Exhibitor Booths

Sponsors are a great way to generate capital for your event. Similar to a physical event, you should give your sponsor a dedicated area to showcase their brand’s products and services. Nunify allows organisers to manage and services with ample opportunities to monetize screen space. Nunify offers exclusive virtual booths for your sponsors and exhibitors […]

Display Ads

Featuring ads is another way to increase networking between sponsors and attendees during your virtual event. Nunify features various spaces on the platform dedicated to displaying ads by sponsors and exhibitors. These spaces are completely brandable and allow sponsors and exhibitors to showcase their products. If an attendee is interested in the product or service […]


Booth is open 24×7 – attendees can either chat live during office hours or drop offline message that exhibitors receive

Virtual briefcase

Bookmark booths, collateral, images, videos that attendee can access anytime, anywhere

Book video meetings

An important aspect of a webinar or an online event is the ability to network. Networking is a great way to share ideas and knowledge, whether it is asking for feedback or giving opinions, it will help you expand your knowledge. Naturally, networking also results in opportunities. This may materialise in the form of a […]

DIY Booth by Exhibitor

Virtual event sponsorships are one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness, generate leads and revenue for large and small businesses. Much like a physical event, a sponsor should be given a dedicated area to showcase their brand’s products and services. Nunify offers virtual exhibitor booths for your sponsors and exhibitors to display […]