Enterprise-grade security

We at Nunify take your security seriously. Our virtual events platform is built to meet the most stringent security and compliance requirements. Enterprise-grade security is added to every single part of Nunify. Our security programme protects our organisation as well as your data at every layer. There are also other features that ensure more control, […]

GDPR Compliant

Data security is every organization’s paramount concern that is why Nunify has been a GDPR compliant ever since its inception. With organisations shifting to virtual platforms for their business, effective data security becomes a crucial part of today’s data-driven digital world. At nunify we provide the attendees with exclusive data security and data protection. Just […]

Scalable Streaming

Reach a larger audience without worrying about the occupancy and other limiting factors of an in-person event, with Nunify live streaming/ virtual event platform. The rising trend of virtualization has benefited a large number of organisations in enhancing their businesses, and this trend only seems to grow with time. A larger audience requires a larger […]

Advanced analytics & Data export

Leverage Nunify’s advanced analytics to make sound decisions and improvise your event at every step; as it provides an insight into event data, attendee engagement, networking activity, and much more. With the constant rise in video consumption for virtual events and webinars among users, the need for virtual event platforms to embed advanced analytics technology […]

Moderation & Ban attendees

You have complete control over every aspect of your webinar/virtual event. Control SPAM, Ban users, Moderate questions. Ask us if we missing something

Free 24×7 Chat & Email Support

In a world that now heavily relies on virtual communication, we understand the requirement for consistent support and quick response time. Webinars and virtual events need to be available anytime anywhere, so we are here to help you out and answer any and every question you might have. We have a five-star customer support team […]