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If you’re on-the-go or have no access to your laptop, with Nunify™’s mobile application, you will never miss any meeting!

With our Nunify™ mobile app, you can reach out to users wherever they are, and give them a chance to access your webinar at any point in time. Our webinar application allows users to access virtual events with just one click! The Nunify™ App is compatible with iOS and Android devices, enabling users to experience a rich mobile interactive interface. Our application is responsive and can function well on iPads as well as tablets. With a dedicated app, we allow the users to attend webinars & virtual events on the screen in their palms.

Nunify™ has developed the application on mobile with specialized technology and a compatible interface that leads to an increase in the attendance and adoption from attendees.. Not only that, but it is also evident that the engagement level on the mobile event app is more than the browser on laptops. The phone application can allow the users to attend a webinar or virtual event in real-time and also engage with each other via chat, video conference, polls & surveys and emojis on the mobile app.


Benefits available to attendees & organizers on our mobile app:

1. It allows the attendees to build a community

There is a directory that can be viewed by the attendees. The mobile app also allows the attendees to message the hosts on chat, avail an option of joining a discussion room, and to interact with one another.

2. Get listed on the calendar

The mobile events application syncs with the calendar on a user’s mobile phone and marks all webinars that a user has signed up for. Before any webinar, a notification is sent to the phone to intimate the approaching webinar and the details of the same.

3. Schedule a meeting just with a tap

Scheduling the meeting on the mobile application is not a long process. With only a couple of clicks, you can schedule a meeting. Not only this, but you can also send meeting invites to your contacts on social media platforms or directly to their email addresses through the events mobile app.

If you’re on-the-go or have no access to your laptop, with Nunify™’s mobile application, you will never miss any meeting!


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