Top Post Webinar Survey Questions: 15 Effective Questions

December 18, 2022


You have gone an extra mile to design that perfect webinar. There are 100s of questions running through your mind after conducting the online event. 

  • Was the webinar interactive
  • Has the event proceeded smoothly? 
  • Did attendees enjoy the webinar?

We know how difficult and crucial it is to quantify your event’s success. Well-rounded post webinar survey questions helps you enhance the quality of your webinars and provide maximum value to future attendees. With measurable feedback, you can create KPIs for your webinar strategy to track your webinars’ performance over time. 

There are a number of ways you can gather feedback from your audience. Ask them to leave a review on your website or share feedback by tagging you on Twitter. But such measures put the whole responsibility on the attendees – which doesn’t work out well in case of feedback. You need to serve questions to your attendees so they can get answers and be done with the process. Use surveys to get attendees’ feedback. 

The savvy use of surveys can help you improve the quality and the value proposition of the coming events. In this blog, you will get 15 ready-to-use post-webinar survey questions to get the most responses from attendees. But before that, let’s dig into the motive of these surveys.

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Best Practices For An Effective Post Webinar Survey

Gathering responses from attendees is an excellent way to get their insights into the event. Moreover, it is important to get feedback since it will help to improve your overall user experience and future online events. 

1. Timing Is Vital

Once the webinar is done, send the questionnaire immediately since the learnings are fresh in their minds. Draft this post-webinar survey email before the event and send it within 2 hours of event completion.

2. Use Multiple Choice Questions

Online surveys can get boring especially if you ask descriptive and detail-oriented questions. So focus on the important points only and keep the questions easy and precise. Use Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) to get maximum responses.

3. Thank Your Attendees

End your survey with a “thank you” page, because the respondent spares their valuable time to fill it.

4. Get Feedback From Event Staff And Volunteers

Ask for feedback from people who have worked at the backend to make this event successful. This group can provide you with valuable information about what worked in the end-to-end process. 

5. Ask Attendees’ Experience With The Webinar Platform

Choosing the right webinar platform to host is a stressful task. So use a checklist to evaluate platform providers that best suite. you.

Don’t forget to leverage all the engagement tools, networking, and user experience to the utmost of its potential.


Sample Post Webinar Survey Questions

Part One: Break The Ice

1. Was This Your First Webinar?

In the case where this is the attendee’s first webinar, the insights they provide will allow you to improve the UI to make it more user-friendly.

2. How Did You Learn About This Webinar?

With this question, you will get to know which marketing channel is most useful for you. And you can improve your webinar marketing strategy to spread the word better about scheduled events.

3. Do You Feel The Webinar Was Well Designed?

With that answer, you will get feedback on the session’s design. It will ultimately help you to improve your next webinars design

Part Two: Get to the core

4.  How Would You Rate This Webinar?

This is a simple yet on-point question. You should ask this question in a scaled format so that you can get an idea of how your webinar was received by your audience. If they enjoyed the webinar then perfect. But if they did not, then you must figure out the improvement points.

5.  How Much Of The Content Was New To You?

As the question indicates the answer should be in a percentage format. For example, select 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% or 0%. From this question, you will get to know how to improve your content for your audience or find a more suitable audience.

6.  How would you rate the webinar presenter’s knowledge and presentation skills?

Webinar presenters are the face of your webinar. They play a vital role while interacting with the attendees and spreading the word. If your speaker is well-versed then there are high chances of getting a recurring audience for the upcoming events.

Statistics show that 67% of webinar attendees are only connected and engaged with the webinar when the presenter is passionate about the topic

7.  How Would You Rate The Hosting Webinar Platform?

When it comes to technology you should choose nothing but the best. The overall user experience is based on this one aspect. Considering everything is done online, the technology must be user-friendly for all your audience members.

The platform should be easy to navigate. With this question, you will understand if they have faced any difficulty while logging in, communicating during presentations, viewing the presentations, and sharing the files. Feedback on the platform will help you to improve the technology. 

 8.  Did The Webinar Meet Your Expectations?

This question’s answer should be in Yes / No format.

It allows attendees to communicate their honest reviews about the webinar. A small description box to write the improvement points will be great.

9.  Will You Attend Our Next Webinar?

This could be the most ruthless question in your webinar feedback form. It gives you an on-point result. You can determine the success of the event based on a yes/no ratio.

Part Three: Open it up for freestyle

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10.  Are You Satisfied With The Networking Tools Used In The Webinar?

Many of the webinar participants value networking. In order to create value for the audience, you must provide them with good networking opportunities. With the right tools, you can create value not only in the information shared in your webinar but also in the connections people make.

11.  Did The Webinar Improve Your Perception Of Our Organization?

This should be a quintessential post-zoom webinar survey question. Since the main motive for this event is to generate leads. Nearly 73% of webinar attendees become qualified leads. If responders have a positive impression of the firm, it is most likely that you will get the ROI of your efforts soon.

12.  Tell Us Your Most And Least Favorite Moments In The Webinar.

The purpose of this question is to help you determine what parts of the event are worth repeating in the future and what are not. Count how often each point was brought up and keep an account.

For this question, use an open-ended format and ask attendees to write about the part they enjoyed the most.

13.  Tell Us About What Should We Work/Improve On.

Being aware of the flaws and learning from them is the ultimate way to upskill. By asking for feedback, you learn what works and what doesn’t, so you shouldn’t write surveys that forces respondents to give only positive feedback.

Instead, let them know you value their perspectives and incorporate it into your upcoming event.

14.  Would You Recommend This Webinar To Your Friends/Colleagues?

Your audience can drive ticket sales if they recommend the webinar to friends. Use this opportunity to send referral links and share special offers to broaden your reach and increase the attendance. 

Use. popular methods like NPS , CSAT or CES to standarize feedback across webinars.

15.  Do You Have Any Suggestions For Future Webinars?

There is always scope for improvement. And attendees are the perfect choice to ask for suggestions as they have witnessed the webinar. Your other survey questions may not highlight some of these improvements, therefore ensure that this is an open-ended question, so audience can elaborate and provide feedback.

In Conclusion

Getting feedback from your audience is extremely valuable for the success of your webinar. Keep in mind that your webinar’s goal is to provide value so your audience will keep coming back and recommending the webinar to others. Gather their feedback and work on each and every aspect to refine the future events. And certainly, you will experience your online events soar high in popularity and value.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Webinar Surveys

What Are The Best Tips For Designing A Webinar Survey?

There are some ground rules:

  1. Start slowly.
  2. Keep your questions short and precise.
  3. Don’t offer too many choices.
  4. Learn from the responses from each survey.

What Makes A Survey Successful?

To make the survey a huge success you should focus on below pointers:

  1. Don’t make your survey too lengthy.
  2. Focus on using close-ended questions.
  3. Keep your answer choices balanced.
  4. Keep the elaborative questions at the end.
  5. Do not make any questions compulsory to answer.
  6. Preview your survey before pressing the send button.

What To Include In The Post-Webinar Survey Email?

  1. Thank the attendees for their presence at the webinar.
  2. Send them links to recap material, and bonus resources to build trust.
  3. Take this opportunity and send a link to the survey. (tell them it will not take more than 5 minutes.)
  4. Appreciate their valuable response and present a link to your scheduled events.

How Many Questions Should A Post-Event Survey Have?

To get maximum responses, the survey should not exceed 10-12 questions. Design the survey in such a way that it will not take more than 5 minutes to complete. You should value the respondent’s time and so focus on important points only. Articulate your next webinar feedback form using the above sample post webinar survey questions to get the most responses.

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