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With the rise in virtual events, the need for high definition streaming platforms among the attendees has also witnessed a drastic rise. Thereby to address this need, nunify brings forward a unique amalgamation of technology and innovation that holds the capability to deliver an intact virtual experience for up to one million attendees together.

We understand that the delay in the dissemination of information even by a single second can ruin the entire viewing and engaging experience of the audience. The intuitive design of this live streaming platform provides viewers with seamless real-time engagement and allows only a minimal delay and effort from the user end.

While running a virtual event, here are a few advantages that nunify as a virtual event platform with zero-delay HD live stream broadcast offers its users.

  1. nunify assures an impeccable balance between several attendees under a single platform. This platform aims at giving the best engagement and interaction facility to the attendees by enabling the users to organise high definition visuals, auditory webinars and virtual events.
  2. The latency time of less than 0.4s enables broadcasting of the information across the webinar at once. Thereby, entertaining no lag in the virtual experience of the attendees and allowing them the best experience with quality HD live stream.
  3. The whole objective of any virtual event platform is to provide quality experiences over virtual events. nunify makes it easier to access online events for more seamless while using it.
  4. By ensuring no virtual lag, nunify also gives its speaker or host full control over the entire discussion during the event. The customers and users, as a result, get a better live experience than any other platform.

Defy all your virtual lags and explore the inherent advantages of a live stream broadcast with nunify.

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Reaction emojis

Attendees can now react during webinar live stream/on-demand with emojis. We provide you analytics to guage the content quality

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All data is encrypted with RSA2048 SHA256 encryption & ISO 27001 Certified platform. Secure CMS login, Attendee OTP authentication, audience access control and 3rd party

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Our user-tested UX doesn’t distract with 3D elements. Instead we focus on familiar UX and your visual content

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