Reaction emojis

Attendees can now react during webinar live stream/on-demand with emojis. We provide you analytics to guage the content quality

Interactive Rooms

Dedicated area for session handouts, chat, pre-moderated questions that can be up-voted for speakers to view.

Invite anyone on-screen

No more “Everyone please mute mic”. You can control which attendees come live during a broadcast using Raise hand

Pop-up Polls

Ability for host or speaker to create polls that pop-up during, pre, post broadcasts and see live results.

Share Screen & Videos

You not only can screen-share, but can insert Full HD videos during a Nunify™ Live stream

Sponsored Spaces & Offers

We support dynamic content – carousel, GIFs etc., that can be used to showcase sponsors or offers

Push Notifications

Promote your next webinar? Showcase sponsors/exhibitor booths? Launch offers? Push notifications at will with Nunify across the website and apps.

Gamification & Contests

Virtual event gamification is one of the fastest-growing trends. Virtual events gamification brings spectacular engagement opportunities for attendees to interact with each other and also with the organizers as well as sponsors. Online event gamification is at the heart of engagement and Nunify provides excellent tools for the same. As an organizer, you can also […]