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Nunify is an online events platform that lets you host a multitude of events including – webinars, video conferences, product launches, hybrid events, virtual expos, online training or courses and much more.

When holding online events we understand that you may wish to hold more than one session or even different types of sessions. However, sending separate URLs for each session might confuse your attendees. Nunify has come up with a feature that lets you run multiple sessions under one branded event link.

With Nunify you can run unlimited parallel and sequential sessions under one branded event link so you don’t have to send separate links to join each session. Attendees can log in to the link even before or after your sessions and not just during them, to interact with exhibitors as well as each other.


How do I host multiple live streaming sessions in a webinar or virtual event with a single URL on Nunify?
All events hosted on the Nunify virtual event platform can support unlimited number of sessions which are listed under a single online event URL

How many live streaming sessions can I host on Nunify?
You can host an unlimited number of live streaming sessions in a Nunify event.

How many parallel sessions can I host on Nunify?
You can host an unlimited number of parallel live streaming sessions in a Nunify event.

Do attendees need to register separately for every session in an event on Nunify?
No. All attendees register only once for an event and get access to all sessions accessible for their ticket type.

Does my online event expire after the live streaming sessions are over?
Virtual events on Nunify expire after 30 days by default. The online event URL is accessible before, after and during live streaming sessions to facilitate networking between attendees and sponsors & exhibitors.

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