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We often need to share our screen during a meeting, webinar, or any other live event to show a photograph, a presentation, or a video. It is not only a way to engage the attendees, but also a way to better explain one’s thoughts and points.

One of the features of Nunify™ Engage is screen-share, where the host can showcase any presentation, document or creative on their screen. For a subject-matter expert to truly get his ideas and thoughts across to a broad audience, they will need the right tools.


The benefits of this feature are:

Screen-share or upload a video

We present to you the best of both options during the webinar. You can screen-share to show attendees your screen, and can also insert Full HD videos during a Nunify™ Live stream using the simulive feature.

Raise the quality bar with share-screen option

The share-screen option of Nunify™ Engage allows the speaker to improve the quality of their presentation by allowing them to share screen and present slides in addition to inserting Full HD videos during a Nunify™ Live stream!

Keep you and the attendees on the same page

By sharing your screen, you allow attendees to quickly read the content that you are explaining. It also allows people to grasp your thoughts quickly. Explaining a process, showing a video, discussing numbers, etc. become extremely simple by sharing screen.


Screen-share is a visually-appealing feature that helps the attendees to get access to your computer screen and view the information in real-time. It makes the presentation of your ideas better and improved user-experience for attendees. During meetings, catch-up calls, webinar events, on-boarding of new hires, pitch presentations, and more, the share-screen option can be a convenient tool for you.

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