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We know that it takes a lot to run an online live event. A lot of preparation goes into running a live event. Starting with planning & rehearsals to execution. Be it a webinar, virtual conference, product launch, virtual expo, an online course or a workshop or any other event, Nunify aims to make your experience of hosting and attending an event rich. Start saving your time with our easy-to-use features to create a branded immersive modern digital experience for your attendees.

Going live in your own event on Nunify takes only minutes. Everything is set up and configured easily through the drag and drop admin dashboard and changes go live instantly. Once published, the event link is always live. This allows you to keep making changes as and when your plan solidifies and be rest assured that the attendees always see the latest version every time they log in.

Creating a live event on Nunify is very simple and requires only 5 minutes of your time. You’ll need –

  • Access to a CMS login
  • An existing event listing
  • Speakers uploaded

After this, you have to follow the steps mentioned below –

  • Step 1: Create an event
  • Step 2: Design event
  • Step 3: Creative a Nunify Live session

Going live as a host on Nunify is very simple. But certain prerequisites are required to be able to do this. For starters an event listing with the sessions have to be added, you have to be a host or speaker, your system should meet the optimum requirements and of course, you need access to a mic and camera.

Follow this link to set up your own event in minutes!


Who can go live on Nunify platform?
The organiser or host of the event can start and end a live stream.

How long does it take to go live?
It takes around 1 minute to go live.

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