Sponsored Spaces & Offers

Our platform provides branded spaces for sponsors, during the virtual event. By strategically placing the advertisements and integrating them on the platform, we build and raise awareness on your event’s sponsors.

The benefits to the brands sponsoring the events on Nunify™ can be as follows:

Supports different content formats

Our platform supports different content formats, and sponsors can choose the one that suits their needs. The platform promotes dynamic content formats such as standalone images, image carousel ads, GIFs, etc. that can be used to showcase sponsors or offers during the webinar.

Place your brand for maximum traction

Nunify™ allows the organizers to showcase their sponsors and brands via strategically placed sponsor spaces. Multiple sponsor spaces across the platform ensure eye-balls for corporations who want to showcase new products/brands. These spaces can also be used by corporations to brand their products and by organizers to showcase their sponsors’ logos and products via dynamic content such as image carousels, GIFs, etc.

Get a high ROI for your branding

By strategically placing your brand and integrating it on the platform seamlessly, you will garner increased branding views from the attendees. The attendees can click on the advertisements and know more about the brands through the ads on the platform, which will eventually lead to a return on the investment made by the brands.

Readymade data for the brands

Relevant information, such as click-through rates and lead form submissions, is collected in the back-end of our platform. This data can be retrieved and shared with the organizers and the sponsors to provide quality leads to the host.

Sponsored spaces will help the hosts to show the attendees the various brands they have collaborated with and will also give the brands a platform to reach out to the target audience. With the personalized branded solution, our platform assures all the stakeholders to fulfill all their requirements in a virtual event.

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