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Get an intuitive and hassle-free virtual space for seamlessly connecting with more people.

Hosting video-based events takes serious efforts! Thus, video webinar solutions personalized by nunify ensure that your events get facilitated with top-of-the-line features with intuitive user experience to make everything as simple as possible, without missing out on anything important.

Basic Features

HD video live streaming

With our exclusive streaming feature nunify™ Live, you can host smooth webinar sessions with delay response of less than 0.4s for important meetings, conferences or large webinar gatherings with parallel sessions and unlimited interactive hosts. 

Easy Setup and Registration

Setting up all your upcoming webinars and web events is simple and less time-consuming. Get your own single branded custom URLs meant for event home page, registrations, virtual booths, live sessions etc. 

Live Streaming to other channels

Hosts can live stream with screen-sharing and insert HD videos across multiple social channels with the YouTube and Facebook Live. Users can seamlessly multi-stream for extensively amplifying their reach socially.

Attendee Engagement

Diversify your brand engagement with the ability to create, manage and share audience inputs. Have interactive polls popping up at pre and post broadcast and get live outcomes.

Unique Features

Advanced Analytics

Make sound business decisions with detailed analytics, combined with custom control panel for measuring and tracking important event highlights such as registrations, viewing behaviour, exhibitors etc. 

Secure Content Management

Optimize nunify live webinars and hosting events with personalized, adaptable, and highly secure CMS with RSA2048 SHA256 data encryption. With the DIY CMS system all changes get reflected promptly.


With the nunify video webinars, organizations of different scales and niches are able to seamlessly pull-up huge scale online events. This becomes possible all thanks to interactive features like audio, video and host screen sharing to create more engagement. The interface is quite simple, distinctive, and individuals as well as businesses can plan and also present professional webinars with smooth HD video quality under reasonable budget.
Video webinars, being one of the prime USPs of the nunify networks, is a simple and low-cost solution for businesses. With nunify webinar, businesses can maximize ROI by expanding their reach globally. This reach can be tailored as per business-specific objectives. Businesses offer improved client satisfaction with increased engagement, qualifying leads quickly and increasing their sales cycle.
In the absence of vital features such as stability, speed and security; any webinar platform doesn’t work well for the enterprise as they demand high-grade solutions on-the-go. With the nunify webinars, we bring together a combination of incredible quality, unlimited viewer participation, secure servers, along with strict moderation and security features as well.
Yes, the platform is entirely customizable and you are also allowed to have your branding in terms of logos, text and colours. Different options are available for displaying sponsor, ads, along with exhibitor booths etc.
Any beginner can easily set up video-based webinars with nunify. It would only take a minute or two to set up and doesn’t require any training. You just have to add session and speaker details through the admin portal of nunify. Once it has been added, you can visit the online event link and the session, and host it by getting live.
Attendees are people who are able to view the presenter screen but aren’t allowed to interrupt the panellist or the speaker. Joining the nunify webinar can be easily compared to the task of just clicking on a link. It’s that simple! Attendees can join through any browser on their desktop, mobile device, tablet or laptop.
Signing up is free after you tap on the nunify video webinar link shared through the webinar organizer. You’ll then need to provide your email id along with OTP to get video webinar access.

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