VIPs.

It also gives you the liberty to customize the list of people who need to be notified. This feature is especially beneficial if there are multiple guests and each guest has a separate set of staff to attend to them.

5. Better Event Staff Productivity Onsite

As an event organizer, you would probably disagree with the old saying,” too many cooks spoil the broth,”.

And this is because you know that when it comes to organizing an event, no number of organizers is too much.

There’s always so much work for your staff members, and that’s yet another reason why you need an event check-in app!

better-onsite event management staff

An event self check-in software app that allows self-check-in requires less staff for supervision. Print badges onsite with real-time scan.

It results in greater productivity as your staff can focus on other important tasks relating to your event.

With the live data collected by the event check-in app it saves time as the real-time insights gained through this require hours of work if done manually.

6. Event OnSite Badge Printing, Registrations And Payments 

onsite-event-check in-and badge printing software

Allowing event registrations on-site during the day of the event is an effective way to increase sales.

But manually handling both registrations and attendee check-in is an arduous task. And that’s where an event check-in app can benefit you.

Avoid long queues and wait times for attendees by printing conference badges on demand. using event check-in and badge printing software

Attendees can self-register with ease with a conference event check-in apps. In addition, If your event requires payment, you can collect the same through the check-in app during registration. The event check in-app also allows your attendees to update their profiles and upgrade their badges if needed.


An event check-in app guarantees one single thing- a smooth event check-in experience for your attendees. B

ut the positive impact this single action has on your event engagement and event ROI is worthwhile. So, the next time you host an event, remember to integrate an event check-in app into your event. 

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