Private & Public Chat

The use of chat makes it easier for both the attendees and organisers to interact with each other. Not only can it be used to communicate without causing disturbance to others but is also effective in doing so.

Chat is the cornerstone of communication on any virtual events platform. It is also often possible that the attendee might want to convey information only to the speaker or to another attendee. Doing so in a public chat might make one feel odd. 

Keeping this in mind, Nunify has features at various levels of chat ranging from –

  • one on one private chat – which allows you to chat with exhibitors or other attendees privately, outside the view of the group
  • private group chat
  • exhibitor booth chat & chatbot – which is open 24×7 for attendees to drop messages either during office hours or outside office hours
  • public group chats at the session and event level.

All private chats are encrypted and can be accessed from anywhere in the platform from a dedicated messages tab. Hosts are allowed to moderate public chats easily and can even turn off public chat completely for a session or the whole event.


1. Will my private chats be read by other people?

Your private chats will stay private i.e, they will not be read by anyone apart from the person it is sent to.

2. Can I access private chat at any point in the event?

Yes, private and public chat can be accessed at any point during the event. To ensure your screen isn’t cluttered, Nunify has a dedicated messages tab where you can read and send messages.

3. As a host, can I turn off the chat option?

Yes, all hosts can turn off the public chat option. Hosts are allowed to completely moderate the public chat. They choose to turn off chat either for the whole event or for certain periods of time.

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