Breakout & Meeting rooms

Listening to keynote speakers and other exciting panel discussions are a key component of virtual events. However, an important part of events like these is the ability for attendees to meet and interact with other attendees. Breakout rooms are a great way to improve interaction amongst the attendees. Breakout rooms are especially useful when you […]

1:1 Video calls

The shift from in-person to online/virtual events has been fast due to the on-going global pandemic. Numerous companies, schools, and so on have moved bases completely online. This has only happened thanks to the advancements made in technology especially video conferencing. The key component of virtual events is video calling. Nunify understands the necessity of smooth […]

Private & Public Chat

The use of chat makes it easier for both the attendees and organisers to interact with each other. Not only can it be used to communicate without causing disturbance to others but is also effective in doing so. Chat is the cornerstone of communication on any virtual events platform. It is also often possible that […]

Discover Attendees – Lounge

As an organiser, you might be curious about who is attending your event. To make this process simpler and hassle-free, Nunify has a ‘Discover attendees – lounge’. This lounge is the perfect space for organisers to figure out who is attending the event and for attendees to interact with each other. In the Discover lounge, […]

Activity Wall – Lounge

For attendees, interacting with each other is as important as listening to a keynote speaker or a panel discussion. Which is why the Nunify has an activity wall or social wall. This is a branded space for attendees to interact with and discover other people – pre/during/post live broadcasts. An activity wall like this will […]

Matchmaking & Speed Networking

Nunify understands the importance of networking in events. To meet these networking needs, Nunify is built to host any type of networking event. Hosts can set up video conferencing with rules to facilitate group or private networking. Events are built around community and the connections we make with each other. At Nunify we aim to […]