Integrated Registration & ticketing

Easy accessibility and attention to every little detail! At nunify, we aim to make registrations and ticketing a convenient option for the attendees.

To simplify, let’s understand the process of registering on the event’s registration platform.

  1. The integrated user-friendly event registration and ticketing dashboard allows the organizer to customize the brand registration process.
  2. Integrated with emailers, it makes sure that the event is marketed right to generate interest in your virtual event.
  3. Attendees get an easy-to-use check-in option. No downloads or any complex steps required for them, making it easy for the organisers to gather maximum number of attendees for their event. This ease works best for large-scale product launches and online training sessions too.
  4. The multiple payment partners available at the platform further simplify the whole registration and ticketing process for potential attendees as well as organisers.

The feature emphasises on easy access along with customisation for users while conducting a virtual event or webinar. This integrated feature includes registration forms, cloud database, link to the ticketing, integration with the website, multiple ticket types and notifications. It also provides easy access to the tracking of the event by using the registration analytics and strategise, accordingly, the further plans for the maximum turnouts.

Summing up, nunify has developed its feature to further simplify the registration and ticketing process for organisers and potential attendees. And apart from it, the platform gives you the seamless option to manage the entire virtual event lifecycle. This ease gives you enough breathing space to put all your time and effort into making your online event a success.

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