Interactive Rooms

Interaction is an essential element when it comes to virtual events and webinars. We, at Nunify™, provide a dedicated platform for facilitating communication between the hosts of the event and event attendees through the interactive live streaming rooms feature.

On our platform, as a user, you can find a dedicated tab where you will see session handouts, a feature to chat with other users and a set of pre-moderated questions that can be upvoted during the webinar for the speakers to be viewed. All these interaction features provide for a quality user experience.

The interactive rooms further allow an attendee to see various details, such as:

  1. The number of people viewing the live stream
  2. The names of viewers along with an option for direct chat.
  3. A dedicated section to ask questions to the panelists and speakers – which can be moderated from the DIY CMS and upvoted by attendees to ensure the popularity of the question is brought to the attention of the session moderator.
  4. Attendees can use emojis to react to the content being streamed.
  5. Organisers can push live polls to gauge attendee sentiment.
  6. Attendees can request to go live with their camera by clicking the raise hand button and contribute to the live stream with comments and questions. This makes the session much more dynamic and interactive.

The dedicated area for session handouts provides ROI for sponsors. It also enhances the effectiveness of the live discussion by allowing attendees to download white papers and collateral directly from the session page.

Our product, Nunify™, was created by our team while keeping the experience of the users at the epitome. Our platform combines features like efficiency and seamless user experience with a splash of fun. One can access the interactive rooms feature through their mobiles as well as their desktops. Accessible from a single-window, the interactive rooms include Nunify™ Engage features such as multi-level chats that allow users to communicate on an event-level, session-level, and even privately.

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