Invite anyone on-screen

No more “Everyone please mute mic”. You can control which attendees come live during a broadcast using Raise hand

Usually, a broadcast involves a group of people speaking to a larger audience. The audience – who remain unheard – may require time, on screen, to pose questions to a subject expert or a celebrity panelist. Use-cases, such as, a panel discussion might want to take live questions from attendees. The Raise Hand feature allows an attendee to request permission to enter the live stream to which speakers may choose to approve, clarify their queries and finally – end their “Raise Hand” to get back to the discussion at hand. Our team realised that any video call with large teams participating becomes more about muting microphones and readjusting our conversation etiquette – the focus of the discussion can be kept on the panelists and speakers with periodic questions from attendees via raise hand.

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