10 Virtual Networking Ideas to Keep Yourself Motivated!

April 21, 2022

Gautam Singh

Networking with other business professionals is important to build quality connections and trust among your peers and stay updated about the latest trends and developments in your industry. 

Long gone are the days when business professionals turned up to several events and meetings just to get their faces known.

There has been a positive shift towards the hybrid working space, and it’s evident by this 2021 PWC report. While much of the workforce has followed the hybrid work model many are likely to follow suit.

I believe this newer working model has transformed the conventional ways of networking to meet the dynamic business requirements. 

Today, virtual networking has become a key solution to connect exponentially by breaking down geographical barriers. In this technology-driven world, companies are leaning on Virtual event platforms to organize and manage virtual events. These apps eliminate the manual efforts of organizing the event and allow attendees to connect on a deeper level while ensuring hassle-free execution. 

In this article we discuss:


What Is Virtual Networking ?

Virtual networking is primarily designed for employees, investors, entrepreneurs, and different industry mixups to fulfill specific objectives.Some of the common objectives are helping individuals to build up their networks or enabling entrepreneurs to pitch ideas and set up meetings with others.

You would need a virtual networking platform for attendees to interact and network with each other while having fun. The host of a virtual network event provides attendees a brief of the event activities guiding them. These events are also organized to educate attendees about a specific topic.


How To Host A Virtual Networking Event?

Most organizations are relying on virtual networking platforms for hosting online events. These platforms provide you with a wide range of options enabling you to choose the right type of event and organize it without any hassle. It also invites, notifies, and reminds the attendees to ensure maximum attendance in the event. Nunify is an all-in-one hybrid event management platform for the complete event cycle to manage in-person and remote attendees across virtual and hybrid events.


How Do You Make A Virtual Networking Event Fun? 

Incorporating networking games are essential to grab the attention of attendees whenever they are bored. Included quick polls or quizzes is the best way to make the attendees active during the session.

A virtual networking event should not be a one-way communication. To make the event enjoyable, the host must interact with the attendees. The host must encourage the participation of attendees in the discussion, activities and quizzes, and polls.


How Do You Make A Virtual Event Unique? 

The event needs to deliver a pleasant experience through activities that are aligned to the event objective can make it unique. Would you remember an event that involves a boring lecture from a speaker or the one that involves games where you can participate and win? Gamification of a virtual event is the best way to make it unique. Wouldn’t it be exciting to earn smart badges while attending a virtual event?


Here are some of the networking ideas to keep yourself motivated in the hybrid workspace:

Virtual Luncheon

Lunchtime surely used to be the best time in an office. Everyone loved to share their food and chitchat to refresh their minds. Why not bring that very concept to the virtual world? Virtual luncheon is a great way to take a break from work and start afresh. Nunify provides the premium audio and video quality for virtual luncheon to bring the real-life lunch chitchat while growing your network.

Speed Networking Events

Speed networking events are the best way to accelerate your professional networking. Get a chance to interact and build numerous business contacts in a short time. Indeed, speed networking is no less than formal speed dating. Whatever be your objective, be it growing your professional network, boosting B2B sales, or finding people to brainstorm ideas, this is the fastest way to find a match. Moreover, Nunify’s   AI matchmaking further cut down the time to find the perfect professional match.

Domain Expert Speaker

Want to get flooded with industry information, news, and experience? Attend a domain expert speaker event where a professional in your domain shares it all. This virtual event saves you the trouble of shifting your schedule to attend valuable speeches from domain experts. It also provides networking opportunities with top professionals in the industry.

Venture Capital Events

Virtual venture capital events are the best way for entrepreneurs to connect and save on the effort of hunting down VCs. You can get the opportunity to pitch your startup idea to a pool of angel investors. Would it be a surprise if one of the VCs liked your idea and showed interest in investing in your business? Indeed, these virtual events are the most cost-effective way to raise funding. Also, how about getting to know other entrepreneurs?

Scavenger Hunt or Gaming Event

Would you fall asleep while playing games? Gamification of events, even if it is virtual, can add fun while delivering the message and fulfilling the networking event objective. In the Scavenger hunt, you just need to complete a few tasks to win a prize. The reward concept of games is the best way to enhance the engagement of participants in a virtual networking event.

Virtual Talent Shows

Talent shows are a mix of fun and exposure. Virtual talent shows may also involve fundraising for a cause through ticketing. Nunify’s promotion features provide a boost for such virtual talent shows to bring the audience.

Morning Yoga Sessions

 What better way to network than while enjoying yoga with your group. It’s a good way to catch up with your group and have laid-back conversations to make deeper connections. Offering smart badges for excellent performance progress or regular attendance further motivates you to get going. Nunify contributes to this event by finding professional trainers and organizing the event regularly.


Trivia games provide a comfortable atmosphere for attendees and also foster the pride of achievement. Virtual events organizing trivia usually get higher engagement and offer better networking opportunities. 

Virtual Bring Your Family for Dinner

Family dinners are the best place for networking. It’s a great opportunity to use for professional networking. Organizing virtual family dinners gives a scope of interaction and helps in bond creation. It is also a great way of striking a balance between work life and family time.

Coffee & Debate Virtual Events

Today, most of us do not get a chance to express our opinions. Coffee & debate virtual events not only encourage networking but also help in expressing strong opinions. It also teaches how to respond, accept and reevaluate different opinions and perspectives. Create a quality network through friendly debates using Nunify’s virtual event organization features.



Virtual networking is a great new way to grow your network while saving time and travel expenses. Pre-event activities like emailing event briefs to attendees or creating a buzz on social media work excellently to raise the sign-up rate for virtual networking events. While pre-event activities can excite the attendees, it is essential to ensure that the event delivers what it had promised. Nunify is a virtual event platform that takes care of all the hassle of organizing and executing virtual events for organizations. It ensures a pleasant experience so that the participants remain excited about joining the next virtual networking event.


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