Must Attend Virtual And Hybrid Events in 2022

December 13, 2021

Krishnan MLN

Virtual and hybrid events gained huge popularity in 2020-21 owing to the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. As per a report published in Global Newswire 84% of responders said they’d like to be able to attend any event as a virtual/hybrid participant at any time. The percentage indicates that ‘virtual events’ is not a pandemic driven fad, but it is here to stay. 

Today’s technology backed virtual event platforms have made attending events a breeze for everyone regardless of their location. Enterprises too have been smart to realize the reach and potential of virtual events. Big players across industries have already planned some really exciting ‘virtual’ and ‘hybrid’ events for 2022. 

2022 has events lined up in both ‘virtual’ and ‘hybrid’ formats to cater to the interests of a wide audience. If you are someone who enjoys attending virtual events, we have put together a list of some really exciting events coming up in 2022.


Top Tech Events in 2022

Open Data Science Conference

Date: 19th- 20th April 2022

Location: Hyatt Regency/ San Francisco airport/Online

Event format: Hybrid event 

Details: The event is a comprehensive and community-focused conference that brings together, builds, develops, and learns from the whole field of data analytics. The most recent trends and essential ideas from 200+ top authors and experts taught in the field of data science and artificial intelligence will be covered in this conference.

Entry fee:  $499/per person. 

Who should attend: It is an excellent opportunity to advance your career by participating in workshops, training sessions and gaining hands-on experience. It is also a great place to meet people from various industries and grow your network. 

AIAA SciTech Forum and exposition 

Date:  3-7 January 2022

Location: Online 

Event format: Virtual event 

Details: The AIAA SciTech Forum is the world’s largest aerospace research, growth, and future technologies conference.

Entry fee: $450/per person 

Who should attend: People who are interested in Aeroacoustics, fluid dynamics, applied aerodynamics, aircraft design, spacecraft constructions, electric propulsion, guidance, navigation, and control. 

TechSPO London 2022

Date: 1-2 September 2022

Location: Sofitel London Healthrow Hotel 

Event format: In-person event 

Details: The TECHSPO London event brings together developers, companies, marketers, technology suppliers, designers, innovators, and evangelists who are striving to lead the way in the modern technological environment.

Entry fee:  297 pounds. Includes an all access pass which includes lunch and reservation in tech training. 

Who should attend: This event is for tech enthusiasts interested in the future generation of technology and innovation, such as the Internet, Mobile, AdTech, MarTech, and SaaS Technology.

Learning Technologies 

Date: 09-10 february 2022

Location: Excel London UK / Online 

Event format: Hybrid event 

Details: Learning Technologies is Europe’s largest workplace for learning and learning technology. It is a unique and exciting setting for all those interested in workplace learning, with an exhibition filled with the latest learning technologies, innovation, and best practise.  

Entry fee: Free for visitors/ 1295 GBP for Delegates 

Who should attend: Those who are willing to participate in a workplace which creates a unique and engaging setting around the tech world. 

All about automation Hamburg. 

Date:- 19-20 January 

Location:- Hamburg Messe and Congress GmbH, Germany 

Event format: In person event 

Details:- Attendees will see demonstrations of control technology, drive technology, industrial electronics, industrial software, safety devices and systems, and pneumatics for automation.

Entry fee:- €20 per person 

Who should attend:- It’s an excellent opportunity to meet  international industry leaders and regional engineering experts and gain in-depth knowledge of various technologies.


Top Marketing And Sales Event in 2022

Social Media strategies summit

Date: 23rd – 24th February 2022

Location: Online 

Event format: Virtual event 

Details: SMSS is a major social media conference that offers solutions and assists in reaching out to a specific audience and marketing decision-makers.

Entry fee: $749 per person 

Who should attend: This seminar is ideal for those interested in learning more about the digital world and digital marketing strategies.

Annual advertising and marketing law 

Date: 18th- 19th January 2022

Location: Online 

Event format: Virtual event 

Details: The Annual Conference on Advertising & Marketing Law examines key regulatory and legal developments that affect the company’s capacity to obtain and retain a diverse consumer market.

Entry fee: $1,695 per person 

Who should attend: This event is best suited for recent law graduates or prospective corporate lawyers who wish to learn about legislative developments and precedent-setting decisions that have impacted the advertising and marketing landscape, as well as marketing laws. 

International Marketing E- conference

Date: 27th – 28th January 2022

Location: Online 

Event format: Virtual event 

Details: The conference brings together the best of marketing minds under one roof, with active exchange on current marketing approaches necessary in a marketplace to bring disruption. A key factor for business firms’ survival, stability, and growth.

Entry fee: ₹800/- per person 

Who should attend: People who are willing to share their expertise and experiences about the challenges that marketers face and who are interested in exploring distinctive, creative, and innovative marketing solutions with changing times. 

Wake up your online sales 

Date: 9th February 2022

Location: Online

Event format: Virtual event 

Details: This event will focus on two important aspects of selling globally, how to market your items worldwide and where and how to ship your products internationally. 

Entry fee: Free

Who should attend: It will be a fantastic opportunity for businessmen who want to expand their firm globally and learn about various market techniques.

Unleash- The sales engagement conference 

Date: 4th to 7th april 2022

Location: San Diego, California 

Event format: In-person event 

Details: Building sales teams, the state of sales engagement, effective prospecting playbooks, and many other issues will be discussed by leaders. The event is held once a year, and last year’s theme was “Winning Customers in a New Era.”

Entry fee: The fee will be revealed 2 months before the actual event 

Who should attend: The event will be an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn and refine their sales and sales engagement skills.


Top Healthcare events in 2022

5th global public health conference 2022

Date:- 24th – 25th February 2022

Location:- Online 

Event format: Virtual event 

Details:- The event provides diverse health research and case studies from around the world, as well as numerous networking and publishing opportunities.

Entry fee:- $250 per person 

Who should attend:- It’s a great place to go to learn about health through case studies and research. The event is best suited for medical students and professionals. 

Cancer research and immuno- Oncology week 

Date: 4th-6th October 2022

Location: Online

Event format: Virtual event

Details: Cancer Research & Immuno-Oncology Week 2022 will feature a content-rich programme comprising  guest lectures, discussions, and posters that will examine global developments and advancements in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various cancer types.

Entry fee: Free

Who should attend: The event will give the attendees  interesting insights and resources for anyone interested in studying how immunotherapies can be utilised alone, in collaboration with, or in combination with other cancer treatments in a globalised setting.

Public health conference 

Date: 23th March 2022

Location: Online

Event platform: Virtual platform

Details: This event will bring together 350+ academicians, public health specialists, health professionals, health professionals, researchers, health care workers, and others from around the world presenting their latest research concepts, development, and applications in all fields of public health.

Entry fee:- Free 

Who should attend:- It’s an excellent opportunity to share your own research and case studies with others from around the world who will be attending. The event will assist you in expanding your network and increasing the number of people who read your research paper. 


Date: 10th March 2022

Location: Online 

Event format: Virtual event 

Details: The event brings together the neuroscience community to discuss and share the most recent developments in scientific knowledge of the human brain, neuropsychiatric illnesses, and behavioural processes as they relate to brain function.

Entry fee: Free

Who should attend: As the event is about the human brain, people who are interested in psychology or neuroscience are ideal candidates to attend this event and make the most out of it.


Top Startup & entrepreneurship  Events in 2022

Develop your own successful smart home entrepreneur startup today

Date: 9th January 2022

Location: Online 

Event platform: Virtual event 

Details: The workshop talks about various aspects of starting an own business, the workshop covers Ideas, research process, creative thinking process, capital and funding process, customer acquisition process, business organising process, and many more. 

Entry fee: £170 per person

Who should attend: The event provides an opportunity for those who are starting their own businesses or the owners of startups.

International conference on business ethics and sustainability 

Date: 07th june 2022

Location: San Francisco US 

Event format: In-person event 

Details: The purpose of the conference is to bring together top academic scientists, researchers, and research scholars to interact and share their experiences and research findings on all aspects of business ethics and sustainability.

Entry fee: €450 

Who should attend: The Conference allows you to become a conference sponsor or attendee. You can attend the event if you have your own research paper or if you want to learn about other people’s business research.

International Entrepreneurship Finance and Business Management Summit 

Date: 08th-11th March 2022

Location: Newseum,Washington DC,USA 

Event format: In-person event

Details: The event is a great opportunity to talk about the most recent advancements and contributions in the business area and helps to engage in traditional business networking.

Entry fee: 580 USD per person 

Who should attend: The conference is open to business owners, women entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs, academic startups, small-scale manufacturers, and financial firms.

Attending virtual and hybrid events is important for business growth. As the workforce becomes more dispersed, it is critical to be able to communicate with employees, customers, and other stakeholders in various locations. According to a research done by LinkedIn in 2020, 85 % of industrialists organised virtual events, and 28 % reported that 91-100 % of their events are now virtual. 

The event industry is rapidly developing, there has been a surge in the number of virtual events globally, enabling enthusiasts to attend events related to their interest area from the comfort of their home. One can pick an event according to their interests and attend from any part of the world. Any geographical and physical barriers are fast blurring.


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