With videos becoming one of the most capturing formats across the world, it has apparently become the most engaging content piece in recent times. nunify works with the majority of video formats and provides strong scheduling & multi-platform streaming features. The platform is handy to be used by any business or individual. Live streaming your content with the best quality of audio and video along with reaching out to the different target groups is possible with it now.

With nunify, you can get your recorded videos live-streamed to garner more attention from your audience. This platform also gives you the option to deliver a perfect video every time with simulated live broadcasts. nunify can be introduced as a live streaming platform where you can either conduct live events online, or stream the recorded video. With both options of recording your broadcast in advance and interacting with attendees live, nunify maximum of the video streaming problems.

nunify™ Simulive — Broadcast Ultra HD Prerecorded Videos
nunify™ Simulive — Broadcast HD Prerecorded Videos

nunify provides a Simulive feature on its online events platform where the event organiser can live stream multiple recorded videos to the panel discussions or single speaker sessions. The various options provided to the event organisers – pause, resume, hide; provide a great level of flexibility during live streaming here.

There is a DIY dashboard provided to the moderator that allows him to embed video links and assign controls in each session. nunify aims to provide a high definition audio and video live streaming platform that does not annoy the users with lags. The Simulive feature of nunify also allows the speaker to use a combination of high-definition slides and videos to enhance their presentation. And all these features are provided with compromise made on the quality.

Capturing audiences across platforms and providing them with the best quality of audio & video is just a win-win situation for every brand. After all, seamless experience is what the users look forward to when they come on an online events platform!

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