Scalable Streaming

Reach a larger audience without worrying about the occupancy and other limiting factors of an in-person event, with Nunify live streaming/ virtual event platform.

The rising trend of virtualization has benefited a large number of organisations in enhancing their businesses, and this trend only seems to grow with time. A larger audience requires a larger storage and database system to run an exclusive virtual event. Taking into account the growing computing needs of organisations, nunify aims to provide scalable live streaming services.

At nunify, you can host live/ on-demand events of any size – up to 1 million attendees with comparatively less lagof up to 0.8 seconds. Its flexibility and scalability give you an opportunity to engage with attendees in real-time and leave an impact that stays beyond the computer screen.

With video streaming data centers available worldwide nunify helps you scale with participants and attendees. While hosting virtual events could be cheaper than in-person events, its ROI and success rate could be substantial. But this is only possible with virtual event platforms that provide scalable live streaming services.

Today, organizations and businesses are feeding on data; addressing the growing needs of applicants and organizations, nunify allows an extremely fast and easy scaling service.

  • It uses its cloud-based platform to increase the virtualization and provides automated scaling which can make room for a greater audience.
  • It adapts high-streaming quality based on geo-location for the best user experience.
  • Nunify also ensures that organizations benefit from our engagement and data-capturing features.

Organize a virtual event that enables you to connect with attendees from across the globe in real-time with Nunify.

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