Reaction emojis

Expressing becomes easy when you do it through emojis, isn’t that right? The use of emojis has become extensive, with people using it to explain what they feel and to react to a situation. Responding using emojis is preferred more than typing out words expressing sentiments. At Nunify™, we provide the attendees with the option to react to the live stream using the emojis.

Respond in real-time

The attendees can now respond during a  webinar or a virtual event live stream/on-demand with emojis. People can share their points of view through the aid of emojis in the chat section. Did the speaker make an appropriate point that you agree with? The “React” tab allows attendees to react in real-time to a live stream with emoticons.

Add a little liveliness to your webinar

Using emojis during the live streaming of videos or pre-recorded videos on webinars is something created for a positive experience. Letting the attendees react through emojis helps in enhancing the user experience by adding a little splash of color, liveliness, and engagement to the webinar.

Content analysis at your tips

To the users, the ‘react’ tab might seem like a fun experience. But, for the host, this is an added feature in the Nunify™ universe that helps the organizers with a better analysis of consumer reactions. Nunify™ provides analytics data that helps in understanding the content quality.

Know what content format works for your target audience

Based on the analytics data, you can understand what content format is working and resonating well with your audience by analyzing the reactions of the users through emojis. After analyzing the ‘reactions’ that are given to the webinars, the types of questions that have been upvoted, the reactions to the answers provided by hosts, etc. will help organizers better understand the content that attendees wish to see.

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