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Have you ever faced disturbances and issues during the webinar, that you had to ask everyone to mute their mics? Or did it happen that you wished to make a point or answer during the virtual event but couldn’t do so because you were kept on mute by the host of the webinar?

What if we tell you that you no longer have to face these troubles because we have a solution for you. The ‘raise hand’ feature by Nunify™ allows the attendees to send an on-screen invite to the host by letting them know that a particular attendee wishes to go live with their video camera to ask a query.

Usually, a broadcast or a webinar involves a group of people speaking to a larger audience. The audience, who is passively engaged in the virtual event, may require time on the screen to pose questions to a subject expert or a celebrity panelist who is hosting the webinar. There can also be cases when the panel in the webinar might want to take live questions from attendees. The ‘Raise Hand’ invite allows an attendee to request permission to enter the live stream by showing the speakers a dialogue box on their screen in real-time with the attendee’s name. The speakers have options to reject the invite or to approve it. Post accepting the invite & answering the doubts, the panel can tap on the option of lowering the “Raise Hand” option and remove the attendee from the video live stream.

Our team realized that any webinar or virtual event that includes participation by a large number of people becomes more about muting microphones and readjusting our conversation etiquette. Hence, with the “Raise Hand” invite, we aim to keep the focus of the discussion on the panelists and speakers with periodic questions from attendees.

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