No Downloads

Nunify understands that having downloadable software can prove to be frustrating. The whole process of downloading software can be time-consuming, in addition to this software downloads can sometimes possess a security risk to your device. In order to prevent this, Nunify’s webinar platform is browser-based which doesn’t need any downloads to access this. There are many advantages to this, some of which are –

  • No installation – This works great for enterprise environments where downloads may be restricted.
  • Highly secure – Downloadable software poses a security risk if your device ever falls in the hands of the wrong person. With Nunify your data is safe in the cloud with easy ways to control who can access it.
  • Frictionless onboarding – Nunify improves the attendance for your events by reducing the friction that comes with downloading software.
  • Always up to date – Updates are managed seamlessly and all users always have the latest version of Nunify at all times.
  • Centralised data – All your event data is stored on the cloud and it gives you and your attendees the freedom to access it from the web browser of any device and from anywhere.
  • Scalable – Nunify is built to scale with your needs. Host events for small groups to hundreds of thousands of attendees with the same ease of use in your browser.
  • Interoperability – Nunify supports all major browsers for desktop and mobile.


What browsers are supported by Nunify?
Nunify supports all modern-day browsers but we recommend Google Chrome for the best streaming experience.

Will my data be shared with any third parties?
No, all the data shared by you remain with us. All data is encrypted with RSA2048 SHA256 encryption & ISO 27001 Certified platform. We offer secure CMS login, Attendee OTP authentication, audience access control and 3rd party audits.

Where is the data stored?
All collected data is stored in a cloud. This gives attendees the ability to access it whenever they want and whichever browser.

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