Virtual Conferences Management Software by nunify

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With conferences being held online and the work from home policies shaping up in the world, it has become extremely important to have the best video conferencing software in place for your business. nunify presents the best video conferencing solutions so that the organisers can present a personalised experience digitally for the users. nunify aims to solve problems of video conferencing and manage the events that they are organising.

Basic Features

Virtual Lounge & Interactive Spaces

nunify provides virtual lobbies for the users where they can create cohorts for the attendees. We also allow the attendees and users to have interaction by providing interactive spaces to them

Share Screen & Videos

Option like ‘Screen Sharing’ that allows one person to share their content-images, documents, or videos, and make it visible to the other users in the conference.

Breakout & Meeting rooms

Provide options like meeting rooms and breakouts to facilitate professional meet-ups. It allows smaller video meets and conferencing options to the people.

Mobile apps

Attendees can collaborate seamlessly through a single browser, desktop or mobile application, to stay productive and connected from anywhere.

Unique Features

Measure the Impact

Wouldn’t it be great to get the analytics and reports of the conferences that you held? With nunify’s video conferencing software, you can get access to all the reports, post your conferences and measure the impact of it.

DIY Content management

Optimize nunify live webinars and hosting events with personalized, adaptable, and highly secure CMS with RSA2048 SHA256 data encryption. With the DIY CMS system all changes get reflected promptly.


Virtual conference is like any other conference but online. Through a platform, the users can conduct one-to-one or group meetings virtually. People can connect over audio as well as video and even share their documents and files with each other virtually.

There is no time limit for a virtual conference. Like any other meeting that can be as long as for a couple of hours, one can hold up a virtual conference with one person or a group for any number of minutes, hours, or even days!

There is no high-advanced technology that will be needed to run a virtual conference. All one needs is an account of a video conferencing platform, a smooth internet connection with good bandwidth, and a device. Just these three basic things and you are good to go for a virtual conference!

All it takes is a click of a couple of buttons to set up a virtual conference call and at the same time just a small tap to attend one.

nunify offers a step-to-step guide that lays down the entire process for setting up, attending, and using the nunify platform. We also have a couple of videos for you, which you can see to undergo the training and support for it.

We at nunify understand that it takes a lot to run an event – be it online or offline. We provide features like registrations, emailers, streaming, engagement, communication, feedback, analytics – the list goes on. Keeping these in mind we co-created the nunify platform with all the event organisers out there.

nunify allows the users to broadcast and use almost all the video formats. Enhancing the video streaming experience for the customers is what we look forward to.

nunify Monetize

Sell tickets online & monetize live streams of virtual events