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As a regular speaker the platform events use to run the event are surprisingly important. What I liked about Nunify was the interface was fun, it has some social components I had not seen before, and the session calendar is stellar.


Chris Riley

DevOps / DevRel Advocate @ Splunk, Inc.

Superb audio & video! And you can live stream stream pre-recorded HD videos - Huge plus. It also has a very easy to use UX for our speakers and very visually appealing. Much better than zoom & webex.


Vinod Thimmaya

Founder & Director, HummingBird Digital

Hosting video-based events takes serious efforts! The nunify webinar platform ensures that your events get facilitated with top-of-the-line features with intuitive user experience to make everything as simple as possible, without missing out on anything important.

Basic Features

HD video live streaming

Our exclusive streaming feature nunify™ Live provides:

  • Host smooth webinar sessions with latency of less than 0.4s
  • Host conferences or large webinar gatherings with parallel sessions
  • Unlimited hosts
  • Allows attendees the best experience with quality HD live stream

Easy Setup and Registration

Setting up all your upcoming webinars and web events is simple and less time-consuming as Nunify includes:

  • Single branded custom URLs meant for event home page, registrations, virtual booths, live sessions etc
  • Integrated user-friendly event registration and ticketing dashboard
  • Integrated invitation & reminder emailers
  • Easy-to-use check-in option
  • Multiple payment partners

Live Streaming to other channels

Live Streaming has never been easier! With Nunify, you can:

  • Live stream with screen-sharing
  • Insert HD videos across multiple social channels like YouTube and Facebook Live
  • Multi-stream to extensively amplify your reach socially
  • Increase the ROI for your sponsors
  • Reach different users in your target groups via different platforms, with the same content

Attendee Engagement

Diversify your brand engagement with the ability to create, manage and share audience inputs via interesting pop up polls and reap the benefits of:

  • Smooth real-time interaction between virtual event hosts and the attendees
  • Initiating polls before, during, or after the online event
  • Real-time viewing of poll results

Unique Features

Advanced Analytics

Make sound business decisions with:

  • Detailed session & event analytics combined with custom control panel
  • Measuring and tracking important event highlights such as registrations, viewing behaviour, exhibitors etc
  • Achieve real, tangible ROI from audience participation
  • Monitoring & tracking attendee-exhibitor interaction like views, visits, leads, meeting rates etc

Secure Content Management

Optimize nunify live webinars and hosting events with:

  • Personalized, adaptable, and highly secure CMS with RSA2048 & SHA256 data encryption
  • Do-It-Yourself CMS system to enable greater user control

Engage your audience

The Nunify webinar platform offers some of the best in class features when it comes to audience engagement and interaction.

  • Pop-up Polls

    The host or speaker can create polls that pop-up during, before or after the broadcast. Hosts and attendees can also view the results live.

  • Reaction Emojis

    The attendees can react during webinar live stream/on-demand with emojis.

  • Interactive Rooms

    Dedicated rooms for session handouts, chat, pre-moderated questions that can be up-voted for speakers to view.

  • Share Screen & Videos

    Screen-share and insert Full HD videos during a nunify™ Live stream


What you need to host a great webinar

  • Integrated event registration & ticketing

  • Live streaming to social media platforms

  • Engagement tools like screen-share, pop-up polls, reaction emojis and gamification

  • Analytics on attendee-exhibitor interaction

  • Custom branding

  • Sponsor spaces & booths


Best for your webinar needs

  • Engagement

    Keep your audience engrossed throughout and interact with them in real-time with innovative and fun engagement features offered by nunify like reaction emojis, pop up polls, interactive rooms, screen-share, sponsored spaces, gamification and contests and more.

  • Networking

    If your objective is networking, nunify is your one-stop solution. With features like private and public chats, networking tables & meeting rooms, 1:1 video calls and much more, you can ace your networking goals with ease.

  • User Experience

    nunify is a browser-based platform with a modern, aesthetic design and offers custom branding, single-branded URL, DIY content management and many other useful features to make your experience absolutely seamless.


  • Webinars tend to have two-way communication during the session that is being streamed, while webcasts usually feature one-way communication.
    Webcasts are used to broadcast live-events. Live webinars have a variety of uses, from B2B thought-leadership sessions and news & business showcases to interactive classes, one-to-one training sessions, streams for gaming, movies, and even virtual concerts!

  • Besides basic tools like public chat and text Q&A, there are a variety of interesting tools like live polls, emoji reactions, and active audience participation via video, for Q&As. Emoji reactions on the nunify webinar platform are loved by organizers and attendees in equal measure!

  • Absolutely! Popularity of live webinars have been on the rise since 2016, but the concept has seen an exponential rise in use, across business verticals and personal use-cases since the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic.
    Webinars have been proven to effectively increase sales & boost conversion rates for brands, while also contributing positively to user interactions and brand loyalty.

  • A webinar, similar to the purpose of a seminar, can be used build awareness of brands and/or products, generate & nurture leads, educate users and training purposes.

  • A webinar does not need to be live, but it is observed that live sessions experience higher interactions and engagement from the attendees. Webinar content can be live, pre-recorded or on-demand; however, it is essential that the interaction with the audience is live.

  • For an organiser, a webinar offers a medium to build brand awareness & generate leads, while also establishing one’s thought-leadership through curated panel discussions. For the audience, a key benefit of a webinar is the learning experience, and focused interaction with the brand for any queries they may wish to solve.

  • Webinars are used for a variety of solutions. Enterprises, small businesses, individuals – everybody can leverage a webinar for corporate communications, online training, product demos, product launches, brand showcase, masterclasses, and more.

  • Video streaming (live or recorded) is an absolute necessity for any webinar. In addition to that, slide-share slides & live Q&A features are common. Unique platforms like nunify, however, provide an organizer with custom branding, integrated registration/payment, pre-recorded video stream and hybrid webinar facilities.

  • There are various tools that can be integrated into a webinar. The key tools include registration & sign-up tools, emailers, UTM tracking, hosting the webinar, pre-live engagement, engagement metrics during & after the webinar, and survey feedback, among others.

  • Once you have completed the registration process, organisers will send you an event link via e-mail and text message. Modern, secure webinar platforms, will send you the webinar link immediately upon registration, where you can join and network with fellow attendees.
    On the day of the webinar you can join the session using a web browser or a mobile application.

  • Over the course of their existence, various types of webinars have come into existence, such as Evergreen Webinars, Automated Webinars, Webinar Series, Pre-recorded Webinars, and On-demand Webinars. With nunify, you can set up and host unique Branded Webinars.