12 Virtual Event Ideas for College Students

January 7, 2022

Krishnan MLN

Looking for new virtual event ideas for college students? If yes, then this article is perfect for you.

In this article I explain 10 catchy virtual event ideas that can be used and offer advice on how to make them work. We also have a curated list of gamification ideas for e-learning

Virtual events for students usually are of the following types

  • Virtual Onboarding of Freshers 
  • Virtual Socials 
  • Virtual Happy Hours 
  • Virtual Graduation 

The key to success lies in creating an enjoyable experience that engages college students. This article will provide you with fun virtual event ideas for college kids. Don’t forget to use a reliable hybrid event platform and an event app to run these games.

So, here is the list of online events ideas for college students!


1. Virtual Crib Tour

This has been the best idea we have seen work to learn about each other. A guided tour of your house is similar to MTV cribs. You get to show off your work or cool posters to create a personal connection.

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2. Photo Contest

Hosting a photo contest is a fun way to bring people together. Everyone gets involved by taking photos at the event and uploading their entries online. Then, the winners are announced at the end of the party.

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3. Online Game Night

Play online games such as Candy Crush Saga, Pictionary, Chess, or Mario Kart. These types of games allow you to connect better because you won’t be distracted by your phone calls and emails. For a productive brain exercise, you can try this customizable jigsaw puzzle.

Of course, the most fun are virtual reality games 🤣

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4. Trivia Game Show

Put on a trivia game show where every question has a tie-in with the virtual event.

For example, ask questions about references made during the event or about famous college alumni. Having multiple rounds or different formats makes it exciting.

Plus, it’s a lot of fun to watch others try to figure out the answers before anyone else does.

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5. Fashion Show

Create a fashion show that includes the latest trends or make it funny. Get as creative as you would want your guests to be.
Some ideas we have seen work are Dress-like-celebrity, Traditional-cultural-dress, Ugly-Christmas-Sweater

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6. Movie Marathon

Instead of watching movies alone, why not invite everyone over virtually and watch together?

Go with the classics and don’t forget you’re 🍿

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7. Book Club Discussion Group

Yea we know who reads a book anymore, But it’s why organize a book club discussion group, where each guest brings a book and discusses it while connecting with other attendees.

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8. Virtual Watch Party

Whether it be Super Bowl or a Formula 1 race or the Oscars everyone loves a watch party.

With a virtual watch party, you can chat in real time with screen share.

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9. Powerpoint Party

We know powerpoints are boring. But that’s why convert a boring activity to a fun activity. Don’t believe us?

Pick a topic that everybody gets to learn something. And Give our prizes for the most creative PowerPoint, the funniest powerpoint, or the most boring.

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10. Pictionary

No one can go ever go wrong with Pictionary. Goofy sketches that create memories

Time to doodle Skip OR Sasquatch OR Lollipop and let your team guess.

All you need is an event app that allows you to do it seamlessly and make teams !

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11. Online Career Fair

Graduates can’t wait to find the perfect job opportunity! By hosting a virtual career fair, you’re giving them the chance to connect with several potential employers – it’s a great way for them to start their careers.

This is no better way than this to create a strong professional network. It’s an excellent opportunity to get ahead of the game!

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12. Organize A Virtual AI Hackathon

AI & ChatGPT is the buzz in the town. So why not leverage it ?

This is one of the best online technical event ideas for college students. Online hackathons are a fabulous opportunity to connect with tech enthusiasts and developers

All participants have the exciting opportunity to come up with a working solution to a given technical challenge within a predetermined timeline.

Seek event sponsorship and provide various prizes as incentives to further add to the fun of the event!

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