1:1 Video calls

June 8, 2020

Nandhakumar Ramanathan

The shift from in-person to online/virtual events has been fast due to the on-going global pandemic. Numerous companies, schools, and so on have moved bases completely online. This has only happened thanks to the advancements made in technology especially video conferencing.

The key component of virtual events is video calling using the mobile event app. Nunify understands the necessity of smooth functioning and easy to use video conferencing. Nunify has a networking suite that enables real-time communication via video conference.

At Nunify we understand the need for networking. For this reason, we provide 1-on-1 video calling tools that allow exhibitors, hosts, speakers, and attendees to schedule and conduct video conference calls with each other to facilitate networking, demos, discuss offers, and much more. This platform aims at giving the best interactive experience to the attendees.

We know that even a delay of one second can ruin the continuity of thought and understanding. With a latency time of less than 0.4s, it enables broadcasting of information with virtually no lag. By ensuring virtually no lag, nunify also gives the speakers full control over the entire discussion.

Nunify ensures all calls are with the best video quality and the minimum latency for a high-quality experience.


1. How do I start a 1-on-1 video call?

Nunify has a really simple interface. You will have to select the person you wish to talk to and press the video call option.

2. Who all can I talk to using the 1-on-1 video call option?

This 1-on-1 video calling option is available for all attendees, exhibitors, and speakers. This means as an attendee you can schedule video calls to the speakers and the exhibitors. For exhibitors, this video call option can be used to interact with potential customers who are interested in the service or product you provide. This call feature aims to give everyone a chance to communicate and network with each other effectively.

3. What will the quality of the video be?

While the quality of the video will mostly depend on your internet speed. We at Nunify aim to provide seamless and distraction-free video conferencing to allow maximum dissemination of information and networking.

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