#HACK 2020

Fri, 9th Oct 2020, 04:00 PM - Sun, 4th Oct 2020, 09:59 PM

Welcome to our virtual hackathon - let's hack together for the Kingdom of God! Information and registration: startuplife.berlin/hackathon-… Please log in with your email address and then you're ready to start! This is the central place to find information. Look at the schedule (above). You can use the lounge to chat with people. If you missed the opening session, you can watch it on-demand here: nunify.com/events/HACK2020/ag… Please take time to fill out your profile. That helps all of us to get to know each other. Unfortunately others can only see your name, location, work details and social media links - please be creative and write all relevant information into these places so that others here at the hackathon can find people with the same interests. For information on how to get started, feel free to use WhatsApp to contact Tobias (+491749851562) or Samuel (+49 1575 6294728) If you have technical difficulties you're welcome to message our help desk on Whatsapp: Josia, +49 1573 8919871

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Abraham Kuhn

1 Of Many Disciples Inc.

Hanna Schrodt


Hope Berlin

Ken Joo

Lara Schroeter

Lisa Matusche



Rebekka Neumann


A Jesus Trainer. Abu Tau'am. Loves languages (including Python). www.4training.net

Simon Seow


Susanne Hainbach

Tobias Treppmann

StartupLife.Berlin (work: UX Designer)