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With social media platforms on a rise, brands can easily find the majority of their audience on them anytime. Thus, it becomes extremely important for the webinar organisers to make their content visible on these social media platforms to reach out to their perfect audience group.

Reaching a wider audience and live-streaming your video content is now made easy with nunify. nunify, the all-in-one webinar & virtual event management platform, provides the users an option to online stream their content on different social media platforms to connect to their audience and amplify their reach with nunify’s multi-streaming service.

nunify is AIDAIO’s proprietary platform that ensures high quality broadcasts. The platform understands the “pain point” for its clients and hence allows them to reach a larger audience via multiple channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and LinkedIn via the options like Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

nunify™ Live, the feature by nunify to seamlessly stream live content cross-platforms, gives users a chance to stream their live content across your various social media platforms to reach out to their target audience. Its multi-streaming platform feature is a value addition for you as an organiser and it seamlessly amplifies the reach whilst also with increasing the ROI for your sponsor. With the same content that is created, the organisers can tap different people in their target groups at different platforms. It also helps in providing quality content for your digital marketing teams.

There are only a couple of platforms that give the option for cross-broadcasting the live-streaming content. There are inherent advantages that dual-use live streaming platforms like nunify provide, that are, broadcasting along with video conferencing capabilities, that not much online events platforms provide.

Explore these advantages of a cross-platform live streaming broadcaster only with nunify!

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