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Meet the world's easiest virtual event platform. Deliver quality experiences to your attendees with high quality live streams and intuitive digital engagement.

An event platform that adapts to your virtual event​

Loved by event profs & event planners around the world to plan, promote, manage and host their virtual events. Our virtual event platform has hosted events of all types & sizes from all industries – virtual AGM, virtual award shows, virtual fairs,virtual town halls, virtual conference, virtual conferences, virtual product launches, webinars, virtual summits

Go beyond basic live streaming

nunify’s virtual stage gives you a wide range of video options to mix & match with seamless transitions. Say goodbye to all live webcam problems – slow speeds, poor video, inability to scale to the audience. You can choose from on-demand, live sessions or integrate zoom, youtube and vimeo. Our native live stream supports upto 1 Million attendees with < 0.3s HD+ lag. Alternatively you can choose RTMP studio stream, or stream a 4K HD video live!


Your Brand, not ours

It’s easy to build a beautiful branded virtual venue with our venue builder. We provide various options to integrate not just your brand, but also your sponsors and exhibitors. It is your brand, your colors, your backgrounds across the virtual venue. With strategic spaces for backdrops, logo placements attendees you get to create an unforgettable branded experience


Intuitive tools to enhance engagement

Your attendees already know how to engage online, we ensure we enhance it. Your guests are greeted to a vibrant social wall with videos, insta-type stories, audio-bites from other attendees . With tools like video Q & A, audience polls and live emoji reactions your sessions are no-longer one sided presentations. Use our gamification contests to further make it fun and interactive.


Unforgettable virtual networking experiences

Whether it be interactive roundtables or AI-powered speed networking or interest-based matchmaking or video meeting rooms or group and 1:1 chat . We got all types of virtual networking that adapt to your networking goals.


Tangible sponsor & exhibitor ROI

Gone are the days where you could get away with a logo and a link. If not already, your sponsors and exhibitors will demand more. Virtual events is the new channel for digital marketing – they are delivering better quality leads than other channels. So it is time for you to deliver better value too. Our virtual booths provide a wide variety of options to your exhibitor – product videos, CTA buttons, book meeting, chat bot, video meetings, digital collateral and networking


"I was recently a speaker at the Technical Agility Conference using the Nunify system. I liked how organized the system was, and how it proactively reminded people to attend the next session. So often at online conferences, we are speaking to a silent audience with no faces. What I really liked about Nunify was that if I said something funny, there was an explosion of smiley faces from attendees who liked the joke. When I asked if something ever happened to attendees, I got a flood of thumbs up emoji. It helped make what`s normally a fairly disconnected experience a more connected experience without the distraction of a sea of cameras or people turning microphones on. Thank you, nunify!"


Debbie Levitt

Founder and Principal at Delta CX

Unmatched ease of use - you're in good hands!

Build your virtual event with confidence with the nunify drag&drop builder. Let us worry about the tech, while you worry about design & promotion. Whatever is your type of event, we're here to make it as easy as possible for you.

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    Easy to build

    Who needs middle men and painful content emailers? Get onboarded within minutes, not hours or days. Everything is real-time and instant.

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    One-stop shop

    Registrations, emailers, streaming, mobile app, branding, networking, virtual booths and more… we're here for all your virtual event needs.

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    Global support

    We don't just sell you a platform. We want to help and be a part of your virtual event. Our support is open 24x7 and it's why customers fall in love with us.

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    Secure data

    It's your event and your data. You get to capture everything and analyze it immediately in our dashboard or integrate to your CRM.

Reliable and secure virtual event platform for the complete event journey that adapts to your virtual event.

You get to control everything - from brand, user access, video content. Our easy-to-use complete platform gives your team power and flexibility to host beautiful virtual events. Your event is transformed into a memorable online experience. All this without compromising on your brand, your data, your online security and your privacy


nunify’s virtual event platform features at a glance

  • Video Camera

    Zero-delay Native HD+ live stream

  • hd

    Stream 4k pre-recorded videos​

  • film reel

    Flexible video delivery options (RTMP, on-demand, Zoom)

  • people

    Speed networking & breakout rooms

  • person speaker

    Virtual exhibitor meeting with 1-1 meeting rooms

  • reaction

    Gamification & live engagement

  • lounge cushion

    User friendly intuitive virtual venue

  • settings

    DIY secure portal for content management

  • support

    24x7 support and managed services

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