Pop-up Polls

Not sure what opinion your attendees have for a particular topic you want to discuss? Unsure whether the attendees have understood the point you were trying to make? Want to gather the insights of the public to carry forward the discussion?


Why Pop-up Polls should be a part of your webinar?

Pop-up polls for easy conversation

Engaging with the attendees during the online event or asking them questions to test their knowledge is what organizers want in their virtual events platform. With the pop-up poll option available on our platform, Nunify™ allows a smooth interaction in the real-time between virtual event hosts and the attendees.

Ask questions anytime you want

Pop-up polls are a feature that can be initiated before, during, or after the online event. The host or the speaker can curate these pop-up polls before or during the live stream and take them live during the event. The pop-up polls can also be sent by the organizer before and after the virtual event to understand the thought-process or to seek opinions from the attendees on a specific topic.

Analyze the result in real-time

The best feature of these pop-up polls is that everyone can see its results in real-time. Proper analysis of the data collected through the pop-up polls is made available to the organizers at the end of their virtual event, which can help them to draw necessary inferences.

We understand the need for interaction between speakers and attendees, even in an online event. The pop-up poll feature, designed and incorporated by our software team, is a solution. The information gathered through the pop-up polls provides organizers with a trove of insights on the viewers’ opinions. This information aids the host of the event to curate their discussion further and modify the content on-the-fly by viewing real-time poll results


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